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• 12/18/2017

Trolls: The Beat Goes On

Are you excited about the upcoming tv series? Let us know in the comments below!
First-Look at DreamWorks 'TROLLS: The Beat Goes On!' plus new Series Headed to Netflix
First-Look at DreamWorks 'TROLLS: The Beat Goes On!' plus new Series Headed to Netflix THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine - Pop Culture and Lifestyle for Families that Rock!
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• 10/29/2017

Username Change

I would just like to make you all aware that I have changed my username from Funnysun to ERS 7.
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• 8/23/2017


Hey, guys! I just made a Cybill character page and I am still new to making wiki pages go so PLEASE go edit make your corrections etc. to make it better for you and others. Thanks!!💛
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• 8/14/2017

Short Vacation

I would just like to make you all aware that I'll be going on vacation tomorrow (August 15, 2017) and I'll be returning on Saturday (August 19, 2017). This means I may not be able to reply to messages but Starmo32 will be able to help out.
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• 6/20/2017

Poppy's Page

There are things that are not facts or at least do not cite sufficient sources in Poppy's page.

I think this shouldn't be there:

1) "It's theorized before Poppy became queen of the trolls, her mother was also queen years ago when Poppy was a small child, but she probably sacrificed herself for her daughter, husband and subjects. Her mother's final wish was for her family and subjects to escape and live somewhere else. So her husband, King Peppy, did just that." ---> Sounds like fan fiction, unless someone can provide a source.

2) "Although Branch has had a secret crush on her for years, Poppy has never actually cared for him in return until later in the film. She liked Creek. As Poppy and Branch start their journey to save the Trolls, Poppy only thinks he is annoying and grumpy, and has no fun in him at all. But by the time Branch tells her about his grandmother's death, and she comforts him by hugging him, they share a bond. Later, while helping Bridget on her date with King Gristle, she gets the hint that Branch was actually talking about her when he whispered love poetry for Bridget to use for the King. There, we can see, she must of started to like him, although she may not of realized it at first until they sing True Colors. Also, when he playfully high-fives her and then does a "too slow", Poppy begins to see the fun in him along with the romantic mind he's been hiding. Later she realizes and admits she DID fall in love with him, during their song, True Colors." ---> All of this is already covered in the "relationship" section of her page, it duplicates the info.

3) "Poppy does not seem to understand sarcasm through the first part of the movie, but inherently learns as she was being sarcastic when the trolls were put in the pot." ---> That's not true. She does understand sarcasm at the beginning because she tells on Branch for his sarcasm.

4) "Poppy may have had a crush on Creek, but they weren't necessarily boyfriend and girlfriend. This was implied in the scenes when she was flirtatiously saying good night to his picture, calling out his name multiple times in the movie before he betrayed them, and giggling when he flirts with her. Creek never liked her though, but he had reasons for flirting and stuff." ---> Not factual, purely speculation. She loves all her friends as much as Creek.

5) The similarities between Poppy and Anna and Poppy and Joy are rather random. It's especially misleading to say that Poppy and Anna both lost their mothers as we do not if Poppy ever had a mother.
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• 5/17/2017

[Discussion] About affiliating with other wikis.

This discussion will end in a week.
I would like to get a discussion with the whole community of the wiki instead of making the decision for myself.
I have made this discussion post as I am looking for opinions about affiliating with wikis that do not relate to movies, Dreamworks Animation or Trolls. I would like to know what you think.

What I need to know:
1. Do you think that we should only affiliate with wikis relating to different movies, Dreamworks Animation and Trolls?
2. Do you think that we can affiliate with any wiki? For example, computer games, TV programs and more.
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• 2/5/2017

Should we have pages for the Toy Trolls?

[This discussion will be locked on February 12, 2017, or on February 13, 2017, meaning you only have a week to comment your opinion]
I have been debating if we should have pages for Toy Troll Characters with myself for a while now, and as the wiki has gotten a little bit more active I would like to hear some of your opinions.
If you do not get what I mean by "Toy Troll Characters" then here's what I mean. Basically there are some characters that do not appear in the film, however are toys from the actual Troll merchandise. The names of these characters are, Cybil, Dr. Plum Plimsy, Maddy, Rudy, Arabesque, and Wim.
Please leave a comment saying your opinion about this topic. I would like to get as many opinions as possible.
Thanks for reading.
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• 12/17/2016

[Locked] Thinking of adopting this wiki

Although I did make a blog about thinking about adopting this wiki I guess I might as well make a discussion too as some people may not be aware of the blog post I made.
So you may not know what "Adopting a wiki" is, so I'll explain. For example if all the administrators and bureaucrats were inactive for over 60 days and someone might want to become a administrator or a bureaucrat then they would request to become one. If they pass then they become a administrator/bureaucrat but if they didn't then they wouldn't become one.
I feel like I would do a good job as a admin/bureaucrat. I have lots of wiki experience and I am also very active. I edit daily and I currently have 257 edits. I am always willing to help out, and I consider myself as a friendly person.
Cartoonexpert, the founder of the Trolls wiki hasn't edited since June 15, 2016 and from what I know they disabled their wikia account.
Thank you very much for reading this. Please leave replies telling me what you think.
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• 12/3/2016
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