Aspen Heitz is a minor character from Trolls and Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.


Aspen is an orange troll with long, bright green sticking up hair. He has red eyes and a bright pink nose. Aspen wears a blue outfit with a strap that has green stripes on it. He also wears a pink bracelet.

Aspen's hair color is blue in some of his appearances.

Aspen's model was created by the random Troll generation process. Although his outfit is standard-generated, its coloration is unique.



It is said that Aspen Heitz is friends with all of the Caterbugs.

Character Concept

Not much changed except colour from his initial concept. At one stage it seems that he was going to be female as one of his concept arts from The Art of the Trolls shows a design with eyelashes.


Official Website

From an early age, Aspen Heitz has lived up to his name by climbing to the highest peaks of the trees throughout Troll Town.

Always on the move, he’s often spotted skitterboarding through the foliage – unless he’s taking a break for hug time!

  • He is ​close friends with all of the caterbugs who live on top of trees.
  • Aspen Heitz knows the fastest tree-chute shortcuts around Troll Town.
  • He invented the skitterboard trick known as “the double rainbow”.

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!

He was unlockable in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!.

In the game, he was described as a "Sporty" Troll whose favorite activity was skateboarding.


  • Aspen was one of the characters named on the Trolls DVD extras and was meant to be in the movie. His character was one of several cut from the final movie and as a consequences. Despite being cut, he was intending to have spoken lines as he has Ricky Dillon credited as his voice actor, he was likely included in a scene that was cut from the movie.
    • The only scene he appears in is when Poppy is being passed between Trolls in the tunnel scene, he runs behind Mandy Sparkledust.
    • In Trolls: The Junior Novelization, he is the one to tell Peppy that there are Trolls struggling in the tunnels during the escape from Bergen Town. In the actual movie, this is assigned to a random generated Troll.
    • Aspen appears with blue hair in the first trailer.
    • Aspen makes a cameo with green hair in Trolls Holiday when Guy Diamond is explaining the holiday "Glitterpalooza".
    • Poppy can be seen caterbug riding in the trailers for Trolls. This was part of the scene in which Aspen would have appeared in.
  • It is unknown why he appears with two different hair colors.
  • Aspen was the first Troll to have design changes. This would later happen again to Coral Blush and Bliss Marina, except that they received permanent redesigns rather than constantly switch them.
  • He originally didn't have a surname, and was simply referred to as "Aspen" in early media related to Trolls.

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