Bergen Town is the home of the Bergens.


Bergen Town is mostly made of dull greys and greens with litter in places. Because of the residents' lack of happiness, the town shows a lot of self-pride, as the Bergens don't see the point to make it look better. Plus, they hate glitter, bright lights and lots of color.

According to some versions of the Troll Kingdom map in Trolls World Tour, Bergen Town is far southwest of Troll Forest/Pop Village, and somewhere south of Vibe City. Despite the Bergens going after the Pop Trolls, the Funk Trolls are actually shown to be the closest population of Trolls living near them in this version of the map. The map with their town included can be seen in the books Trolls World Tour Look and Find and Trolls World Tour Big Golden Book. It's located in the woodland area that the Pop Trolls once called home; the Bergens have littered that area over time.


The Troll Tree

The Pop Trolls used to live in this tree constantly singing, dancing and hugging while being happy.

After a Bergen discovered and ate a troll and became happy, the Tree had a cage built around it. Over time, Bergen Town was created around the Tree; it is therefore the most central point of the town.

On the day of Trollstice, the Bergens would gather around the Tree and taste happiness. The event ended on King Gristle Jr.'s first Trollstice and the Trolls escaped through a hole they have created in the centre of the tree. They lived in the forest after this away from the Bergens. The Troll Tree had died by the time Poppy and Branch returned to Bergen Town to rescue The Snack Pack during the events of Trolls. It was restored by the end of the movie.

The Trolls continued to live in the forest. During the events of Trolls Holiday, King Gristle Jr. cut the tree to make it look like Troll hair.

The tree is surrounded by bars. While this wouldn't stop a Troll from escaping, it would keep the Bergens out during Trollstice.

Bergen Castle

When Bergen Town was created, the Bergen Castle was built as a place for the royal family to reside. It is currently owned by King Gristle Jr., who inherited it from his father King Gristle Sr.

There's a small number of known staff in the castle. Such staff include the former scullery maid Bridget (who's now the Bergens' queen), the guards Chad and Todd, and the former head of kitchen staff Chef.

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