The Bergens are a race of creatures seen in Trolls and Trolls Holiday.[1] They used to be type of monsters that ate Trolls. They're currently led by King Gristle Jr. and Queen Bridget, and formerly led by King Gristle Sr.



The Troll Branch with King Gristle Jr., for size comparison

The Bergens are giants compared to the Trolls. They're ogre-like and are usually fully dressed. Their skin tone can be a dull green, blue or purple color, with their clothes often sharing similar tones. They may be covered in moles and have large teeth that are maligned or even broken. In Bad News Bergens, Groth says he would like to see the Trolls beat 1,200 lbs of Bergen, giving a approximate weight for a Bergen. The sclera part of their eyes is colored either white, light green, light blue or light red. Their pupils are normally red but can also be blue or green, with Bridget having an unique pinker red color.

According to The Art of the Trolls, both King Gristle Jr. and Bridget have height issues (hinted to be related to dwarfism), making them unattractive to other Bergens.

The Bergens are also distant cousins of a group of creatures who are commonly called the Party Crashers.

Like randomly generated Trolls, the majority of the Bergen population is made by random design generation. They mix up facial features such as nose, warts, face shape, hair, ears as well as ther body types. Eyelashes indicate a female Bergen and a lack of them indicates a male. Compared to random Trolls, random Bergens have a lot more variety overall in their design. Their teeth are also randomly generated. Females may have makeup such as lipstick, blush and eyeshadow.

Known Members


Trolls: The Beat Goes On!


  • Enid - a chef who was a competitor against Chef herself in a cooking competition. Enid failed to pass round 2, as Chef cheated by using all the ingredients that were meant for the three competitors' usage between them.
  • Bert - another competitor who appeared in the same comic as Enid. Bert made it to round 2 of the competition, but lost to Chef when she ate his ingredients, meaning that at the end of the round she had something to hand to the judges and he didn't.




While Bergens pair up in male and female couples, everything else about their reproduction process remains unknown. This is likely due more to the franchise being aimed at kids. Though a number of children and babies are seen with their parents, it is unknown if they're viviparous or oviparous like the Trolls.


While their lifespans are unknown, they seem to age relatively slower then the Trolls, as Bridget and King Gristle Jr. are still young, both being young children at the start of the movie. Chef and other Bergens like Chad and Todd haven't appeared to age in 20 years since the last Trollstice occurred at all.


Due to their massive size, not many creatures of the Trolls world hunt the Bergens for obvious reasons.

The only creatures to pose threats to them come from non-canon sources. Based on the story Bridget told of characters "Janet" and "Derrick", the Bergens fear Greygons according to The Poppy Horror Picture Show. In the book Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe, they were shown to be terrified of the Wing-Dingle, a fierce bird that is large enough to attack Bergens, being somewhat a myth to Trolls and Bergens alike. The Wing-Dingle appears on a bib and King Gristle Jr.'s bed for this reason, as its fierceness is legendary to the Bergens.


The Bergens live a mostly junk-food diet. Pizza is the favorite food for most of them.

They used to eat Trolls, which made them happy, with Chef having a cookbook of recipes involving the use of Trolls. They often ate them alive.

Bergen Culture

Social Structure

Young Prince Gristle and Bridget

Bridget and Gristle showing class divide. While Gristle would go onto succeed his father, this is all that Bridget expected to be.

The Bergens have a King and Queen who rule over them. They also acknowledge social status with a class system. Under this system, Bridget believed that as a mere scullery maid the King was beyond her.

It appears that they have no issue employing child labor, with expectations of change low, as evidenced by Bridget's twenty years in her role since she was a young child.


After the events of Trolls they do experiment with music with King Gristle Jr. taking up the keyboard.


They're shown at the beginning of Trolls as creatures living miserable lives with no concept of happiness.

The only way they believed they could be happy was by eating a Troll. They presevered this activity for Trollstice, an event held once a year, and (formerly) their only holiday according to Trolls Holiday. They, in fact, built Bergen Town around the Troll Tree.

In reality, they're fully capable of happiness, and had merely depended on eating Trolls because they believed there was no alternative. In their pursuit of happiness, individuals like Chef could lead them to easily gain influence over other Bergens simply because they had "control" over their ability to feel happiness.

In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode A New Bergen-ing, the Bergens come to an agreement with the Trolls to pick them up whenever they dance with them in order to avoid crushing them, remove sensitive topics from games and change their pinatas to rainbows. In turn, the Trolls agreed to not spray glitter in their faces, as well as to not use bright lights and loud sounds around them. The two species are at least willing to finally get to know each other, even if it'll take some time.


They have a 1970s-esque level of technology, as they're loosely based on such decade according to The Art of the Trolls. In concept art, 1970s vehicles were also meant to be seen around their town, but this was cut from the final version of the film. They have working arcade machines, ovens for making pizza, and other types of machinery.


The Bergens live in Bergen Town, a town with its own castle. Due to their lack of pride, misery and self-loathing of their own existence, the town isn't well kept. The area around Bergen Town is also littered, and pollution is present nearby it.


  • Trollstice: As mentioned, Trollstice was their only holiday; it's now a retired annual tradition. The last Trollstice occurred 20 years before the events of Trolls. An attempt to bring it back was made by Chef.
    • Note: The returning celebration would have taken place a few days after the traditional day, due to the difference in time between Poppy's party to celebrate the 20th Anniversary and Chef arriving in Bergen Castle with The Snack Pack.
  • Troll-A-Bration Day: This is the holiday that replaced Trollstice. The Bergens get together with the Trolls and decorate the Troll Tree. The Bergens make efforts to sing and dance with the Trolls, and celebrate with them. The Holiday first took place at least 4 weeks after the attempt to make Trollstice return by Chef. This is based on the amount of cards Bridget sent to Poppy.
    • Note: This holiday is similar to the Trolls' own celebration, "Annual Troll liberation", but different in that the Bergens are the ones who host Troll-A-Bration Day, not the Trolls. In addition, the Bergens make the effort to be more Troll-like, whereas the Trolls' own holiday is about finding mutual respect of each other.


The Bergens don't do many social events. When they do, it seems that they only like competitive-style events.

They practice Bergen-ball, a sport where it's the only time they're willing to do "high-fives". The sport was shown in Bad News Bergens, and involves 2 teams of 4 hitting a ball against respective walls. A team wins a point if the opposing one misses to hit the ball back to their wall. The winning team is the one with the most points. Bergens can be sore losers, as Poppy found out, but show good sportsmanship at times. The Bergens prefer to win at this event, and like to rub victory in the face of those they defeat. However, they admitted against the Trolls that they enjoyed playing against them despite losing.

The Bergens also like pet competitions to prove who's the best pet trainer and owner. Nangus Skullcrusher used to be the reigning champion for many years, until he was banned to give others a chance.

Bergen Abilities

The Bergens are very strong due to their size compared to the Trolls. Once a Bergen grabs a Troll, there is little they can do to fight back and are completely helpless, which is why they ended up so helpless against the Bergens in the first place. Though they can outrun a Troll on foot, some Trolls like Branch can easily keep pace with a running Bergen using their hair to swing through the Trees by grasping branches. This is why a Troll's only real defense against a Bergen is to run and hide, as fighting back is not an option and they can barely outrun them at times. The Trolls use camouflage as their most effective means to escape against Chef when she appeared at their village; this tactic, for the most part, works against the Bergens.

Despite their strength and size, it's implied they're actually not well fit and unhealthy due to their lifestyles and diet. The typical Bergen is overweight, and even those who are not usually lack physical muscles.


The Bergens were creatures who lived in total misery. This ended when one day a Bergen ate a Troll. The Bergen was filled with a feeling they'd never felt before, which was happiness. Realizing that eating Trolls granted the feeling of happiness, the Bergens wanted to feel this again and again. Soon, there was a single Troll Tree left, where the remaining population of Trolls left lived. The Bergens built a town around them, trapping the Trolls in the process. Every year, they gathered around the Troll Tree for an event named Trollstice.

On the year that Prince Gristle was due to eat King Peppy's daughter Princess Poppy, the Trolls made their escape via a hole they had made in the center of the Troll Tree. When the Bergens gathered and their Prince was offered his first Troll by Chef, they discovered that the Trolls were gone, with wooden figures in their place.

Frantically, they dug for the Trolls in the woodland outside of Bergen Town, but didn't find a single one. Later that night, King Gristle Sr. was left dealing with a town of angry Bergens, and to save his own skin he put full blame of the Trolls' escape on Chef, whom he banished from Bergen Town. The Bergens were left fated to never feel happiness again.

At some point afterwards, because of the amount of angry and miserable Bergens growing too much, the King went into exile and left Bergen Town. Wanting a King they could push around and would comply with their desires, Prince Gristle was put on the throne and succeeded his father.

20 years later, on the day after the 20 year anniversary of the Trolls' escape, Chef returned with Trolls. Through manipulation, she convinced King Gristle Jr. to bring back Trollstice. Gristle later realized that there wasn't enough Trolls to feed the entire town; he promised to give a Troll to every Bergen. To ensure he went ahead with his plan, Chef force-fed the Troll Creek to him. Even though, Creek managed to avoid getting eaten, and made a deal with the Bergens: he would sell out the rest of Troll Village in exchange for his life.

Gristle later met a Bergen who called herself Lady Glittersparkles, and went on a date with her. Though their date was cut short by Chef, Gristle told her to prepare a place for his date next to him at the table. That same night, the Trolls Chef had captured escaped. She discovered them when they returned for Creek, along with Poppy and Branch who had come to save the other Trolls. The captured Trolls were presented to Creek, who told them his deal with Chef and the Bergens. He grabbed Poppy's cowbell and went with Chef and several cooking staff members to capture the entire village.

Everything was going well; the Bergens gathered for Trollstice and King Gristle Jr. awaited his plus one, but she didn't show and Chef urged him to begin the celebration. However, when the cooking pot containing the Trolls was wheeled into the dining hall, it turned out to be empty. Chef was quick to blame the scullery maid Bridget, who had wheeled the pot in, for eating all the Trolls. As the Bergens rallied into a angry mob against Bridget, Poppy and her friends returned to save her, showing to Gristle that she was Lady Glittersparkles.

Poppy then explained to Gristle that on his date with Bridget he had felt happiness, and so did Bridget. Soon, the Bergens realized they didn't need to eat Trolls to be happy. Chef (with Creek in her fanny pack) was sent flying out of Bergen Castle as the Bergens danced with the Trolls.

The Bergens and Trolls became friends after this, with Bridget becoming one of Poppy's best friends.

In Trolls Holiday, the Bergens' only holiday, Trollstice, was now gone, and Poppy and The Snack Pack were determined to give them a new holiday. They out to give them a holiday named "Troll-A-Bration Day", in which King Gristle Jr. and Queen Bridget agree on and make it official. The Bergens now had a new holiday and they were seen singing and dancing with the Trolls near the end of the special.


  • The kind of Trolls that they consumed and interacted with were known as "Pop Trolls". It is unknown how they would react to the other Troll Tribes, as well as the subcultures.
  • The Bergens' pursuit of happiness from Trolls may be a reference to the older TV series The Magic Trolls and the Troll Warriors. In it, the "Magic Trolls" themselves were the ones who lacked happiness and they were kept surpressed by the "Warrior Trolls". In the series, the Magic Trolls were the size of Trolls, and the Warrior Trolls the size of Bergens.
  • Bridget and King Gristle Jr. are the only Bergens who appear in Trolls World Tour. However, they don't speak during most of their screentime, having lines only in the closing credits sequence.
  • "Bergen" means "mountain" in several European languages, which is the most likely correct meaning of their name; it refers to how their height appears to the Trolls. It's likely that this is also why the song Hair Up is composed to the tune of In the Hall of the Mountain King at Bergen Castle, as it can referred to as "the halls of the Mountain King [King Gristle]".
    • In other languages, it also means "recover", though this is unlikely to be the name's origin.
  • The Bergens resemble the actual folktale trolls from Norse mythology, which were the inspiration for the Troll Dolls.
    • The "King" from In the Hall of the Mountain King was also a Troll.


  1. They also make a cameo in Trolls World Tour.
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