Bibbly is a minor character from the animated film, Trolls. He is voiced by Rhys Darby.


Bibbly is quite a tall bergen, that has light purple skin. Around his neck, a few small moles can be seen. He has some blonde hair, which sticks out and appears to be unbrushed. He also has a blonde mustache and a small beard on his chin. Bibbly wears a blue suit, with a yellow daisy on it. He also wears a green sweater, a pink shirt and a blue tie. His feet also appear to be covered in spats. Later on in the film, Bibbly is seen wearing a orange bib with a yellow fork, knife and troll on it.


Prince Gristle

In one scene, Prince Gristle is shown trying bibs on. When Prince Gristle finds the bib he wants and likes, along with the Bergen Guards, he starts clapping.


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