Bibbly is a minor Bergen from Trolls and Trolls Holiday. He is voiced by Rhys Darby.


Bibbly is quite a tall Bergen with light purple skin. Around his neck, a few small moles can be seen. He has blonde hair that sticks out and appears to be unbrushed. He also has a blonde mustache and a small beard on his chin. Bibbly wears a blue suit, with a yellow daisy on it. He also wears a green sweater, a pink shirt and a blue tie. His feet also appear to be covered in spats.

At Trollstice, Bibbly is seen wearing an orange bib with a yellow fork, knife and troll motifs on it.

In Trolls Holiday, he appears with a teal, yellow and pink beanie, and magenta earmuffs.


King Gristle Jr.

In one scene, King Gristle Jr. is trying some bibs on at Bibbly's bib shop. When he finds the bib he wants and likes, Bibbly, along with Chad and Todd, starts clapping, showing that he has respect for the king.



He appears when King Gristle Jr. visits him to buy a new Trollstice bib. When the King is not satisfied, he shows a special Wing-dingle bib. Their conversation is interrupted by Lady Glittersparkles.

Bibbly attended the Trollstice feast with the rest of the town, and then learnt to be happy without eating Trolls. He's seen dancing with the Trolls and other Bergens at the end of the film.

Trolls Holiday

He briefly appears at the end of the special, singing in a choir with other Bergens.


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