Biggie & Mr. Dinkles are characters from the movie, Trolls. They are voiced by James Corden and Walt Dohrn, respectively.


Biggie is the biggest member of the Snack Pack, with the biggest heart. Underneath his imposing exterior he’s actually a huge softie, constantly bursting into tears at touching moments, or even at the sight of a particularly picturesque sunset. He carries around a worm named Mr. Dinkles with him everywhere he goes, and occasionally dresses him up in adorable little outfits for impromptu photo shoots.


Biggie is a tall and fat looking blue troll. He has periwinkle  hair that is quite short compared to other trolls hair. Biggie wears a purple waistcoat which is too small for him, he also wears trousers, like the waistcoat the trousers are a bit too small for him.


Each other

Mr. Dinkles is Biggie's best friend. Biggie cares and loves Mr. Dinkles so much, he also makes sure to keep him safe. Biggie carries Mr. Dinkles around everywhere. He would do anything to save him, and loves him with all of his huge heart. He is shown to always carry him, and when he doesn't, he is shown yelling and searching frantically for his pet worm.

Princess Poppy

Biggie and Princess Poppy are very close friends. When Chef, the nasty and cruel Bergen takes Biggie and Princess Poppy's other friends she is very worried about them however she manages to stay hopeful that she will find them.

Fun Facts

  • Biggie is unafraid to cry happy tears.
  • He's a big advocate of the short vest/no shirt look.
  • Biggie loves to dress up Mr. Dinkles in adorable little outfits for the photo shoots and/or flash mob dances.
  • His favorite snack is the cupcakes Mr. Dinkles makes after drinking happy tears.



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