• XXWonderfulPetsXx

    I starting feel like I really wanted to make pages for some of the new characters, like Barb and Trollex and just leave the others out from now. 

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  • XXWonderfulPetsXx

    I was thinking of what tribe of the Troll Kingdom that resembles a lot of the continents where we live in the real world on Plant Earth.

    The Pop tribe resembles a lot from North America. 

    The Funk tribe resembles a lot from Oceania (excluding Australia). 

    The Classical tribe resembles a lot from Europe. 

    The Techno tribe resembles a lot from Australia (expect that Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere while the Techno kingdom is located in the North Hemisphere). 

    The Country tribe resembles a lot from Africa. 

    The Rock tribe resembles a lot from South America. 

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  • XXWonderfulPetsXx

    These following Jewelpets will be the perfect partners for which leader of a certain troll tribe.

    Queen Poppy's Jewelpet partner is going to be Ruby.

    Queen Essence and King Quincy's Jewelpet partners are Io and Kayia respectively.

    Whoever the leader of the classical trolls' Jewelpet partner is Rin.

    King Trollex's Jewelpet partner is Aqua.

    Delta Dawn's Jewelpet partner is Chite.

    Queen Barb's Jewelpet partner is Diana.

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  • XXWonderfulPetsXx

    I'm having some new crossover friendships involving Trolls.

    Queen Poppy and Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)

    Branch and Bernard (The Rescuers)

    Queen Barb, Kuromi (My Melody), Diana (Jewelpet) and Tempest Shadow (My Little Pony: The Movie)

    I also have some great ideas which Jewelpet will be the perfect partner to which Troll.

    Poppy= Ruby

    Branch= Tour and Sapphie

    Creek= Granite

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  • FoxontheFoxy


    June 26, 2019 by FoxontheFoxy

    Warning, this blog is using language: Malay

    Amaran, blog ini menggunakan bahasa: Melayu

    Pada pendapat saya, saya suka menonton filem Trolls. Kali pertama saya menonton Trolls di Brunei Darussalam. Juga kali pertama saya menonton wayang di luar negara.

    Di dalam filem ini mengandungi shipping iaitu..... lupalah pula..

    Yang benar, CA. FoxontheFoxy

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  • MakesTheWikiBetter

    SInce there are no current adminisrators on this wiki,im going to be adopt it.

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  • Sandrastar1


    January 29, 2018 by Sandrastar1

    Hi everyone. Anyone wanna talk?

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  • Cstoczyn


    January 18, 2018 by Cstoczyn

    Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 00:02, January 18, 2018 (UTC)

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  • SupaDancerDunce

    Fuzzbert TALKS?!

    January 6, 2018 by SupaDancerDunce

    See this hairy Troll? That's Fuzzbert. Before, I wasn't sure if he talked or not.

    Turns out he does!

    In the comments, tell me about a time you might have heard Fuzzbert's muffled talking undet all that hair.

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  • ERS 7

    Wow, I find it so hard to believe that it has been a year since I've joined this wiki! It feels like only yesterday that I made my first edit and page. So much has happened since then and it's just unbelievable. I have so much to say, but little time to say it, so I'll attempt to keep this short.

    I joined the wiki on October 23, 2016. It was a Sunday and I was just after coming home from the cinemas after watching the Trolls film which I just loved! At the time the wiki was really inactive, and when I say really I mean really. There were very few users, around two or three at least. To be honest I went a bit inactive a few days later, but I soon came back.

    A lot of users just came and went but some stayed. Although there were some very helpf…

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  • ERS 7

    Going on vacation

    July 10, 2017 by ERS 7

    Hello guys! 

    I would like to make you all aware that I am going on vacation and I probably won't be able to get on the wiki. This means that if a user needs to message me I won't be able to respond as quickly as I usually would. If possible, please don't attempt to contact me unless it's completely necessary. 

    Thank you for reading!

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  • ERS 7

    Hello everyone! Today I was kind of bored so I decided to look on the offical Dreamworks Animation Trolls website ( and saw a video of a deleted scene which I have put above so you can watch it if you want too. 

    So from what I know the Trolls film was actually meant to go a bit differently. Instead of the Chef finding them in the middle of the party that Princess Poppy was hosting she would of found the Trolls during Princess Poppy's Coronation Day. 

    The deleted scene shows us Princess Poppy asking Satin and Chenille if that was her Coronation dress and they reply to her saying "Yes" and "It is".

    I also find this deleted scene interesting because in the Trolls film, Satin and Chenille didn't speak much so I c…

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  • ERS 7


    Lately I have been thinking about adopting this wiki. If you do not know what "Adopting a wiki" is then I will explain. By the way, I'm not that great at explaining so sorry if you don't understand. For example if a wiki had no active admins or bureaucrats and wanted to become a admin or bureaucrat they would request to adopt the wiki and if it passed then they would become one but if it didn't pass then they wouldn't.

    I noticed that the founder of this wiki, Cartoonexpert is inactive and from what I know they have disabled their account so no one can delete pages, move pages, block people, unblock people, ban people, unban people etc.

    I think I would do a good job as a admin or bureaucrat because I am very active on wikia and in my op…

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