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Happiness is inside of all of us, right? Sometimes, you just need someone to help you find it.

Branch is Poppy's boyfriend, and the male protagonist of the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. He's a member of The Snack Pack, having joined the group since the events of Trolls and acting as its second-in-command after Poppy.



During most of the film, Branch has blue-grey skin with blue-black hair shorter than most of the other Trolls. His nose is lavender, and his eyes are blue. He wears a vest made of dark green leaves and dark brown woolen shorts that are very worn and clumsily stitched up. Like the other Trolls, he has four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. He almost always shows a frown on his face. His hair is shorter than it should be for a Troll of his size.

Branch's model has some unique details. For example, most of the Troll models have ears that point upwards and are against their head, while Branch's protrude and lay more downwards, sticking straight out. In his flashback, it was shown that his ears used to stand up straight like a normal Troll's, but lowered when he became sad, and have remained that way ever since resulting in a permanent physical deformity. The shape is also sharp, and has has less of a round hanging lobe. In addition, Branch's ears have a slight transparency to them; even though this is common in the other Troll models, it's very apparent in Branch's. Branch's head itself is wider than many other Troll models, his shoulders are slightly broader, and while he has the plump Troll shape, it's not as plump as some of the other Trolls. His outfit is unique to his model.

One thing to note about his grey version of his 3D model is that it's not as grey as it looks. In the "True Colors" scene. when the other Trolls are all grey, it can be seen that he still has a slight blue tint to his model, whereas the other Trolls have none at all. This is the same for all of the movie, which is why blue can be seen on his left ear in Poppy's performance of The Sound of Silence.


As a child, Branch has short indigo hair. He's seen wearing light brown shorts with a strap around his right shoulder and a few green patches, which is quite similar to the shorts he wears when he gets older. He also wore a blue hug-time bracelet. His model is a standard random child Troll model used throughout the film, just with unique textures on the shorts.

True Colors

In his "True Colors", his hair is bright blue with slight purple tints to it. His skin is likewise a cyan coloration. His hair is also longer, being a more correct length for a Troll of his size, and lacks most of the normal frizz (loose strands) compared to his normal hair and other Trolls. He gains a few flecks of glitter on his checks (though they are not as distinct as Poppy's).

In a number of book interpretations, Poppy comments that Branch's "True Colors" are beautiful, an opinion other Trolls share.


He mostly remains the same as the start of the Trolls movie, having reverted almost completely back to his grey self. It's seen that his colors do vary, however, between grey and his True Colors. Branch's model reacts to light, and depending on it, he can appear more bluish. Towards the end of the special, when he's trying to cheer up Poppy, he's blue again.

With Scarf

In Holiday, Branch can also be seen with a scarf. This is regarded as his official Trolls Holiday design, and is used in much of the special's merchandise and related media, even though it's only seen in the last few minutes of the special. The scarf is green and red. Branch himself is colored a little bit more blue than elsewhere in the special during the song.

In Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization, the scarf was entirely colored red.


Branch is depicted with blue hair and green skin, which is another common coloration that DreamWorks has chosen for him after the events of Trolls. He doesn't change color at all in this version. In addition, he has the same type of ears as most other Trolls, instead of the more unique ears that he has in the 3D animation, and lack their usual transparency. One of the animators, Jim Mortensen, explained that his different ears were used likely because the pointy ones didn't look good in 2D animation;[5] likewise, his green coloration was also chosen because of how it looked.[6] Mortensen also said that Poppy is taller than Branch "by a hair", which was noted in the series' model sheets.[7]

He also gets a new hug-time bracelet, though this is shown on and off throughout the series.


Branch appears as a child in flashbacks from "Fun Branch" and "Bringing Up Birdy". He mostly resembles a standard child design in the series.

Branch had the same appearance as in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.


Branch has a similar coloration to the one he had since Trolls Holiday. In comparison to Trolls, Branch's ears are more static and don't twitch to listen to sounds around him.

His shorts have more visible stitches, and his vest's "leaves" vary more in shades. In some scenes, he has a grey-green hug-time bracelet. In merchandise related to the movie, it's seen that he still maintains the blue hair and blue skin he had in Trolls after his True Colors returned, but within the movie itself he has light blue skin and dark grey hair. Animator Kevan Shorey confirmed that Branch's colors vary per mood and lightning.[8] The result is that his skin can appear more grey, blue or green under certain lighting conditions within the movie itself, while likewise his hair varies from dark grey to bluer shades. This is because Branch is the "moodiest" of the Trolls.[9]


Branch has the same design as in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! with readjusted body proportions, which are now more similar to those of his movie designs.


Whereas other 2D media have his color scheme as blue and green, Trolls Scrapbook Stories depicts him as completely blue like in the movies.


Branch appears with most of his normal attire, with the addition of a red bowtie. However his shorts lack their normal patchwork appearance, instead being a maroon color. Both the shorts and bowtie are textured to mimic a smooth, fuzzy velvet appearance.


At the start of the special, Branch was seen naked before getting ready. He was only seen from behind, thus confirming that he has no distinguishable markings such as moles and birthmarks on his back.


Official Bios


Branch is the over-cautious paranoid survivalist in Troll Village, who lives in fear of invasion from the Bergens. The only troll in the village who doesn't sing, dance, or hug, Branch lives a disgruntled existence, constantly trying to prepare for the worst. He's constantly flummoxed by the over-the-top positivity of the other Trolls - is he the only sane one in this crowd of exuberantly happy Trolls?

Over the course of the film, Branch will be forced to embrace his inner Troll, even if it includes a dreaded burst of singing and dancing. Will he learn to find more inner happiness with Poppy at his side?[11]

—DreamWorks, 2016

The official Trolls Facebook account also uploaded an image of him with extra details as part of their "Troll of the month" series.

Alt. Bios


Branch often wonders if he's the only sane individual in a town full of exuberantly happy Trolls. Reclusive and always prepared for danger, Branch must learn to embrace his inner Troll if he's ever going to let his true colors shine.

—DreamWorks, 2016

True Colors Form

Branch's True Colors finally shine once he builds up the courage to express his love for Poppy and help her rescue the rest of the Snack Pack. True Colors Branch has a smile on his face and a song within his heart.

—DreamWorks, 2016

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Branch is the most reserved and rational member of the Trolls. He is overly cautious, always evaluating the potential danger in any given situation. Despite his gruff and grumpy exterior, he often surprises his fellow Trolls with his thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

—DreamWorks, 2018

Branch is a type A Troll who sees himself as a protector of Troll Village. When he is not devising and testing security measures to defend the others from danger, he is focused on fitting in with his friends and being a helpful voice of reason to Poppy.[13]

—Universal Kids, 2020

Trolls World Tour

Branch, whose growing feelings for Poppy are growing by the day, is annoyed Barb thinks she can decide which music gets to be saved. ALL music should be saved.

—DreamWorks, 2020

Official Twitter

Trolls: TrollsTopia

Branch is a Type-A Troll who's doing his best adjusting to Troll society. After years of isolation in his survival bunker, Branch's fixation with keeping everyone safe can come across as overkill.

When he's not devising, testing and re-testing security measures to defend Troll Village, both real and perceived, Branch is learning how to fit in with his fellow Trolls. Poppy inspires him to take chances and continually pushes him to go outside his comfort zone.[14]

—Hulu, 2020

Trolls Band Together


I have the best big brothers in the world. I may be little but I know what matters and that’s family. I just want to hang with them forever and never stop singing![15]

—BroZone Website, 2023


Branch often wonders if he's the only sane individual in a town full of exuberantly happy Trolls. Reclusive and always prepared for danger, Branch must learn to embrace his inner Troll if he's ever going to let his true colors shine.

—Amazon Prime Video, 2023

Often wondering if he's the only sane one in a town full of exuberantly happy Trolls, Branch is learning to embrace his inner Troll and let his true colours shine.

—HMV, 2023




Branch lived alone, by choice... And unhappiness caused by regret.

Branch stands out among his Tribe's fellow members, since he came out of Bergen Town with psychological trauma that would follow him around throughout most of his life. In many cases, he does relatively odd things that other Pop Trolls aren't known for, and has different preferences and likings to them as a result of his traumatic experience in regards to his grandmother's death as well as the abandonment issues from the BroZone split.

In the first Trolls movie, he was one of the more complicated Trolls due to his complex emotions. On the outside, he appeared to be a grump who only looks out for himself, but on the inside he really does care for other Trolls; he hides his true feelings by being sarcastic. This left his true self unknown to almost everyone, and prevented himself from showing his "True Colors".

His sorrows made it impossible for him to be a normal Troll because he felt responsible for the event, and was unhappy for 20 years of his life. It also left him frightened of getting caught unprepared ever again, and is a source of paranoia to the annoyance of the other Trolls. Thus, at the beginning of Trolls, Branch is a Troll who doesn't sing, dance, hug or attend parties, making him an oddball among his people and the only one who seemed to be carrying a burden from the past. Both a loner with no friends and a self-induced outcast, he chose to live alone rather than in Troll Village. He states that he likes silence and that he doesn't relax. As the events of the movie progress, he slowly learns that he can be happy.

By the time of the Trolls Holiday special, Branch is shown to be putting a lot more effort into life than in the past. He's not only seen trying to practice his smile, but also gets on board with Poppy's plan. He tags along mostly because he knew her plan to give the Bergens a new holiday would fail, and he attempts to try and help her understand why it failed. Poppy and Branch are the two Trolls least likely to panic in a dire situation and even in Trolls World Tour, the thought other Tribes of Trolls didn't know what "Hammer Time" was didn't phase either, while their friends all panicked. Both remain fairly headstrong in desperate situations, though Branch is more prone to being over cautious or paranoid making him more likely to react in the face of danger.

In Trolls World Tour, Branch has become a close friend of Poppy and is now a former recluse, happily taking part in their singing and dancing and having fun together. However, Branch is harboring strong romantic feelings for Poppy from Trolls, and he credits her for being the one who changed his life for the better. He still has issues with emotions at times, and struggles to tell Poppy how he feels due to shyness. But though he's no longer a recluse, it doesn't mean he has forgotten his former life. Branch makes sacrifices, even when he has opposing opinions because of his good nature and loyalty to Poppy and his friends. His emotional feelings for Poppy result in him trying to back her up throughout the film, as this is tested by their opposing personalities, and after listening to the other Trolls they meet on their journey. He even admits to like the Country Trolls because he knows life is sad sometimes.

Branch generally has a cool exterior but has moments wherein he can't contain himself, and in the 3D animation its noted they enjoy showing peeks of that.[16]

Flaws and Issues

Screenshot 20210215-203549

Branch is often portrayed as heavily arrogant compared to other Pop Trolls in 2D animation.

In 2D animations, Branch's personality can differ quite a bit compared to the movies, as he's usually shown to be more arrogant. This was confirmed to be a note of a difference in Justin Timberlake and Skylar Astin's performances, as Branch's dialogue and actions are written to suit each voice actor in the respective media where they portray him.[17]

Since he has opposing views to his fellow Pop Trolls in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, he often would see a different approach to the world compared to them, and thus scoffed their antics and views. As the series went on he progressively became less grumpy and scowly. By the end of the series, it was generally recognized that while he wasn't the most huggable Troll, he was reliable and very kind going above and beyond what was expected of him in his efforts. By the time of Trolls: TrollsTopia, he's a much more friendlier Troll and open to others. He has trouble with displaying sarcasm and cynism, and can have issues with separating them from concern and serious thoughts. He is acknowledged as the "voice of dissent" by the rest of The Snack Pack, but has a more realistic approach to things than Poppy, and notices some issues that they do not.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, whenever Branch is too confident or comfortable doing something, he tends to act like he's the expert around him; at his best, he's just arrogant. In episodes like "Peril Patch" or "Bunker Break-In", this led him to be a target for someone else (usually Poppy) to bring him back down to earth. The most extreme example was in "Branch Bum", where he got so engrossed with a new comfortable, confident lifestyle that he adopted an entirely different persona under the name of "Frond". Trolls: TrollsTopia continued this part of his characterization with "Buckin' Branch", wherein when he's asked to try out for the Country Corral rodeo he adorns a Country get-up and tries to act like the Country Trolls.

In many cases of him doing this in the 2D animation, however, it tends to have a disastrous effect. This characterization is simply a over exaggeration of his personality, which is normally self-confident to begin with, and Branch has a lot of knowledge on practical engineering and survival skills that other Pop Trolls usually lack. These short comings from his arrogance have resulted in him receiving lessons in humility, and often expose his weaknesses the most of any type of storyline in the 2D animations, showing his personal limitations and restrictions that he has as a Troll, with some resulting in new victories as he overcomes them or accepting his defeat. In "Don't Make Me Laugh!", Branch is seen opening up and confessing to Poppy that the Bunker itself was a metaphor for his heart.

When giving advice to Poppy, Branch's comments are much rarely right compared to Poppy's. In "A Life Less Score-dinary", it is seen that Branch keeps track of how many times his been right and Poppy's been right. Branch has only been right only 6 times since he started keeping tally, while Poppy has been correct at least 13, though his hand appear to be covering at least 8-10 more tallies.


When he was temporarily transformed into a Rock Zombie, Branch expressed a zealous support for Rock music. As part of a joke, he suggested they all get ripping tattoos everywhere on their bodies, except their faces in case they still needed office jobs. He also showed a vicious aggression when he used his rocking mullet to ensnare Poppy at Barb's command. Otherwise, he stood there with an empty look.

According to DreamWorks, Poppy's alignment is "Chaotic Good", while Branch's is "Lawful Neutral".[18]

Lawful Neutral characters believe in following traditions and live by a code of honor and only go against authority when it conflicts with their personal code of conduct. This is indeed the case and although he challenges Poppy's decisions as a queen, he does not try and force any change, simply accepting things are the way they are.

While Trolls' hair changes color per mood, Tim Heitz confirmed that Branch is the most likely Troll to show this, being the moodiest Troll.[9]


Love Interests

Queen Poppy

Dreamworks Trolls - Princess Poppy hugging Branch

Branch and Poppy showing their opposite personalities

The pair's apparent opposite personalities are displayed in the Troll 2 Troll shorts, where their interactions cause every question of debate to be derailed, leaving none answered correctly. The pair begun the series at odds with each other, and they were foils to each other as a result.

Branch wanted to be left alone in his sorrows, but at the same time Poppy wanted to help him return to the village and be happy. Poppy was the only member of Troll Village to attempt to befriend Branch after he went to live in his Bunker, she would send him invitations to her parties hoping he would come. Branch seemed to appreciate them as he kept them. He was generally annoyed at her careless free spirit and happy-go-lucky attitude as it made her ignroant of the realities of life, but had developed a fondness of her and actually cared about her. Part of another problem was in addition her friends The Snack Pack tended to follow her around and by interacting with Poppy he ended up being the focus of ridicule from them. The pair bond in the events of Trolls to the point he didn't like seeing the girl had known to be so full of life be sad and broke his 20 year silence to sing and make her happy. Seeing her happy had in turn made him happy. The film ends with them on good terms and until Trolls World Tour, they would continue to bond.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Poppy and Branch's relationship is now respectful; he notes in several episodes that he considers Poppy his best friend. Poppy spends most of the series trying to make Branch "normal", even going so far as to make a "Bunker List" of goals for him to do in order to make him a true Troll. He appreciates every effort she puts into making him more a normal Troll, even when it annoys or causes him problems. In "Meet The Peppy", King Peppy noticed Poppy has been spending a lot of time with him lately, and even made it into her "Best Friends" board.

In Trolls, Poppy carries around a slide-open picture frame set. The main photo on the bottom shows Creek with a heart motif in a corner, while other frames that slide out contain photos of all her other friends. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On, the same set can be seen in a few episodes such as "Meet The Peppy", in the background. Though the frames are blurred at times, it's possible to make out the coloration of Branch, indicating that he has since replaced Creek in her main frame.

Despite not being on board with Poppy's plans in Trolls Holiday, he still tags along anyway. Branch spends most of the special trying to foil to Poppy's plans to give the Bergens a new holiday to replace Trollstice, until he eventually makes her understand how overboard she had gone with the idea.

10E27 SQ3150 S6 PUB F167 2K FINALR-min

Poppy and Branch as a couple at the end of Trolls World Tour

As time went by, Branch's fondness of her began to develop into feeling of love, and this became a driving force behind his support of Poppy in Trolls World Tour, but he lacked the guts to tell her how he felt about her. Their opposing views led Poppy to want to keep going forward as the movies events took place and Branch could see her failures. But since Poppy wasn't listening to anyone, including himself he progressively got more frustrated until when faced with no other way forward he put his foot down and spoke up. While Poppy ignored everyone, Branch became the one to listen to the issue that differences do matter and he had come to believe that the pair of them, since they too were so different, can't get along and confronts her on this, causing them to have a row. They temporarily separated from each other, which upset them both. He still cared deeply about her despite this, and later took a hit that Barb intended for Poppy so that she wouldn't have to be a Rock zombie. After returning back to normal, he truthfully confessed his feelings, which Poppy reciprocated. The two are now aware of each other's feelings and share a mutual love.

The Trolls: Holiday in Harmony special focused on the two as they had to buy gifts for each other and the two struggled with what to get each other. During the special, Barb once again refers to Branch as Poppy's boyfriend, this time not as a mockery like in Trolls World Tour. Branch generally struggled with worrying about what to get Poppy due to her reputation as a great gift-giver master.

In Trolls Band Together, Branch and Poppy have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for around a month. Branch also showed strong support and respect for Poppy, who did the same. They also share a huge kiss together at the end of the movie.

The Trolls Twitter account also did a chart of the character including a note that his heart belongs only to Poppy.[19]

The pairing was affectionally dubbed "Broppy" by fans after Trolls - as of Trolls: Holiday in Harmony and Trolls Band Together respectively, the fan term is also acknowledged by DreamWorks staff members Walt Dohrn and Gina Shay.[20][21]


Branch did not consider any of the other Trolls as friends at the beginning of the Trolls movie, and instead wished to be alone. For the most part, the other Trolls found him strange and mocked his inability to act like a normal Troll, calling him a "party pooper" and generally ignoring him. The members of The Snack Pack became more empathetic towards him after hearing why he didn't sing or dance.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, the Trolls are a lot more understanding of his desire to keep his distance. As the series progresses, it becomes apparent to the entire village by Season 7 that, while he can seem hard to approach at times, when he does put the effort in to help his friends, he gives it his all and they appreciate his efforts, even when it interferes with his own interests.

In Trolls: TrollsTopia, unlike Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, whenever Branch has an idea, it's often downplayed by other Trolls finding parts of his idea "cute" or "adorable", or dismissing the "boring" parts in favor of the fun ones. In the older series, often boring ideas were just flat-out dismissed; this can lead to him getting annoyed with the other Trolls who don't take him seriously enough. A lot of the new Trolls such as Holly Darlin' or Synth in particular find Branch adorable, more so than other Trolls of his own Tribe. While he appreciates how other Tribe Trolls treat him compared to his own Tribe's membership, he can still get annoyed with his ideas being downplayed. However, some of those newer Trolls like Laguna Tidepool, Rhythm & Blues do take him more seriously than others, and he's able to bounce some of his ideas off of more Trolls of his like-mindedness, leading to some ideas taking fruition like the construction of the Metroll.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Tug Duluth

Tug comes to respect Branch after the events of "Tour Guide Of Duty". Branch goes out of his way to find her a new tour location, and when he fails, he gives her permission to tour his bunker. When she realizes that the tour is far too much for him to handle, she stops it and states that he's the kindest troll. She asked him for help, to which he responded by giving her everything he had, going above and beyond duty to fulfil her needs. She considers him a good friend.


Branch befriends Baha after the pair end up getting eaten by "Finn Cascade", a giant fish who was visiting Troll Village. He attempted to get a photo with the fish, only for him to get swallowed.

Trolls: TrollsTopia


Branch welcomed Synth as one of the ambassadors of TrollsTopia, but first befriended him in "Branch Out of Water", where a little misunderstanding from the Techno Trolls using the hideaway hotsprings (for the acoustics) as place to hold their raves inconvenienced Branch, since he took morning baths there as part of his daily routine. Poppy encouraged Branch to talk to Synth and work things out, and after spending time with Synth and the other Techno Trolls, and realziing they needed to use the hotsprings as much as him, Branch accepted their raves and Synth gave him the rave name (nickname) "Dubstep".

Lownote Jones

Branch welcomed Lownote Jones as one of the original delegates of TrollsTopia, but later volunteered to pet-sit for him in "The Snug-a-lug Situation" (alongside Val Thundershock, Laguna Tidepool and Gust Tumbleweed). He strove to prove himself worthy of Lownote's trust in him, until he accepted the situation had grown out of control and called Lownote for help, though Lownote assured Branch and the others that no damage was done.

Later in "Cloud Control", Branch found out that, like him, Lownote is a frequent target of Cloud Guy's annoying antics and was surprised that Lownote, whom he considers to be the "coolest troll alive", could lose his cool over anything; but he still sympathized with Lownote expressing his frustration about Cloud Guy.

Laguna Tidepool

Branch first interacted with Laguna in "Branch Out of Water", where he got to know and befriend the Techno Trolls over a situation of them both needing the hideaway hotsprings for their daily routines. In "The Snug-a-lug Situation", Laguna volunteered alongside Branch, Val Thundershock, and Gust Tumbleweed to pet-sit Lownote Jone's pet. Later, in "Cloud Control", he found out that Laguna, like him, is a frequent target of Cloud Guy's annoying antics.

Holly Darlin'

Branch welcomed Holly Darlin' as one of the original delegates of TrollsTopia and later, in "Cloud Control", found out that, like him, Holly is a frequent target of Cloud Guy's annoying antics.

Dante Crescendo

Branch welcomed Dante Crescendo as one of the original delegates of TrollsTopia and later, in "Cloud Control", found out that like Branch, Dante is a frequent target of Cloud Guy's annoying antics. In "Highly Amused", Branch found himself to be a "muse" for Dante's inspiration to compose his latest masterpiece. At first, Branch tried to tolerate it until a shenanigan and attempt to get Dante to leave him alone led to Dante feeling humilated and Branch made amends by apologizing and helping Dante find inspiration in the world around him, allowing the Classical Troll to compose his latest piece without bothering Branch and strengthening their friendship.

Val Thundershock

Due to the both of them having a serious nature, Branch and Val get along pretty well.

Herman the Hermit

In Biggie and the Disastrous Dance, one of the Trolls Chapter Books, King Peppy states that Branch befriended a hermit Troll named "Herman". Herman happens to be the only Troll alive who knew the Dancemaster's song. Guy Diamond, Biggie and Cooper had to seek Branch's help in befriending Herman to learn the song. Branch managed to befriend Herman due to respect for his fellow isolationists.

Rivals and Enemies


2436119 crop

Creek mocking Branch's paranoia

Branch showed general annoyance at Creek's positive energy approach to life in Trolls, and was subject to criticism from him. Branch was the only Troll to react instantly when Creek betrayed them, since his instinct about Creek being rotten inside was proved correct. Creek, like Poppy, was also a foil to his character.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Branch shows tough mistrust towards him when he reappears in the village, refusing to trust him at all. Though they come to a mutual understanding, the two don't get along and often compete with each other. He's the only Troll to remain unforgiving towards his actions in Trolls, though he forgave him in later episodes.

Cloud Guy

Branch can't stand the antics of Cloud Guy, and often loses his temper with him. Being one of the Trolls who has an issue (alongside Lownote Jones, Laguna Tidepool, Holly Darlin' and Dante Crescendo in Trolls: TrollsTopia), this actually makes Cloud Guy want to torment him more because Branch does find him annoying.

Even though, in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, there are moments where they agree on certain things, which Branch saw as a great idea for them to work together. Still, Cloud Guy denies about it, and in "Apple of My Ire", he put a large prank on Branch so that he could get angry at him again after temporarily giving up over caring about his antics.


Branch holds a deep grudge against Velvet, due to the latter having no remorse in harming his four older brothers, most notably Floyd. He is therefore glad that she is arrested for her crimes, and also being denounced by Veneer publicly.


Grandma Rosiepuff

Grandma Rosiepuff is Branch's grandmother, and was his only known family relative for the viewers until Trolls Band Together.

Branch originally turned grey after feeling he felt he was responsible for her death, noting that their relationship was quite close. She obviously cared for him, as she was willing to sacrifice herself for him. In addition, it was revealed in Trolls Band Together to be his sole family member, thus with her death had no family left.

John Dory, Clay, Floyd and Spruce

Branch is the youngest child in his immediate family, and John Dory, Clay, Floyd and Spruce are his four older brothers. When Branch was a baby, he used to be close with his brothers during their term as BroZone. However, they drifted apart when they could no longer get along, leaving Branch behind. Branch was closet to Floyd and just before they broke up, Floyd was seen wearing a leafy vest, which later Branch would wear. Floyd was the only one of his brothers who said he would return.

After Grandma Rosiepuff died, Branch suffered a great deal of depression alone without any support from his immediate family as he was now left alone. When John Dory eventually returns from his longtime absence two decades later, Branch appears reluctant to partake in his oldest brother's quest to find their remaining siblings. This would later get to a head when John Dory kept forcing Bruce, Clay and Branch to perform their former roles, finally leading to Branch snapping and recklessly revealing that Grandma Rosiepuff is already gone.

Despite their tension, Branch would later still go rescue John Dory, Bruce and Clay for the sake of Floyd. In the end, he and his brothers have finally reconciled after Floyd was revived by the perfect family harmony.


In "Fun Branch", a glimpse of Branch's father was seen handing over their family crest to a young Branch to honor. Nothing else is known about his father, and he's not referenced in any other Trolls-related media. It's only known that his family had grown to respect Branch at a young age.

It's unknown if he's canon in the film continuity, but hinted as not being the case due to the comments from Branch about how he had no family growing up.





Shellilot is Branch's pet turtle and BPF, initally introduced as a potential pet and BPF for Poppy after Poppy accidentally sat on him thinking he was a rock. He is introduced in "BPF". Though she adored the turtle, it then met Branch and the two kicked it off. Poppy decided to just end the chance of being BPF with the turtle, as it was clear he and Branch had a connection that Poppy didn't have with the turtle.

It's unknown if Shelliot is canon in the film continuity.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities, as well as the abilities of his Tribe.

In the Trolls era, he was listed as a Rainbow Troll. His "True Colors" are a vivid blue coloration. In The Art of the Trolls, it was also noted his hair is actually shorter then normal as, when he displays his True Colors in Trolls his hair grew to signal he was using his full potential.

Rodeo Skills

His abilities to react quickly and resolve a problem caught the attention of the Country Trolls Holly Darlin' and Gust Tumbleweed in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Buckin' Branch". However, he proves within the rodeo that while he has the potential, he lacks the work needed to refine his talents for critter wrangling, especially as the Country Trolls have some dangerous critters in their rodeo.


In "Life of Pie", Branch was shown to be an unknowingly gifted Piemaker, initially resolving an issue Holly Darlin' had with a recipe she couldn't fix by adding the last ingredient into it. Branch claims baking was a hobby back from his Bunker Days and he was unaware he even had a gift for making pies. However, Branch backed out of the idea of being a master as that was too much for him, favoring his privacy and not seeing the big deal about his talent, to begin with. Still, he is capable of making a perfect pie that is "filled with joy" according to Holly.


Branch's social skills and ability to show affection are seriously lacking and in Trolls, when first introduced, it was shown that he had virtually none.

Branch still has far to go in order to fully learn how to be a "normal" Troll in terms of socializing basics. His habit of not expressing affection impacts his day-to-day life at times, and always puts distance between him and other Trolls, including his friends. This even included at one point a Bunker List of items for him to try to help him improve himself.

The issue of his social skills is a focus point in many episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. These are skills Branch has to slowly work on. When Poppy has to confess what happened to his Troll Gem in "Gem Day" as his friends offer theirs in place of his lost Gem, stating "You're the last Troll that should go without a gem, Branch". Branch has had to really work much harder then other Trolls to get where he is. In "Bye Bye Bunker", Branch hosts his first party, to the shock and alarm of his friends. Poppy sees the moment as a momentous event, since Branch was now a normal Troll.

By Trolls World Tour, he has managed to achieve great lengths and is no longer a reclusive Troll, but still struggles with trust issues towards other Trolls he isn't familiar with.

In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "The Makeunder", he proudly boasts about his lack of social skills and his ability to bore a crowd of Trolls into a contagious yawn.

In "The Bunker Sitter", it was also noted that other Trolls can struggle to cope with isolation, but Branch is fully capable of going for hours without the company of other Trolls. He is a Troll who enjoys his privacy as seen in "Tour Guide Of Duty", which was also noted in Trolls Scrapbook Stories short "Branch & Poppy's Bunker Makeover" and in "Two's A Cloud", he found himself having to be alone for a while to get away from other Trolls after Poppy held a record-breaking group hug with her entire village that lasted days.


While this may seem odd to consider, since this is part of Troll habits, he didn't sing a note for more than 20 years of his life. Thus, he didn't partake in a basic thing that Trolls like to do in their everyday life. His lack of singing was put down to Poppy as that he simply couldn't sing, to which he corrects her and says "No, I sung like an angel" and noted in Trolls Band Together he had "a Falsetto made of gold".

Branch sings with a bright tenor vocal. He has an exceptional knack for singing in Trolls. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On! and Trolls: TrollsTopia, due to him having a different voice actor, his tone is a little deeper.

In the Trolls Holiday Shorts episode Trolla-Palooza Tour, Branch is seen playing an electric bass guitar. In "Critter Comfort", he is seen playing a banjo.

Despite Poppy stating in Trolls he doesn't dance, he claims in Ask Poppy short "How to Dance Trolls Style" to be an amazing swing dancer; he just needed a partner who could keep up with him.

In Trolls World Tour, Branch displayed the ability to match the dancing skills of The K-Pop Gang, as well as the ones of Tresillo, Marimba and Tambora; this was despite the fact that their dancing skills should have been foreign to him as a Pop Troll. Later due to the Strings' influence, he was temporarily attuned to Rock when he was converted into a Rock Zombie by Queen Barb. He also found the appeal in the Country Trolls' sadder songs after hearing Born to Die as sung by Delta Dawn, later performing his own song of such kind, Perfect For Me.

In Trolls Band Together, it was revealed Branch was a member of BroZone, once the most popular of the Pop Trolls boyband. Poppy was familiar with them as their music was played long after their split. As a result, he had learnt how to harmonize with other vocals and dancing synchronization development from a young age. The main reason no Troll knew about his time in BroZone is his stage name was "Bitty B" while in BroZone and he never used his real name. After singing BroZone's Back, he notes that the lyrics and moves all came back, despite the 20 years of non-performing.

In addition to BroZone, sometime after BroZone Branch had also been in the band Kismet with Ablaze, Hype, Boom and Trickee. They never got as popular as BroZone but were famous in their own right. At the end of the movie, he also wrote Better Place with their help.

In the Trolls Scrapbook Stories short "Poppy's Sad Song Switcheroo", Branch was noted for his ability to sing and write sad song, compared to Poppy who struggles to do anything that isn't a happy song. He is possibly the only Pop Troll who can match the Country Trolls love of such type of song.


Branch enjoys a number of games like other Trolls, but his favorite is puzzles. He used to play them with his grandmother. He quotes the satisfaction of completing one is that all the pieces fit together nicely. He took the time to do one every day, even after she was gone. He was first seen doing a puzzle in "Neighbor War", which is shown at the start of the episode, while in "Haircuffed", when Branch is doing a puzzle a second time, Creek threw the puzzle pieces into a fire. In "The Search for Piece", it was revealed why he loved puzzles so much, as it made him happy like when he was putting a puzzle togehter with his grandmother.

In "Troll Playing Game", Poppy finds out that he made an RPG game called "Cupcakes and Caverns" which involved a lot of rules and a lot of high stakes.


In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Branch and Poppy compete over a number of events, and both are usually determined to show up the other. For Branch, it's mostly about his ego. Most of the time, Poppy will come out on top, and their competitions to prove who's better have become so common that the other Trolls got used to it by the events of "Peril Patch". Branch enjoys pranking, miniature golf, capture the flag and other sports wherein he gets to show off his skills in precision and calculation, often taking things very seriously. He dislikes losing, but admits defeat even though he's disappointed when he cannot best Poppy. In the aforementioned Peril Patch episode, Poppy actually admits Branch is the better golfer; she just enjoys messing with Branch and throwing him off his game, due to her enjoying manipulating him. One of the things Branch lacks is leadership and the ability to depend on other Trolls for aid, allowing him to fall for Poppy's schemes as she'll rally other Trolls to aid her.

Branch was rarely seen taking part in bigger events until later seasons. His first participation in a major event was "Musical Thrones", which he nervously took part. He manages to end up being one of the last three Trolls in the event, despite this being his first time entering, and beat many long-term favorites; though he was clearly unprepared as he was nervously reading the rulebook when Poppy introduced him.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Branch usually competed with Creek as well whenever the latter was present in an episode, due to their rivalry, often trying to prove who's the better Troll. At times, their rivalry led to pettiness while they competed, though most of it came from Creek rather than Branch.

In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Clash of the Battle Piñatas", it was mentioned that Branch only came out once a year during his bunker days. Branch has been the reigning champion for many years, and the anxiety of maintaining his title meant a lot to him. Due to the events of the past year from Trolls to Trolls: TrollsTopia, Branch had reached the point that he was now ready for a team battle and teamed up with Holly, Synth and DJ Suki. It took him a while to realize what teamwork meant, as it was his first competition with teammates (other than Gary) and he, along with his team, kept their title.

Branch is also co-hosted with Poppy in the host's box at "The Annual Party Games" in "The Party Games" and he is also seen hosting "The Great TrollsTopia Laugh Out Bout Tournament" as a referee himself in the episode "Don't Make Me Laugh!".


Branch is shown in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! to be really bad at comedy, such as stand ups. This was seen in "Branchception", "Mr. Glittercakes", "Giggleyum" and "To Catch A Critter". In the latter episode, when the joke he told wasn't funny, he made the mistake of explaining the joke. In comedy, it's normally understood that if one had to explain a joke, it wasn't funny to that particular audience. He often finds his own jokes funnier than everyone else finds them.

Survival Skills


Branch built an entire bunker and filled it with supplies enough to last 10 years.

Branch built his Survival Bunker, gathered his supplies and set his traps all by himself. He states in Trolls that he has enough supplies to last 10 years, 11 if he drank his own sweat. He's prepared for most disasters and fairly knowledgeable on survival skills. Poppy claimed in Trolls that he was the only one who knew about Bergens more than anyone else. The main source of his survival skills was his fears and paranoias. He has since gotten over this but still has larger survival skills than most Trolls and can remain calm in a dangerous situation at times when other Trolls fail or cannot react He is definitely more danger aware than blissfully positive Poppy and has much knowledge of Fauna and Flora, their use for survival and danger they pose but doesn't know everything about every critter and plant. Even improvising, he often has the skills and abilities to keep other Trolls safe while having quick thinking and instincts to back him up.

Though his safety measures do get out of hand, even Poppy admits in "Bye Bye Bunker" that the Trolls are a lot safer these days with Branch around than they used to. In Trolls World Tour, he noted he spent hours widdling the pointy sticks he crafted into weapons.


Going hand-in-hand with his survival skills, Branch has good practical skills in building. Throughout Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, he's seen building things from a fake Greygon to a glass ball for Biggie & Mr. Dinkles, as well as a boat he built within moments from a single log. He also spent months creating the Time capsule in "BFFF" which would successfully be found and opened in tact 3225 years later in 3235 A.B. by the Pop Trolls descendants. In Trolls: TrollsTopia, Poppy has become so reliant on Branch that she expects miracles from him. In "Kick-Off Party", Poppy expected him to make her grand finale happen at Val's party, which left Branch without a clue how to make it happen. In "Cakes on a Train", he and Rhythm & Blues created the Metroll Train line, a concept he was largely responsible for.

Paper Craft

Branch didn't scrapbook in Trolls, but by Trolls: Holiday in Harmony, was at least into it.

He was shown several time to scrapbook in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Journey to the Center of TrollsTopia", Poppy commented on his scrapbook skills coming a long way.

Medical Status and Issues

Branch is shown on a number of instances in both 3D and 2D media to be quite agile, able to leap over other Trolls and adapt at using his hair to travel quickly. In Trolls World Tour, he caught a pointy stick that was accidently fired at him by Mr. Dinkles without seeing it coming, showing that he has quick reflexes at times.

Physical Injuries

As a running gag in 2D animation, Branch is prone to physical injuries, some of which he shrugs off due to comic relief. In 3D animation, he's never seen injured majorly.

In "Model Behavior", the twins Satin & Chenille broke his hair while styling it. This is one of the few times Branch has received a sustainable injury.

Another note is that after his grandma was taken, it was seen that his ears lowered as he turned grey, causing a permanent deformity that still inflicts him as an adult. Branch is the only character in the series to have a permanent physical deformity of this nature.

Age and Birth Details

Branch is a few years older than Poppy, this can be determined as a rough estimate since she was a baby when they escaped from the Troll Tree 20 years before the movies current events. Branch was seen as a child at this point in time making him a minimum of a year older then Poppy, with The Art of DreamWorks Trolls confirming his age was "young adult" placing him under the age of 25. This meant in Trolls and Trolls World Tour (which both took place within the story lines first year) he was somewhere between 21-24 years old. DreamWorks Staff working on the 3D films confirmed both he and Poppy were written to be in their 20s.

As of Trolls Band Together and the BroZone website, Branch's age can now confirmed to be 24+. Branch is the youngest of his brothers by far and was a baby during their time as BroZone. Floyd being a number of years older than Branch likely puts all of his brothers ages above 30.

Branch's star sign was originally confirmed Virgo.[22]. DreamWorks Animation has since reaffirmed this by quoting Branch as a Virgo in further Tweets.[23] According to the BroZone website, Floyd's blog, Branch was likely born about January 2nd, 1999. Floyd notes and celebrates Branch's birth as it mean he is no longer the baby of the band. However, it should be addressed that this contradicts the Twitter account that lists Branch as a "Virgo", as their birthday is between August 23rd - September 21st which means Branch would actually be about 6-7 months in his debut concert.

As of April 2023, DreamWorks Trolls Twitter account has also stated that he is an Aries.[24] This puts his debut age for BroZone at 9-10 months when they split.



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"Branch" means "diverge from the main route or part", referring to his diversion from the other Trolls and how he separated from them almost entirely by the beginning of the main storyline of Trolls.

"Branch" is also the name of part of a tree, which matches Poppy's plant name, "poppy" being a type of flower. His name also matched the rest of BroZone's naming scheme in which all members have a link somehow back to nature.

  • In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode "Tour Guide Of Duty", Branch states he founds his own name strange when Tug plays one of his private journals from his Bunker days.
  • In the book Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe, the author David Lewman suggested that Branch got his name from his ability to swing through the trees by wrapping his hair around each tree branch, gaining speed and momentum as he did. He was able to outrun King Gristle Jr. via this method, despite the Bergen running at full speed.
  • In the movies, his name is pronounced with an American accent (bræntʃ). However, in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, the characters often use a British pronunciation (brɑːntʃ).


Branch has been given a number of nicknames.

  • "The Giver": Poppy dubbed a mysterious gift giver as "The Giver" in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode "The Giver". She didn't know at the time that the gift giver in question was Branch.
  • "Frond": A name Branch chose for himself in "Branch Bum".
  • "Branchifer":' Said by Poppy as a pet name to Branch in Trolls World Tour and Trolls: Holiday in Harmony. It's a play on names such as "Christofer".
  • "Boytoy": a derogatory insult from Queen Barb to Branch in Trolls World Tour. "Boytoy" is a term meant to incite someone as a "toy" or plaything to be used for sex. The meaning changes slightly based on gender; for girls, it means that they're a "toy" for masculine desires, and when aimed at boys, it means they're a "toy" for older women.
  • "Dubstep": a "ravename" given to Branch by Synth when the latter decided he likes him in the Trolls: TrollsTopia "Branch Out of Water". Synth continued to use this ravename throughout the series.
  • "Ace" & "Skippy 2 Shoes": Two nicknames given to Branch by Lownote Jones in "What's in a Nickname?".


In other languages, Branch's name is often changed, and with it often the meaning, but almost all refer back to his role within the story.

  • "Ramón" is a Spanish male name whose meaning is "Counsel Protection". It's similar to "rama", the actual Spanish translation of "branch".
  • "Branche" translates to "plugged" in French and "branch" in German.
  • "Tronco" means "trunk" or "log", which refers to another part of a tree.
  • "Mruk" is a surname, though it can also be translated to "curmudgeon" or "bad-tempered person".




A figurine of Branch featuring his symbol on the hair

  • In Trolls and Trolls Holiday, a running gag is that Poppy keeps spraying Branch's face with glitter.
    • In Trolls Holiday, he was shown to dislike glitter.
  • As mentioned by the official Trolls Facebook account:
    • His symbol is a "skull and crossbones". This appears on a number of his figurines. He's actually one of the few Trolls to have his symbol appear on merchandise.
    • His Gem is "Bunker Gem", which was also the focus of the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode "Gem Day".
  • Despite being the youngest of his brothers, Branch's voice actor, Justin Timberlake, is actually the oldest of the five actors, being one year older than Daveed Diggs, Spruce's actor, and two years older than Eric André, John Dory's actor.
  • Branch has overall saved Poppy for three times. The first one saving her from spiders in the first movie, the second being taking the hit from Queen Barb in Trolls World Tour, and catching Poppy from a fall in Trolls Band Together.

Specific To...

  • There are a couple of noteworthy things about his early Trolls introduction:
    • In the early Trolls trailers, a scene of the Trolls dancing to "Can't Stop the Feeling!" is shown, but unlike in the movie itself, Branch is grey when he should have his True Colors. This was most likely done to avoid spoilers, as the Bergens were also missing in that scene.
    • Branch was kept mostly out of Trolls-related merchandise very early on. For example, he wasn't mentioned at all in Follow Your Art, with Creek taking place as Poppy's supportive Troll instead. In the trailer for the movie released in January 2016, he wasn't even featured either, despite that his character was long fleshed out and part of the main storyline. DreamWorks has never explained why Branch was absent, but it was also likely to avoid spoilers.
  • Branch and Bridget draw parallels to each other, alongside their respective love interests Poppy and King Gristle Jr. Both are outcasts who believed happiness was beyond them; Branch because of his own inability to forgive himself and Bridget because she believed her social status meant Gristle wouldn't want her.
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
  • In "Two Party System", it's revealed that his birthday is 1 day after Bridget's.
  • Both Branch and Nova Swift like Fluffleberry. Branch likes it in cake form and Nova enjoys a latte of it.
Trolls Band Together
  • Branch was originally going to have a deleted scene with him and John Dory arguing over chipped teeth when they were climbing over a wall-like hill. Branch would then unfortunately get inflicted with a chipped tooth himself. This scene was cut likely due to graphic imagery and time constraints.


  2. In Trolls, Branch is seen as a child on the Troll Tree singing.
  4. According to the BroZone website, Branch was born sometime before their January 2nd, 1999 updates according to Floyd's update where he celebrates no longer being the baby of the band.
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