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Happiness is inside of all of us, right? Sometimes, you just need someone to help you find it.

Branch is Poppy's boyfriend, and the male protagonist of the Trolls franchise.


During most of the film, Branch has blue-grey skin with blue-black hair shorter than most of the other Trolls. His nose is lavender, and his eyes are blue. He wears a vest made of dark green leaves and dark brown shorts that are very worn and clumsily stitched up. Like the other trolls, he has four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. He almost always shows a frown on his face.

Branch's model has some unique details. For example, most of the Troll models have ears that point upwards and are against their head, while Branch's protrude and lay more downwards, sticking straight out. In his flashback, it was shown that his ears used to stand up straight like a normal Troll's, but lowered when he became sad, and have remained that way ever since resulting in a permanent physical deformity. The shape is also sharp, and has has less of a round hanging lobe. In addition, Branch's ears have a slight transparency to them; even though this is common in the other Troll models, it is very apparent in Branch's. Branch's head itself is wider than many other Troll models, his shoulders are slightly broader, and while he has the plump Troll shape, it's not as plump as some of the other Trolls. His outfit is unique to his model.

One thing to note about his grey version of his 3D model is that it's not as grey as it looks. In the "True Colors" scene. when the other Trolls are all grey, it can be seen that he still has a slight blue tint to his model, whereas the other Trolls have none at all. This is the same for all of the movie, which is why blue can be seen on his left ear in Poppy's performance of The Sound of Silence.

In his "True Colors", his hair is bright blue with slight purple tints to it. His skin is likewise a blue coloration. His hair is also longer, and lacks most of the normal frizz (loose strands) compared to his normal hair and other Trolls. In a number of book interpretations, Poppy comments that Branch's "True Colors" are beautiful, an opinion other Trolls share.

As a child, Branch has short indigo hair. He's seen wearing light brown shorts, with a strap around his right shoulder with a few green patches, quite similar to the shorts he wears when he gets older. He also wore a blue hug-time bracelet. His model is a standard Random Troll Child model used throughout the film, just with unique textures on the shorts.

He mostly remains the same as the start of the Trolls movie, having reverted almost completely back to his grey self. It's seen that his colors do vary, however, between grey and his True Colors. Branch's model reacts to light, and depending on it, he can appear more bluish. Towards the end of the special, when he's trying to cheer up Poppy, he's blue again.

He's also seen at beginning of the special wearing a dressing grown, as well as a sun costume with "DAY" written on it; this costume is used in combination with Poppy's.

Branch is depicted with blue hair and green skin, which is the common coloration DreamWorks has chosen for him after the events of Trolls. He doesn't change color at all in this version. In addition, he has the same type of ears as most other Trolls, instead of his more unique ears he has in the 3D animation, and lack their usual transparency. One of the animators explained that his different ears were used likely because the pointy ones didn't look good in 2D animation.[2]

Branch appears with different outfits throughout the series. He also gets a new hug time bracelet.

Branch uses a similar coloration to the one he had since Trolls Holiday. In comparison to Trolls, Branch's ears are more static and don't twitch to listen to sounds around him.

His shorts have more visible stitches, and his vest's "leaves" have vary more in shades. In some scenes, he has a green hug time bracelet.

In several scenes with him in Sheila Balloon, he has a blue pilot cap, and a golden badge on his vest.

At one point in Lonesome Flats, he appears with purple dyed hair, a golden vest, white shorts, yellow heart-shaped glasses with purple lenses, an ear mic on his right ear, and a rainbow-shaped earring on his left.

As a Rock Zombie, Branch is shirtless with black leather pants, silver hoop earrings (two on his right ear, one on his left) and spiked wristbands. His hair is a grim black and styled as a rocking mullet, and he has tattoos on his chest, shoulders and hands. His eyes glow red.

In merchandise related to the movie, it's seen that he still maintains the blue hair and blue skin he had in Trolls after his True Colors returned.


Branch looking down at the card

Branch lives alone, by choice... And unhappiness caused by regret

Branch came out of Bergen Town with psychological trauma that would follow him around throughout most of his life. Branch is one of the more complicated Trolls due his complex emotions. On the outside, he appears to be a grump who only looks out for himself, but on the inside he really does care for other Trolls; he hides his true feelings by being sarcastic.

His sorrows made it impossible for him to be a normal Troll because he felt responsible for the event, and was unhappy for 20 years of his life. It also left him frightened of getting caught unprepared ever again, and is a source of paranoia to the annoyance of the other Trolls. Thus, at the beginning of Trolls, Branch is a Troll who doesn't sing, dance, hug or attend parties, making him an oddball among his people and the only one who seemed to be carrying a burden from the past. Both a loner with no friends and a self-induced outcast, he chose to live alone rather than in Troll Village. He states that he likes silence and that he doesn't relax. As the events of the movie progress, he slowly learns that he can be happy.

By the time of the Trolls Holiday special, Branch is shown to be putting a lot more effort into life than in the past. He's not only seen trying to practice his smile, but also gets on board with Poppy's plan. He tags along mostly because he knew her plan to give the Bergens a new holiday would fail, and he attempts to try and help her understand why it failed.

In Trolls World Tour, Branch has become a close friend of Poppy and is now a former recluse, happily taking part in their singing and dancing and having fun together. However, Branch is harboring strong romantic feelings for Poppy from Trolls, and he credits her for being the one who changed his life for the better. He still has issues with emotions at times, and struggles to tell Poppy how he feels due to shyness. But though he's no longer a recluse, it doesn't mean he has forgotten his former life. Branch makes sacrifices, even when he has opposing opinions because of his good nature and loyalty to Poppy and his friends. His emotional feelings for Poppy result in him trying to back her up throughout the film, as this is tested by their opposing personalities, and after listening to the other Trolls they meet on their journey. He even admits to like the Country Trolls because he knows life is sad sometimes.

When he was temporarily transformed into a Rock Zombie, Branch expressed a zealous support for Rock music. He suggested they all get ripping tattoos everywhere on their bodies, except their faces in case they still needed office jobs. He also showed a vicious aggression when he used his rocking mullet to ensnare Poppy at Barb's command. Otherwise, he stood there with an empty look.


Queen Poppy


Dreamworks Trolls - Princess Poppy hugging Branch

Branch and Poppy, showing their opposite personalities

Poppy was the only member of Troll Village to attempt to befriend Branch after he went to live in his Bunker, she would send him invitations to her parties hoping he would come. Branch seemed to appreciate them as he kept them.

He was generally annoyed at her careless free spirit and happy-go-lucky attitude, she generally was a foil to his own personality, being his opposite. He refused all advances from her to get him to sing or dance and tried many thing to stop her singing, getting more and more fed up with her attempts to get him to sing. He believed her actions would lead to them getting eaten, was skeptical at all of her plans and her inability to see the serious side of each situation.

Branch eventually realized that she cared about every Troll and every Troll likewise cared about her. When she lost her True Colors, he was the only Troll to try to bring out her positive emotions again, even confessing he loved her, which in turn made him happy. The film ends with them on good terms.

As he spends more time with Poppy, it's implied that he has developed feelings for her.

Trolls Holiday

Despite not being on board with Poppy's plans, he still tags along anyway. Branch spends most of the special trying to foil to Poppy's plans to give the Bergen's a new holiday to replace Trollstice, until he eventually makes her understand over over board she had gone with the idea.

Troll 2 Troll

The pair's apparent opposite personalities are displayed in the Troll 2 Troll shorts, where their interactions cause every question of debate to be derailed, leaving none answered correctly.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Poppy and Branch's relationship is now respectful; he notes in several episodes that he considers Poppy his best friend. Poppy spends most of the series trying to make Branch "normal", even going so far as to make a "Bunker List" of goals for him to do in order to make him a true Troll. He appreciates every effort she puts into making him more a normal Troll, even when it annoys or causes him problems. In Meet the Peppy, King Peppy noticed Poppy has been spending a lot of time with him lately, and even made it into her "Best Friends" board.

In Trolls, Poppy carries around a slide-open picture frame set. The main photo on the bottom shows Creek with a heart motif in a corner, while other frames that slide out contain photos of all her other friends. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On, the same set can be seen in a few episodes such as Meet the Peppy, in the background. Though the frames are blurred at times, it's possible to make out the coloration of Branch, indicating that he has since replaced Creek in her main frame.

Trolls World Tour

Branch originally planned to confess his feelings for Poppy in the beginning, only for her to misinterpret them. He then went on a quest with Poppy who was enthusiastic with uniting the other Tribes, but they seemed to have a disagreement with each other, with Branch being the one who played safe and Poppy the excited risk taker. He tries to bring up her issue with trusting Hickory, a stranger they just met, but she takes to Hickory because he complies with her own beliefs.

Branch supported Poppy throughout the film until the Funk Trolls were attacked, despite opposing her decision to keep going on. But while Poppy ignores everyone, Branch ends up being the one to listen to the issue that differences do matter. When he has finally had enough of Poppy only listening to herself, he gets upset and confronts her on this, causing them to have a row.

10E27 SQ3150 S6 PUB F167 2K FINALR-min

Poppy and Branch as a couple at the end of Trolls World Tour

They temporarily separated from each other after, which upsets them both. He still cared deeply about her despite this and later took a hit that Barb intended for Poppy so that she wouldn't have to be a Rock Zombie. After returning back to normal, he truthfully confessed his feelings, which Poppy reciprocated. The two are now in a relationship with each other.


Creek Mocking Branch

Creek mocking Branch's paranoia


Branch showed general annoyance at Creek's positive energy approach to life, and was subject to criticism from him. Branch was the only Troll to react instantly when Creek betrayed them.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Branch shows tough mistrust towards him when he reappears in the village, refusing to trust him at all. Though they come to a mutual understanding, the two don't get along and often compete with each other. He's the only Troll to remain unforgiving towards his actions in Trolls, though he forgave him in later episodes.

Grandma Rosiepuff

Grandma Rosiepuff is Branch's grandmother, and so far his only family relative who appeared.

Branch originally turned grey after being responsible for her death, noting that their relationship was quite close. She obviously cared for him, as she was willing to sacrifice herself for him.

Cloud Guy

Branch can't stand the antics of Cloud Guy, and often loses his temper with him. Being the only Troll who has an issue, this actually makes Cloud Guy want to torment him more because Branch does find him annoying.

Other Trolls


Branch did not consider any of the other Trolls his friends at the start of the film and wished to be alone. For the most part, the other Trolls found him strange and mocked his inability to act like a normal Troll, calling him a "party pooper" and generally ignoring him. The members of The Snack Pack became more empathetic towards him after hearing why he didn't sing or dance.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

The Trolls are a lot more understanding of his desire to keep his distance. As the series progresses, it becomes apparent to the entire Village by season 7 that, while he can seem hard to approach at times, when he does put the effort in to help his friends, he gives it his all and they appreciate his efforts, even when it interferes with his own interests.

Tug Duluth

Tug comes to respect Branch after the events of Tour Guide of Duty. Branch goes out of his way to find her a new tour location, and when he fails, he gives her permission to tour his bunker. When she realizes that the tour is far too much for him to handle, she stops it and states that he's the kindest troll. She asked him for help, to which he responded by giving her everything he had, going above and beyond duty to fulfil her needs. She considers him a good friend.


Branch befriends Baha after the pair end up being eaten by Finn Cascade, a giant fish who was visiting Troll Village. He attempted to get a photo with the fish, only for him to get swallowed.

Herman the Hermit

In Biggie and the Disastrous Dance, one of the Trolls Chapter Books, King Peppy states that Branch befriended a hermit Troll named "Herman". Herman happens to be the only Troll alive who knew the Dancemaster's song. Guy Diamond, Biggie and Cooper had to seek Branch's help in befriending Herman to learn the song. Branch managed to befriend Herman due to respect for his fellow isolationists.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities.

In the Trolls era he was listed as a Rainbow Troll. His "True Colors" are a vivid blue colouration. In The Art of the Trolls, it was also noted his hair is actually shorter then normal as, when he displays his True Colors in Trolls his hair grew to signal he was using his full potential.


Branch's social skills and ability to show affection are seriously lacking and in Trolls, when first introduced it is shown he has virtually none.

Branch still has far to go in order to fully learn how to be a "normal" Troll in terms of socializing basics. His habit of not expressing affection impacts his day-to-day life at times, and always puts distance between him and other Trolls, including his friends.

The issue of his social skills is a focus point in many episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. These are skills Branch has to slowly work on. When Poppy has to confess what happened to his Troll Gem in "Gem Day" as his friends offer theirs in place of his lost Gem, stating "You're the last Troll that should go without a gem, Branch". Branch has had to really work much harder then other Trolls to get where he is. In Bye Bye Bunker, Branch hosts his first party, to the shock and alarm of his friends. Poppy sees the moment as a momentous event, since Branch was now a normal Troll.

By Trolls World Tour, he has managed to achieve great lengths and is no longer a reclusive Troll, but still struggles with trust issues towards other Trolls he isn't familiar with.


While this may seem odd to consider, since this is part of Troll habits, he didn't sing a note for more than 20 years of his life. Thus, he didn't partake in a basic thing that Trolls like to do in their everyday life. His lack of singing was put down to Poppy as that he simply couldn't sing, to which he corrects her and says "No, I sung like an angel".

Branch sings with a bright tenor vocal. He has an exceptional knack for singing in Trolls. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, due to him having a different voice actor, his tone is a little deeper.

In the Trolls Holiday Shorts episode Trolla-Palooza Tour, Branch is seen playing an electric bass guitar.

Despite Poppy stating in Trolls he doesn't dance, he claims in ASK POPPY to be a good swing dancer; he just needed a partner who could keep up with him.

In Trolls World Tour, Branch displayed the ability to match the dancing skills of The K-Pop Gang, as well as the ones of Tresillo, Marimba and Tambora; this was despite the fact that their dancing skills should have been foreign to him as a Pop Troll. Later due to the strings' influence, he was temporarily attuned to Rock when he was converted into a Rock Zombie by Queen Barb.

Survival Skills


Branch built an entire bunker and filled it with supplies enough to last 10 years

Branch built his Survival Bunker, gathered his supplies and set his traps all by himself. He states in Trolls that he has enough supplies to last 10 years, 11 if he drank his own sweat. He's prepared for most disasters and fairly knowledgeable on survival skills. Poppy claimed in Trolls that he was the only one who knew about Bergens more than anyone else.

Though his safety measures do get out of hand, even Poppy admits in Bye Bye Bunker that the Trolls are a lot safer these days with Branch around than they used to.


Going hand-in-hand with his survival skills, Branch has good practical skills in building. Throughout Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, he's seen building things from a fake Greygon to a glass ball for Biggie & Mr. Dinkles, as well as a boat he built within moments from a single log.

Character Concept

Branch wasn't originally a character of the Trolls movie, but was added after it was reconceptualized as a musical. He replaced the character "Masklin".

Branch was designed after Poppy, with Poppy being the first character designed for the new musical. Whereas Poppy was conceptualized to be bright and cheerful, Branch was a contrasting grey color. He was meant to have green cool purple accents, and his hair is purposely shorter than other Trolls to foreshadow character development. Whereas Poppy was an exploding volcano, Branch was a contained one.

Branch was quite easy to design for the team, as they already had made Poppy, his counterpart, and he was designed to be her opposite. Since he lived as an antisocial hermit, he was designed to wear homemade clothing. Early designed concepts had the Trolls dulling when they were scared or sad. As Branch was always grey, he would blend in; he was designed to be a survivalist at his core. He was a young adult Troll who prepared for the worst. Justin Timberlake was chosen as the voice actor of Branch because his voice was naturally perky-sounding, to contrast how grumpy Branch himself was.[3]

The grey coloration is also a reference to the original plot of the Trolls film. When it was reimagined as a musical, it was originally going to be about how the Trolls gained their colorful hair. Branch was supposed to be the sole remaining grey Troll in the village. Though the story was changed, he did not.

While unconfirmed, it has also been seen that the concept team also had intended to have a blue-skinned Troll in The Snack Pack with blue hair. Various members of the group were given the design before it was settled for Branch. Branch was also initially conceptualized to be completely green when showing his "true colors". Some concepts also depicted him with a good luck "wishstone" on his belly button like Poppy, but both had it removed in further ones. Others showed him carrying different weapons, including a bow and arrow.

Branch was a strong reference for the Rock Trolls in Trolls World Tour and it was even pondered if he had been a Hard Rocker himself without knowing it.[4]

Concept Art


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