Branch's Survival Bunker is his home in Troll Village.

While living in Troll Village, Branch created a highly-fortified and heavily-camafloged survival bunker, to hid in if troll village were to be invaded by the Bergens. On the 20 year celebration of King Peppy leading the trolls to escape Bergen Town, Chef discovered the party and captured The Snack Pack, leaving Poppy and the majority of the other trolls. Poppy then goes to Branch's bunker to ask him to help save them but he refused. He then showed Poppy all his supplies and said he had enough previsions to last him 10 years (11 if he was willing to store and drink his sweat). Poppy again tried to please for Branch to help her, but he still would't go.

As Poppy seemed to leave, Branch seemed sad, but Poppy came back to invite all the other trolls to hide in his bunker while she ventured to Bergen Town, much to Branch's dismay as he said all his supplies would only last them 2 weeks. Poppy then bid everyone farewell as the Hug-Time Bracelets activated, much to Branch's horror and Poppy's amusement. After the third "hug-time", Branch's bunker became unbearable to him and he decided to go help Poppy on her journey to Bergen Town, knowing she wouldn't survive on her own. After the second night in the bunker, King Peppy heard Poppy's Cowbell, to which they all left the bunker only to discover that it was Creek luring them into Chef and her Cooks grasp.