Captain Starfunkle is a minor Bergen who appears in Trolls and Trolls Holiday. He is a pizza maker and the owner of an arcade pizzeria.


Captain Starfunkle is a slouching Bergen with green hair and dull purple skin. He wears a red-brown jacket, a green shirt and pants, brown shoes and a black belt.

In Trolls Holiday, he appears with a green ushanka hat.


Captain Starfunkle seems to follow a dull, uninterested attitude, and doesn't appear to care for his job. Even though, he joined the celebration with the Trolls, which he assumingly enjoyed.

Skills & Abilities


Screenshot 20200602-165107

Captain Starfunkle's pizzeria in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

He is a top chef when it comes to preparing pizza, which is the favorite food of most Bergens in Bergen Town. He was only beaten by Chef's pizza-making skills.



He appears twice in Trolls.

The first time he appears is at Bridget and King Gristle Jr.'s table while on their date. He gives them a pizza, and carelessly tosses tokens at them.

He later appears at the end of the movie dancing with the other Bergens, where he shows a much happier expression on his face.

Trolls Holiday

He briefly appears at the end of the special, singing in a choir with other Bergens.


  • According to the licensed book Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe, most food at Bergen Castle was ordered in from Captain Starfunkle's pizzeria after Chef was kicked out. This was due to there being no one left to cook in the kitchen and King Gristle Jr. disliking other Bergens. The book is not considered canon.

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