Chad is a minor character from the animated film, Trolls. He was voiced by Mike Mitchell.


Chad appears to be quite a tall bergen, that has dark green skin. On his neck, chin, and large nose, different sizes of moles can be seen. His two bright red eyes are quite small and circular shaped. Chad has a bit of hair, which is a shade of black and it also appears to look unbrushed. His teeth are very uneven and aren't straight. The teeth also stick out a bit. Chad is seen wearing a red and black hat, and also a red guard uniform in the film.


Prince Gristle

Chad is one of Prince Gristle's other body guards.In one scene, Prince Gristle is shown to be at the Bib Shop, trying on some bibs. When Prince Gristle tries on a bib that he likes and wants, Chad, along with Bibbly and Todd, starts clapping.


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