Chad and Todd are two minor Bergens who appear in Trolls, Trolls Holiday, and several episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.


Chad appears to be quite a tall bergen with dark green skin. On his neck, chin, and large nose, different sizes of moles can be seen. His two bright red an yellow eyes are quite small and circular shaped. Chad has a bit of hair, which is a shade of black and it also appears to look unbrushed. His teeth are uneven and unstraight, and also stick out a bit. Chad is seen wearing a red and black hat and guard uniform with golden adornments.

Todd also appears to be quite a tall bergen with dark green skin. He has short dark green hair, which seems to be unbrushed. On his large nose, and chin a few different sized moles can be seen. He has two small, circular shaped red eyes. Todd's teeth appear to be uneven and not straight. He is shown to wear a red and black hat and guard uniform with golden adornments.

They have the same model as each other in the 3D animation, as well as the Kitchen staff that serve Chef. The pair are the only named characters with that model. The other characters who share the model, are just recolors. This makes them distinct as most other Bergens are generated via the Random Bergen creation.


King Gristle Jr.

Chad and Todd are King Gristle Jr.'s bodyguards, though not much is known about their exact relationship with him. In one scene, Gristle is at a bib shop, trying on some bibs. When he takes a bib that he likes and wants, Chad and Todd, along with Bibbly, start clapping.



The pair first appear when Chef returns to Bergen Castle after her 20 year banishment with Trolls. They generally hang around as she prepares the Bergens for the return of Trollstice.

They later go with King Gristle Jr. to Bibbly's bip shop, where he meets Lady Glittersparkles.

At Trollstice when Bridget turns up with an empty cooking pot, Chef tells the pair to cease her as she is accused of eating all the Trolls, as no one knows in reality Bridget let them all go. As the pair go to cease her, she is saved by Princess Poppy and her friends by revealing Bridget was Lady Glittersparkles. The pair are seen dancing and ignoring Chef as the Trolls sing Can't Stop the Feeling! with the Bergens dancing along.

Trolls Holiday

The pair first appear in Trolls Holiday when Chad announces to Gristle and Bridget (now Queen) that they have a mail from Troll Village.

The two are seen cleaning up the mess that The Snack Pack left in a demonstration to Gristle.

They help with setting up the Bergen's new holiday, Troll-A-Bration Day.


  • Trolls Holiday mocks the fact Chad and Todd have the same model, as Gristle fails to make a distinction between the two when Chad announces him the mail. He even calls them "Tad and Chodd" by mixing up their names as well.

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