Chef is the main antagonist of Trolls.


Chef never was the same after the Trolls escaped Bergen Town.  She had it all: a sterling reputation, throngs of admirers, and a coveted spot in the Royal Kitchen. But everything she had built crumbled in an instant the day the Trolls fled in tunnels under the Troll Tree. Chef was utterly humiliated.  Now, after 20 years spent wandering the forest in exile, Chef hears something in the distance… A celebration!

Could it be the thing she’s been vowing to find all these years? Will Chef finally discover the Trolls’ hiding spot, and put Troll Cuisine back on the menu in Bergen Town?


Chef appears to be a light purple, ugly bergen with short, light turquoise hair. On her large chins some different sized moles can be seen. She has yellow and red eyes, a large purple nose, thin purple lips and crooked teeth. Chef's outfit consists of a tall, white chef hat, a white chef uniform, brown trousers and a leather brown Fanny Pack where she keeps some of the Trolls in.



When Chef gets her job back as the chef of the castle she meets Bridget. Straight away she tells Bridget to wash the dishes and treats her in a very harsh way. She even mispronounces her name as "Idget." She also throws piles of dishes on top of Bridget, ordering her to wash all of them.

Prince Gristle

At the beginning of the film, Chef is shown to be the one who was going to serve the Bergens at Trollstice, however when she gives Prince Gristle one he finds out that they are not the real Trolls. After years of trying to find the Trolls, Chef goes back to the Bergen Town telling Prince Gristle that she has found them and that Trollstice will be back on. Knowing that he is naive, she makes sure he brings back Trollstice, secretly planning to knock him off his throne and become queen of Bergen Town.

King Gristle

After Prince Gristle found out that the Trolls are fake, King Gristle gets very angry at Chef. When they can't find the Trolls he decides that Chef should be taken away from Bergen Town forever.

Fun Facts

  • She is ​impatient and gruff.
  • Chef loves to whack underlings with her ladle.
  • She has many Troll recipes, like Troll-loaf and Egg-Trolls.
  • Chef secretly holds the power in Bergentown.


  • When Chef and King Gristle Jr. were discussing about bringing back Trollstice, Chef quietly said that she would be right behind Gristle, holding a knife, indicating that she may have been planning to depose Gristle by murdering him in his sleep.
  • She originally was going to have a song to herself called Bringing Back Happy.
  • At the end of the movie Chef and Creek were swallowed by a Hill Monster, Creek survived, but Chef's fate remains unknown.


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