Chef is a Bergen and the main antagonist from Trolls.


Chef is a light purple Bergen with short, light turquoise hair. On her large chin some small-sized moles can be seen. She has yellow and red eyes, a large purple nose, thin purple lips and crooked teeth. Chef's outfit consists of a tall, white chef hat, a white chef uniform, brown stripped pants, and a leather brown fanny pack where she keeps Trolls in. She also has golden hoop earrings.


Chef was a celebrity and enjoyed all the luxury that came with her status.

It was clear she held a grudge about being expelled due to the Trolls escape, and even sought control over the other Bergens. She saw her position as the keeper of the Bergens' happiness, believing that only she can deliver what they want. This leads to her to crave power above her station, and it even gave her desperation.

Chef would also sacrifice every Troll if possible, as well as give Trolls to the Bergens outside of Trollstice.



When Chef gets her job back as chef of Bergen Castle, she meets Bridget. Straight away, she treats Bridget in a very harsh way, throwing piles of dishes on top of her and telling her to wash all of them. She also mispronounces her name as "Idget."

Bergen Royal Family

Though she displayed no loathing against the Royal family in the beginning, due to her banishment from Bergen Town she came to resent them. The main reason for this was due to how cowardly King Gristle Sr. had stripped her of her title as royal chef of Bergen Castle and sent her away, using her as an escape goat in the process. She began to resent the family for this.

Later when King Gristle Jr. is on the throne, she expresses a desire to see them ousted and for herself to be on the throne, as she saw control of the Trolls as controlling all Bergens. While she talked politely to his face, this was just a manipulation to get what she wanted.

Skills & Abilities

She has all the normal abilities of a Bergen.


In source material, it's stated that her cooking skills were unmatched by any other Bergen. This is why she was able to become the head chef of Bergen Castle. She had a number of recipes for preparing Trolls.

With her position came great power, control of the Bergen's happiness allowed her as much power as King Gristle Sr. had, since her position gave her access to the Trolls. She enjoyed all the luxuries that came with her position.


Early Life

Chef was born somewhere in Bergen Town. Most of her childhood and early life is unknown. Chef rose to fame among the Bergens as a chef with unrivalled cooking skills. She eventually became the royal chef of Bergen Castle, a position that came with many perks.

One of these perks was "control" of the Trolls. She was known to have grabbed Grandma Rosiepuff, Branch's grandmother, after Chef spotted him singing in the open at the Troll Tree and tried to take him. Rosiepuff sacrificed herself by pushing Branch out of the way, only for herself to be grabbed instead. It is presumed by Branch she was eaten as a consequence.

Chef held Trollstice 20 years before the storyline, and was charged with selecting the first Troll for King Gristle Jr. She chose the baby Princess Poppy as his first Troll, and flicked her Pod to snatch her. However, to everyone's alarms, Poppy had been switched with a fake Troll. Kicking the tree, the Bergens discovered that all the Trolls were gone and in their place were wooden fakes. The Trolls had escaped via a tunnel they made through the Troll Tree and down under it.

Chef frantically dug for the Trolls with the other chefs, as well as King Gristle Sr. and his son. When no Trolls could be found, the Bergens began to turn on the Royal Family to blame someone for their loss of happiness. To appease the Bergens, King Gristle Sr. used Chef as an escape goat to temporarily sway the Bergens from taking their anger out on him. Chef was banished from Bergen Town, losing all her power and status in the process. 

She was left to spend 20 years searching Troll Forest for the Trolls.


Eventually on the 20-year anniversary, Chef got a stroke of luck. Poppy, now 20 years old, had thrown the biggest, the loudest, the craziest party ever. The fireworks and noise attracted her attention and it didn't take long for Chef to find her missing Trolls.

She invades Poppy's party and snatches Guy Diamond, DJ Suki, Fuzzbert, Biggie & Mr. Dinkles, Satin and Chenille and Creek. As she goes to also snatch King Peppy, Poppy rescues him and hides. Chef halts her attack on the Trolls and thanks them for their party.

She heads back to Bergen Town and presents the Trolls to Prince Gristle, who is now King Gristle Jr. and convinces him to bring back Trollstice. She bares a grudge against her fellow Bergens and desires to use the Trolls to get power.

As preparations for Trollstice begin, Gristle notices how few Trolls they have to offer; he had promised the entire Town a Troll. In an attempt to sway Gristle that everything's fine, Chef tries to force him to eat Creek. After appearing successful, she gets him to celebrate by exiting the room. She tells Bridget the scullery maid to look after the Trolls and forces her to do dishes.

Outside, however, Creek pleas for his life and offers that if they spare him, he'll tell them where the other Trolls are. The deal is struck and all they have to do is wait for Poppy to attempt to rescue Creek. During a date with Lady Glittersparkles, she reminds Gristle to stick to their plan and fails to identify who his date is, but agrees with him, saying that Lady Glittersparkles will be his plus one at the table.

Chef catches The Snack Pack soon after their attempt at rescuing Creek fails and Creek reveals his betrayal. He takes Poppy's cowbell. Chef and the other cooks capture the entire village of Trolls with Creek's help. The Trolls are thrown in a pot.

As the pot is carted to the dinner hall, she finds Bridget taking too long and hurries her. At the dinner, she tells Gristle to start when his date doesn't show. When Bridget arrives, the pot is empty, and Chef accuses her of eating all the Trolls. To everyone's surprise, the Snack Pack returns and reveals Bridget is Lady Glittersparkles.

Chef tries to maintain that her way is the only way for the Bergens to be happy as Poppy reveals they don't need to eat Trolls to feel happy, which is exampled by Bridget and Gristle's date leaving both feeling warm inside. Chef tries to force-feed Branch to Gristle, but Poppy saves him. As the Trolls dance and sing, the Bergens join in. Soon Chef finds herself surrounded by Bergens and no one paying attention to her. As she goes to attack Poppy and the Trolls, she's hit by a spoon thrown by Bridget. The Trolls then squire lemon in her eyes and she falls backwards onto the pot, which starts rolling. Cooper lights a match and tosses it at the pot, making it heat up.

Chef is sent rolling out of Bergen Castle, with Creek still in her fanny pack. When the pot finally comes to a halt, she attempts to eat Creek, but it turns out the hill they stopped on is actually a monster, and the pair fall. Their fate is unknown.


Official Website

Chef never was the same after the Trolls escaped Bergen Town. She had it all: a sterling reputation, throngs of admirers, and a coveted spot in the Royal Kitchen. But everything she had built crumbled in an instant the day the Trolls fled in tunnels under the Troll Tree. Chef was utterly humiliated. Now, after 20 years spent wandering the forest in exile, Chef hears something in the distance… A celebration!

Could it be the thing she’s been vowing to find all these years? Will Chef finally discover the Trolls’ hiding spot, and put Troll Cuisine back on the menu in Bergen Town?

  • She is ​impatient and gruff.
  • Chef loves to whack underlings with her ladle.
  • She has many Troll recipes, like Troll-loaf and Egg-Trolls.
  • Chef secretly holds the power in Bergentown.


  • She originally was going to have a song to herself called Bringing Back Happy. It was dropped as the filmmakers realized the song wouldn't fit for a Bergen who didn't know what happiness was, though the full track had been recorded, and a scene was aleadry made for it. It was also due to the lyrics being considered too dark for children, as Chef was reveling in joy on how to kill the Trolls for food.
  • No confirmation on her death has been made officially, despite her and Creek being last seen getting eaten.

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