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Classical Trolls are a race of Trolls who appear in Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia. The leader of this miniature Tribe is Trollzart.


Pre-Trolls World Tour

A figure representing the "Classical" ancestor

At some point in the past, the ancestors of the 6 Tribes created 6 Strings for each type of music after one made a sound. As their name suggests, they were centered around Classical music and they held the String of Classical song. They partied with the other Trolls celebrating their music and everything in between with the other Tribes. However, the Pop Trolls stole the white harp housing the Strings and decided to keep all the music to themselves. As a drastic measure, the other 5 Tribes grabbed their strings and ran. The Classical Tribe settled in the mountains.

Trolls World Tour

When Queen Barb invaded Symphonyville, Trollzart spearheaded a retaliation against the Rock Trolls, but ended up losing and got abducted. Symphonyville was left in ruins in the process. The entire Tribe was gathered up and taken to Volcano Rock City with the intention of turning everyone into Rock zombies.

The guitar which had held the Strings Barb took from the 5 other Tribes was smashed by Queen Poppy after a failed attempt to convert the Queen of Pop. The Trolls lost their music, but regained it when they realized that it came from them now.

The Classical Trolls are no longer isolated from the rest of Troll Kingdom, now living with the other Tribes in harmony again.



The Classical Trolls have large heads and small bodies in proportion to the other Tribes. They have wings and large bushy hair with flecks of glitter in them. All seen thus far have the Treasure Trolls "wishstones" on their belly that are the same color as their hair. They also have a light plaster of glitter, similar to Glitter Trolls, but lacking in the amount a Glitter Troll would have. They have a golden velvet skin color and gossamer wings. Compared to the other Tribes, the members of the Classical Tribe are among the smallest Trolls, with only individuals such as Smidge comparing to their height. They're also one of the Tribes to not normally wear clothes, with Trollzart being the only Classical Troll to do so, though he just has a black coat.

Most of the Classical Trolls are randomly generated, and they appear to be the Tribe with the most uniformed appearance. All of them have the aforementioned golden skin and puffy hair, the latter of which can be one of 3 colors: pink, light green or blue. Trollzart stands out from his people with his coat and white-gold hair.

They appear almost identical to their Trolls World Tour designs, though random members can now vary in size and hairstyle. Most named individuals from the Tribe are non-naked.

Sexual Dimorphism

In Trolls World Tour, females have a thick band of eyelashes. Otherwise, the Classical Trolls have the least amount of gender indications among the Tribes, and male and females look almost identical as each other.

In Trolls: Trollstopia, females have a thick band of eyelashes that end with a long lash; while males have the same band, it lacks said lash. Otherwise, the Classical Trolls still have the least amount of gender indications among the Tribes. Although, named Trolls often have more masculine and feminine traits, such as those displayed by Minuet Sonata.


In Trolls World Tour Baby members of this Tribe don't particularly stand out and look almost the same as adults; they're smaller in size and have different body proportions. It is currently unknown what their eggs look like.


The Classical Tribe weren't shown to keep eggs in their hair. From what was seen in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Bring It In", it's unknown if the baby is taken care of by the nurse in Classical Crest, which would be in the delivery care after birth, or by their mother.


Their home is among the mountains and clouds in Symphonyville. They fly together in the sky above to make music.

The landscape of Symphonyville looks like a painting, and their buildings are based on caves.

In Trolls: TrollsTopia, the Classical Tribe delegates, including Dante and Minuet, reside in Classical Crest, which was established in the episode "The Buddy System".


In Trolls: TrollsTopia, they're often seen drinking tea. In the episode "TrollsTopia Part 2", Poppy offered Dante Crescendo a "classic vanilla" ice cream. Their Tribal cuisine speciality is fine dining.

Tribal Abilities

Tribal Traits

Don't underestimate these Trolls. They're stronger than they look.

They have the ability to fly, due to their wings. This is a trait that none of the other Tribes have.

In the episode "Bring It In", it was shown that despite their small size they're physically quite strong, able to lift other Trolls off the ground. In the episode, their hugs were shown to be painful, and they actually were able to do unintentional but considerable physical damage to the Trolls they hugged.

Similar to the Rock Trolls' "Power Chord", Classical Trolls are capable of chords that have some abilities, with the one many desire to learn being Beetrollven's "Joy Chord". Upon hearing this chord, it has the power to instill joy upon the user. However, without mastery of the chord technique, any other chord attempt that is similar will cause sneezing fits, hiccuping or cause the listener to act like a chicken. However, the technique isn't common knowledge, due to the fact Beetrollven doesn't share it with just anyone making it a rarer talent. Any chord played in this manner, be it the correct or incorrect one, will ovewrite the last variant of the chord heard by the audience. This technique was shown in "The Joy Chord".

Dante's conductor baton also controls a group of music note critters, by waving it they appear and sing at his command.


In Trolls: TrollsTopia, Classical Trolls are generally shown to be highly intelligent, unless something isn't a natural or is a foreign concept to them. They're experts in their fields of specialty and masters of their arts. Dante Crescendo displayed frustrations about not being able to outwit Cloud Guy in "Cloud Control", as he considers himself quite intelligent; meanwhile Minuet Sonata likes to brag about her achievements and makes out to have a high level of learning and understanding. Prolific and creative Trolls add to the overall achievements of the Tribe, and therefore promote this as a whole.

However, another similarity to many of the Rock Trolls is shown throughout Trolls: TrollsTopia; the Classical Trolls can be prone to moments of epiphany and revelation, where something they didn't understand or see before suddenly clicks into place. Unlike the Rock Trolls, the reason for this is the opposite, but there are still many parallels with them. Usually, instead of being ignorant like Rock Trolls, Classical Trolls are morosophic, and do stupid things despite knowing better or being told the solution by another. This falls back onto matters of pride and ego, which can often blind them and often is a cause of their intellectual failures.


Due to how their time was spent onscreen in Trolls World Tour, much about the Tribe's other abilities is unknown.


The Classical hand gesture


The Classical Trolls lead a relatively peaceful life of harmony and wherever the conductor goes, the Classical Trolls follow.

When seen on the offensive, the Classical Trolls move as a single group in formation, with Trollzart leading the charge and the others not loosing the formation they held prior to the offense. It takes a number of Classical Trolls to form an orchestra, thus many to defend their culture.

Classical Trolls also have issues with displays of humility, to the point Beetrollven makes it a routine to not share his Joy Chord technique with just any member of his tribe unless they prove themselves capable of giving up their pride and social standards to display this trait.

Since they are a lot more intellectual than most Trolls, they engage in elections and debates, both are things Trolls like Country Trolls or Pop Trolls don't understand. Poppy even thought originally an "election" is where the people choose which Troll they want to win, thus relieving her of the duty of choosing which Troll to disappoint, a misunderstanding that Dante found simply adorable.

Members of this tribe are very eccentric at times. Minuet Sonata and Dante Crescendo show that these Trolls can become extremely stressed about their imperfections and flaws. Compared to other Trolls, they often have highly emphasized facial expressions when they try to hide their stress, or when showing intense confidence and excitement.

Social Structure

The Classical Trolls don't have a royal family and are instead led by a conductor. Wherever the conductor goes, the general population follows. Otherwise, they go about their daily lives. Dante Crescendo's position of "royal composer" still suggests that they have a monarchy; it's just that the leader is referred to as a conductor rather than a king/queen.

Most Classical Trolls tend to look the same, except for any Troll of notable status such as Trollzart and Dante Crescendo; both have coats and different hairstyles to normal Classical Trolls.

Classical Trolls can put a lot of social status and ranking on their most talented members, especially to their Tribes composers such as Ludwig van Beetrollven. The Tribe tends to hold them in such a high caliber they expect highly of them and can over praise their talents. Anyone who doesn't live up to expectations of their Tribe, such as Beetrollven's inital behavior when meeting Dante, can be be seen as shameful. Classical Troll social structure in general is a matter of standards; both made and then to be met.

Inter-tribe Relationships

In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Bring It In", it was shown that basic social things like hugging aren't normal among their Tribe. Instead of them, they use bows, both for formal and informal interactions. Though curious on the habits and wanting to join in with them, they generally struggle to do things that would normally be common for the other Troll Tribes to do. Thus, they come off as somewhat socially awkward outside their own Tribe.

The other Troll Tribes generally have difficulty meeting their social formalities, and are considered subpar in their attempts just to copy simple bows. The typical Classical Troll is prim and proper-speaking clearly, with odd uses of aureation in their language, and practices good mannerisms. They have high expectations that don't disappear with other Trolls, whom they usually find their habits horrifying and alarming. Yet they can find their differences inspiring and intriguing, and they appreciate it when other Trolls are able to match their standards, as exampled when they enjoyed Demo's Classical performance, noting his delicate melody is notable for a Rock Troll in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Classical Rock".


Classical Trolls fight together as one orchestra, but are completely defenseless once their group is taken down.

Holidays & Events

For a list of Holidays & Events that have occurred on this tribe, see Holidays & Events#Classical Trolls.


Classical Trolls tend to be highly cultured compared to most other Tribes, as they often invest their time on something that is pleasing to both eye and ear into the arts especially their music.


Architecture for the Classical Troll always is designed to look pleasing and grandoise

Classical Troll architecture can often be noted for its focus on form and beauty. Symphonyville focuses on a cave-like structures, while in terms of TrollTopia this includes a lot of focus on flowers. Their artitect often make use of gold either as the main color or as a accent, plus use of soft pastel colors especially whites and purples.

The appearance of Classical Crest is a nod to bees, of which they resemble, while Symphonyville’s appearance is a nod to a more ethereal appearance due to them being based on cherubs.


The Classical Trolls like Classical music. Their lives center around an Orchestral focus, with Trolls all coming together to make music. The Tribe likes elegance and unity. Their music lacks lyrics, instead putting more emphasis on harmonies and instruments. They take their music very seriously.

What tends to be the biggest change between individuals is just the instruments they play. For larger instruments, like a harp or drum, several Trolls have to work together, with one to four Trolls holding the instrument so that another one can play it.

In the Trolls Scrapbook Stories episode "Poppy Can't Stop The Laughter!", Poppy notes that Classical Trolls like to take their music very seriously and demand respect and quietness from their audiences. Normally you would not be permitted to laugh during a performance. Despite this, they also expect a reaction from their audience when it is appropriate and in the episode, Poppy laughs at Dante's comedy opera and is thanked for being the only one to do so.

Their Tribe is the originator of the Joy Chord.

In Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization it's mentioned that they have big, operatic vocals, and they're shown to sing in Trolls: TrollsTopia.

Dancing Style

Their dance style is based off of ballroom dancing and ballet.

Cultural Criticisms

Barb called their music "boring" due to its lack of lyrics, and has her Rock Trolls defeat them by playing their own music in Rock style.


A Classical Troll herding Eighth Goats

Despite being some of the most intellectually driven Trolls, Classical Trolls have limited technology compared to their high culture. Everything is whimsical and quaint due to the Tribe focusing on beauty and form rather then technological progress and advancements.

Use of Fauna

They have Fauna such as "Eighth Goats", which they shepherd, though it is unknown what they use their animals for.

Record Keeping

The Classical Trolls didn't display either a means of record keeper or an apparent lack of one, probably due to their limited screentime. However, Trollzart was able to identify quickly that Barb was a threat to them. When Poppy, Branch and Biggie arrive in their homeland, sheet music is seen blowing around, noting that at the very least these Trolls like to record their music on paper.


Classical music refers to most music in the 16th to 20th centuries before the raise of modern music, with a majority of it being of European or western Soviet Union in origins. It is the source of many modern music theory practices, and has influenced most musical genres in many ways both major and subtle, either directly or indirectly as modern music evolved from one genre to another. It is easily identified by its traditional orchestral and complexity of sounds that favor harmony and rhythm, using traditional western instruments like the flute, violin or harp. Of the 6 Tribes, the Classical Trolls' music is the oldest one overall, as well as the only one to not be a genre within popular music (which originally had "Pop" as its abbreviation).

Trollzart's name and design comes from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; his name itself is a pun on "Mozart" and "Troll".

The Tribe itself appears to be based on cherubs. Merchandise related to Trolls World Tour also describes them as cherubs.

Their home appears to be hugely inspired by the Baroque and Romantic periods, as it's meant to look like a heavenly painting, with their buildings looking like rococo-covered fabric caves.[1]

Known Members

The following is a list of the known members of this Troll Tribe, divided by the media where they first appeared in.


Trolls: TrollsTopia

One note is that the Trolls from Trolls: TrollsTopia tend to have both a first and last name. This has been common with Trolls of the past 2D animations. The Tribe's naming scheme has a tendency to lean towards Classical music-related terms, and often uses Italian words. In all media, Trolls named after real-life people tend to have a name that's a pun on "Troll".


  • The Classical Trolls' hand gesture means "a-okay". It should be noted that care must be taken with this gesture, as doing it with a considered "wrong" hand can be seen as offensive.
  • A Cherub-like or angel-like Troll Doll was first made by Dam Things in their original 1950s/60s lineup. In the 1990s, Russ also released a Cherub Troll Doll in the more modern style of Troll Dolls. Thus, the "Cherub Troll" is one of the oldest Troll Doll designs, and one of the most common re-occurring designs found throughout Troll Doll history.
  • The Tribe weren't originally conceived as cherubs (they were taller and lacked wings), and resembled more closely to real-life orchestra musicians, Trollzart included.
  • The gossamer wings of this Tribe are taken from the term "on gossamer wings", which is a nod to the lyrics of the song "Just One of Those Things" by Cole Porter and the line "A trip to the moon on gossamer wings", though this is where the term's association ends when it comes to the Classical Trolls.
    • The word "Gossamer" has become an adjective to describe something as a fragile beauty that is dainty and elegance. The word takes its name from a type of fabric with the same name, which is a weave that's weak, but traditionally considered beautiful.
    • The line is related to the song's subject, which was about a couple who can't make their love work past a nightly fling. The term "on gossamer wings" has come to refer to something that sounds impossible ("you can't carry yourself on gossamer wings!").
  • Trolls World Tour and the Trolls: TrollsTopia episodes "Classical Rock", "Mouth Guitar" and "Clash of the Battle Piñatas" all feature either the Classical Style converted into Rock music or Rock music transferred into a Classical style. This is most likely a note to the two genres, which are the most reliant ones on music theory. While other genres still comply with these theories, both genres are the most compliant with them, and what works in one of them tends to work in the other one. This is because they're reliant on a format of traditional band styles such as having a string section, percussion and vocalist, and thus don't work without some order to them. Classical music has also directly inspired many Rock music works in real life.


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