"I don't like the looks of him. I mean, who wears socks with no shoes?" - Branch
Cloud Guy is a supporting character from Trolls, its sequel Trolls World Tour, and its subsequent series Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.


Cloud Guy is a white fluffy Cloud with lavender eyelids, black pupils, and long blue limbs. The only clothing that he wears are white socks with 2 orange stripes on them each. One of the socks is noticeably looser than the other. He can morph into other shapes and is extremely flexible, having hidden inside Branch's mouth once.


Cloud Guy is a random cloud who likes to mess around and not sit in the sky all day like normal clouds should. He states he gets bored hanging around in the sky all day, so he looks for random mischief to cause, with Branch normal getting the blunt of his antics. In Bye Bye Bunker, he calls himself "an agent of chaos".



Cloud Guy gets into Branch's nerves, as seen in Trolls when he kept telling him to high-five him, yet when Branch did he would always move his hand away before Branch could. He would then give a remark like "Too slow!".

In many episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Cloud Guy attempts to annoy Branch for the sake of getting a rise from him and because he finds it fun. Thus, Branch ends up being the butt of Cloud Guy's jokes.

Queen Poppy

Unlike Branch, Poppy appears to think that Cloud Guy is fun, and is only being silly.

Skills & Abilities

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Cloud Guy was shown to be able to control weather clouds, and was a expert on rainbows. He was also shown to split himself into 3 and reassemble himself. He would create rain when scared by Branch (a joke on "wetting himself in fear"). Him breaking into Branch's bunker is owed to his ability to reassemble himself from small modules of cloud. He mostly used his abilities to constantly prank Branch.



Cloud Guy appears when Branch and Princess Poppy are looking for the tunnel that lead to the Troll Tree. He warns them only one leads to the tree and the others lead to certain death. He offers to help them, but Branch refuses as he doesn't trust Cloud Guy.

Though Poppy convinces Branch to trust him, Cloud Guy asks for a high 5 from them. Poppy is eager to high five him but cloud guy can tell that getting one from Branch would be a lot harder and more fun. Branch refuses but when he finally goes to give a high 5, he pulls away telling Branch he was too slow. So he changes this to a fist pump. Cloud Guy messes around with Branch's fist instead of giving a fist bump back making Branch angry.

Cloud Guy then asks for a hug, Branch snaps a twig and chases after the cloud wielding them like daggers and threatening to tear Cloud Guy's arms off and high-five his face with them. While Branch chases Cloud Guy, and Poppy chases after Branch to stop him hurting Cloud Guy, Cloud Guy takes them down the right tunnel to the Tree. He leaves them.

He appears again at the end of the movie after Poppy is crowned Queen and hugs Branch. He hugs both of them in a creepy fashion, so they high-five him off the mushroom they're standing on.

Trolls Holiday

Cloud Guy drives the caterbus that the Trolls catch to Bergen Town. While they sing and dance on the bus, he gets carried away and joins in. Because no one's manning the steering wheel, the bus drives them into a wormhole. He delivers them to Bergen Town after they leave the wormhole.

He briefly dances across the screen in the ending song.

Trolls World Tour

Cloud Guy doesn't seem to have a major role in this movie other than narrating the beginning and joining the Trolls dancing at the concert during the song Just Sing.

In the post-movie credits, he's seen meeting a female cloud whom he falls in love with. The pair appear next and both propose to each other. They then appear with 3 children on a bicycle.

Character Concept

In a cut scene animatic from Trolls World Tour, Cloud Guy got together with Janet after meeting and knowing each other for only 10 minutes. When Poppy travels in Sheila Balloon, she comes across the pair breaking up. It ends with Cloud Guy going off on his own and Janet getting into a rebound relationship with a large thundercloud.

The movie's ending would later show Cloud Guy giving birth to their children "Windy", "Stormy" and "Jr." in front of Poppy, Branch, Biggie and Cooper. The scene would switch to a song resembling the introduction of a TV family sitcom-like nature, where Cloud Guy is seen raising his three children by himself on Cloud 9 (this is a joke referring to how looking after his kids was actually far from paradise). Bridget and King Gristle Jr. switch off the channel, as they're not impressed by the show.

How Cloud Guy gave birth in the cut scene (popping his kids out of his head) seems to have been recycled for Guy Diamond, as the scene mimics how he gave birth to Tiny Diamond.


  • Cloud Guy is absent in most Trolls-related media. His most major reccurring appearance is in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.
  • Cloud Guy was a favorite among the staff of Trolls, and rose as a cult character. His lines were recorded by Walt Dohrn alongside Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, with the 3 interacting with each other.

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