Cooper is a member of the Funky Family, being one of the twin princes of the Funk Trolls as of Trolls World Tour he also goes by the name Prince Cooper. He first appears in Trolls.


Cooper looks very different compared to most Trolls. Unlike most Trolls he has four legs and a very tall striped red and pink neck. He has short, woolly, blue hair that doesn't stick up like most Trolls in Troll Village. Cooper only wears a green hat.

In Trolls World Tour, his fur has a more fluffier look to it and his strands of hair are slightly thicker.

Cooper's hair somewhat resembles the hair of his mother, Queen Essence.

As a hatchling, Cooper had less distinctive stripes, and his head and eyes were larger. His hair was also noticeably shorter and curlier.

Cooper is of Funk Troll heritage. He resembles Darnell, who is his twin brother. Though he and Darnell are identical twins their appearances vary slightly. Compared to the relaxed, laid back and chilled expression normally Darnell has, Cooper has a wide-eyed goofy one, coupled with his frequently shown buck teeth.


Cooper is a Troll who goofs off and is less than serious than other trolls. He often appears quite dimwitted, for example in Trolls when escaping Chef he goes into the tall grass to hide with Poppy and the child Trolls, forgetting that he has difficulty to blend in.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Poppy states that Cooper's mind works in reliable mannerism, meaning that he shouldn't be doubted when he knows something. His methods do not seem to be logical, or even sometimes sane, but often end up getting the result done. He seems completely oblivious at times in to serious situations. In Chummy Sparklestone, he went around and solves mysteries despite barely having much information to go by in many cases. Likewise, in the same episode he found it impossible to be Chummy Sparklestone until Guy Diamond convinced himself he was the character, leading to him completely forget who "Cooper" was. Poppy later convinced him to figure out where Cooper went which lead to him reverting back to his normal self.

Even Cloud Guy acknowledges Cooper's goofiness. In the DVD extras for Trolls when speaking about Cooper, he tells the audience not to laugh as it only encourages him, to which Cooper while he has started to say this took a stance to make him look like he is flying by making only his head and arms appear on the screen.

In Trolls: World Tour, Cooper finds himself drawn to the revelation that there are other kinds of trolls and is intrigued to find he resembles the Funk trolls. After overhearing Poppy and Branch discussing the idea of reaching out to the other tribes, he decides to leave the only home he's ever known to find other trolls that are like him. This shows that despite his goofy, happy-go-lucky personality, Cooper knows that deep down he isn't the same as the trolls who raised him and learned to find out where he came from.

After getting to know his family and quickly growing close to them, Cooper comes to the understanding that although he was born a Funk troll and raised as a Pop troll he doesn't have to be just one or the other, deciding he's Pop and Funk, as he explains to Branch and Poppy (along with Hickory) once they are brought aboard Vibe City. Compare to his family, he seems to be more open-minded to the idea of uniting the tribes as he has exposure to two different types of music.

When his birth family's home is threatened by the Rock trolls, Cooper is shown to love his family that he chooses to stay and help them, but still cares for his friends as he sends Branch, Poppy, and Hickory away for their own safety. He and his brother Prince D also get extremely upset when Barb uses the Ultimate Power Chord to brainwash their parents.

Although not the brightest, Cooper has the courage to trust his instincts and go with the flow of what's going on around him. He's the first one to hear and feel his heartbeat as well as noticing his chest glowing, thus joining in with D to create music and encourage the other trolls around them to regain their morale, leading to the realization that they can create their own music.



Cooper and Poppy are very close friends. Poppy is very worried and upset when Cooper and her other friends are taken by Chef, the cruel and nasty Bergen. Although she is very anxious she also feels confident and positive that she will go and find her friends, including Cooper, and bring them back home.

She is also concerned about him when he cannot come with her and Branch as he has to stay with his family to defend the other Funk Trolls from Barb.


Cooper considered him a party pooper and questioned why Poppy would even invite him to his party. Like the other members of The Snack Pack he realizes Branch has reasons for acting the way he is later on in Trolls, and sympathized with Branch over a relative being hurt because of music and singing.

Prince D

Prince D is Cooper's long lost twin brother. Right after meeting his own family, Cooper instantly strikes up a rapport with D relatively quickly, and they become inseparable. D is also the one who encourages him to help the other Trolls after everyone loses their colors.

King Quincy & Queen Essence

After being reunited with and meeting his parents for the very first time, Cooper is overjoyed and quickly grows close to them, touched by their love and affection, like his mother's kisses and his father's lame Dad jokes, and is able to laugh with them over some mild family teasing. His parents show not only acceptance but pride in Cooper declaring himself to be both Pop and Funk, indicating they are grateful to the Pop trolls for taking care of Cooper and are proud of the troll Cooper has grown up to be.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities.

Cooper has issues with camouflaging himself as seen in Trolls and he has less control over his abilities with his hair. Both issues are to do with his heritage.

Cooper's fur is used to make Hug-Time Bracelets and it has special properties. He is shown throughout the franchise to lack intelligence and thus often says dumb things in serious moments (usually as a form of gag). Cooper's forte is his simplistic approach to life and even his journey in Trolls World Tour to find "Trolls just like him" was made via him figuring out things through simple conclusions.


Cooper poops cupcakes

Cooper having just pooped cupcakes

Cooper is able to poop cupcakes. In Trolls World Tour, he also poops an entire cake complete with candles. It is unknown if this is a unique trait to him or his Tribe.


Cooper's Cake


In Trolls, when Cooper wasn't harmonizing his lyrics with other Trolls, he added a rap beat to them. For example, in Can't Stop the Feeling!, during the line "Nowhere to hide when I'm gettin' you close", he sings "Can't stop, won't stop". In the lines "When we move, well, you already know" he says "Just go, just work".

In Trolls World Tour, it is revealed that he's a Funk Troll, and thus has dedication in the Funk genre. Unlike his brother Darnell, Cooper has picked up Pop music, so while he's primarily a Funk Troll by heritage, as a consequence he's also half-Pop, while Darnell is half-Hip Hop. As Darnell explains, it is possible for Trolls to cover other genres besides their Tribes' own music, thus allowing Cooper to do both Funk and Pop music as a result. Darnell suggested Cooper may too be half-Hip Hop like himself, rather then half-Pop. In Just Sing his heart had glowed pink, the colour of Pop music, while his brother glowed purple, the colour of funk music indicating despite his heritage Cooper's heart was attuned to Pop while his brother was Funk.

He's also capable of playing a harmonica with just his mouth.

He's considered a great dancer due to his 4 legs and in Trolls he is one of the few Trolls who can compete with Guy Diamond in dancing.


Before the main storyline, Cooper was said to have mysteriously showed up in Troll Village. The strange Troll stayed to live in the village afterwards, with there being no indication where Cooper came from. It is later revealed in Trolls World Tour that he as an egg was stolen from his parents King Quincy and Queen Essence by a bird, but then landed in the Pop Troll Village. His adorableness quickly won all the Pop Trolls over and they decided to raise him. According to the Trolls supplementary information, Mandy Sparkledust discovered how to fashionate his fur into Hug-Time Bracelets.


At some point, he became close friends with Poppy and joined the ranks of The Snack Pack. They celebrated their freedom from the Bergens like any other Troll for 20 years. Poppy was set to host her 20 year anniversary of their peoples' freedom from the Bergens, but when morning song was over Branch sarcastically applauded the Trolls for their loud music. He pointed out the party Poppy planned will only attract the attention of the Bergens, like the rest of Poppy's friends Cooper didn't take Branch's warnings seriously as they hadn't seen one in 20 years.

At the party, Cooper joins in dancing alongside Poppy and Peppy when their fireworks and loud noises cause Chef to find the Trolls. During the attack, Cooper tried to blend in with his surroundings, but failed and was taken by Chef along with other members of The Snack Pack, minus Poppy who had managed to hide.

He was taken to Bergen Castle where he was thrown in a cage with the others, at pre-Trollstice preparations, the group witnesses Creek being eaten by King Gristle Jr. When the group is left with Bridget, they are rescued by Poppy and Branch. Bridget discovers their attempt to escape. Under the panic, Poppy stops the commotion. An agreement to help Bridget get a date with Gristle was made in exchange for rescuing Creek, whom Poppy refused to believe had been eaten. When Poppy cannot get Branch to sing, Branch explains why he refuses to sing, leading Cooper to comment "My uncle broke his neck tap-dancing once". The group proceeds with the plan with Branch tagging along but not singing, Cooper helps the others create a wig for Bridget to hide who she is and make her stand out.

The date goes successfully, and Gristle reveals he's saving Creek for consumption later. With news their friend is alive the group attempts to rescue him. In a turn of events, the group is recaptured, this time with Branch and Poppy as well. Creek reveals he's selling out the entire Troll Village to save himself.

The entirety of Troll Village is thrown into a pot, to be served for Trollstice. During this time, Poppy goes grey, Cooper like the other trolls becomes sad as well and also turns grey. Branch starts to sing, which brings back the colors in Poppy and also himself for the first time in over 20 years. The trolls are released by Bridget, as a thanks for helping her get a date with Gristle. Though the village is led to safety, Poppy is unable to abandon Bridget to the other Bergens, and The Snack Pack goes back to save her by showing Gristle she was his date.

Gristle realizes that he's happy and Bridget is the cause. The Trolls and Bergens celebrate. Cooper joins in with dancing and singing, as well as lighting a match that causes the pot to explode and send Chef and Creek out the Castle.

Trolls Holiday

Cooper is part of the team that jumps out and startles Branch in his bunker when Poppy gets him on board her plan. During the presentation of the Troll Holidays, he was put on pyrotechnics.

Trolls shorts

In "Together", Cooper spots Satin and Chenille grumpily distancing each other. He then finds it fun to skip between their hair, until the two sisters compete over who's the fastest and as a result he gets involved and getting entangled. The three of them laugh before Satin and Chenille release him and make up with each other. He is seen jumping happily at night in the end after landing on a mushroom.

Trolls World Tour

10E27 SQ2000 S28 PUB F184 2K FINALR-min

Cooper with his family in Trolls World Tour

Cooper later learns the history of the other Tribes and realizes that he isn't a Pop Troll, which results in him embarking on a journey to find his family. He enters a forest coming upon a monster which he gets away, and arrives at a desert where Vibe City is located. Thirsty and lost, he tries to drink from a mirage. Then after finding out he has been eating sand the whole time and seeing seemingly nobody around or in sight, he becomes discouraged and breaks down over never having found trolls like him. Suddenly, he gets sucked into Vibe City, and surprisingly reunites with his long-lost family. He's noticeably shocked when his brother Prince Darnell tells Poppy that the history they heard isn't accurate. However, he has no choice but to stay with his family in Vibe City when the Rock Trolls attack. He can only watch Branch and an upset Poppy being sent away before he and his entire tribe get kidnapped.

At Barb's victory rock concert, Cooper and Prince D are among the audience, and can only watch their parents being brainwashed. He and D almost get attacked by Poppy, though Poppy quickly spares them since she recovers to her senses quickly thanks to her gumdrops. After everyone loses their colors, all hope seems lost until Cooper realizes that he has a glow from his body, which beats with the sound of music. D encourages him to sing, and by joining in a performance with the other Trolls, they all have their colors recovered. He's seen dancing with his family and friends during the end credits.

Character Concept

Cooper's design was based on a giraffe doll from a line of animal Trolls. His original designs were to be a mailman giraffe, and a tap-dancing giraffe with troll ears, but this was changed for unknown reasons. A number of books by David Lewman have Cooper as Troll Village's mailman, as a reference back to this early concept.

Cooper went through many concept designs, some wildly different to others, such as switching between bipedal and quadrupedal. Timothy Lamb admitted Cooper was fun to design when speaking of his conceptualization. While the best design was chosen for the Trolls film, he would have loved to have any of them in it. One of Branch's rejected concepts also featured him riding one of the rejected Cooper concepts as a mount, implying that at one stage Cooper was even conceptualized as a steed for Branch.[2]

Initially in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!, he was listed as a "Trollimal". Dandy and Hooper, the only 2 other "Trollimal"-type characters in the game, were based on Cooper's rejected concept art.

Concept art for Trolls World Tour reveals his growth development. The design for "newly hatched" Cooper was skipped and the design for 3-5 was used instead.


Official Website



The Facebook accounts "Troll of the Month" for Cooper[3]

Cooper is a rarity in Troll Village: a fuzzy giraffe-like Troll creature, with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face.

He’s the strangest member of the Snack Pack, but whatever he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in enthusiasm.

  • Cooper has crazy dance moves.
  • He has wicked harmonica skills.
  • He is always upbeat.
  • The full coat of Cooper's hair makes him especially magical.

The Facebook account also uploaded details about him in their "Troll of the Month" series.

Trolls World Tour

On a quest to find where he comes from, Cooper knows that—even though it’s scary—he must go out there and see if there are other Trolls like him.

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!

He was unlockable in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!.

In the game, he was a "Trollimal" Troll whose favorite activity was Yoga.

Kinder Egg Bio

From their Trolls World Tour Promo;

Cooper has four feet to bust the craziest dance moves! The friendliest member of the Snack Pack, Cooper may not be the brightest Troll around, but he more than makes up for it in enthusiasm – and wicked harmonica solos!



From Trolls Holiday, showing Cooper as the original toy he was based on

  • The original toy he was based on makes a cameo in Trolls Holiday when the group goes through a wormhole.
  • Cooper is one of the three characters from Trolls who have the same voice actor for Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, the others being Cloud Guy and Fuzzbert.
  • He's the first member of the Snack Pack not to be a Pop troll.
  • Cooper mentioned having an uncle who broke his neck tap-dancing in the first movie. Since it is revealed in the sequel that he's really a Funk troll and was raised by the Pop trolls, his uncle is likely adoptive.
  • According to concept art, Cooper is at least older than a teenager, which would make him at least twenty years old.
  • Some notes from Trolls World Tour;
    • The Funk Trolls had been left afraid of the Pop Trolls since the isolation of the Tribes due to how the Pop Trolls had stolen their music previously. Cooper being raised by that his people fear can be seen as a form of irony; the Funk Trolls would never have approached the Pop Trolls because of this fear and thus never found him if not for Queen Barb's Rock World Tour.
    • Cooper being raised by a different Tribe was also proof the Tribes could get along with each other, as without knowing his origin to the Pop Trolls Cooper was just "a Troll" like them.
    • Cooper has a pink glow that resembles the Pop glow rather than the Funk glow, due to him being raised by the Pop trolls.


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