Cooper is a supporting character from the movie, Trolls. He is voiced by Ron Funches.


Cooper is a rarity in Troll Village: a fuzzy giraffe-like Troll creature, with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face.

He’s the strangest member of the Snack Pack, but whatever he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in enthusiasm.


Cooper looks very different compared to most Trolls. Unlike most Trolls he has four legs and a very tall striped red and pink neck. He has short blue hair that doesn't stick up like most Trolls in Troll Village. Cooper only wears a green hat.


Princess Poppy

Cooper and Princess Poppy are very close friends. Princess Poppy is very worried, and upset when Cooper and her other friends are taken by Chef, the cruel and nasty Bergen. Although she is very anxious she also feels confident and positive that she will go and find her friends and bring them back home.

Fun Facts

  • Cooper has crazy dance moves.
  • He has wicked harmonica skills.
  • He's always upbeat.
  • The full coat of Cooper's hair makes him especially magical.


  • Just like the other trolls, he is based off of the original troll toys. His character was made to reference the incredibly rare troll toy of a giraffe with the head of a troll.
  • Cooper's original design was to be a mailman giraffe, and a tap dancing giraffe with troll ears, but this was changed for unknown reasons.
  • It is said that Cooper's fur is used to make the Hugtime Bracelets.


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