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Country Trolls, also known as Country Western Trolls, are a race of Trolls who appear in Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia. The leader of this subspecies is Delta Dawn.


Pre-Trolls World Tour

A figure representing the "Country" ancestor

At some point in the past, the ancestors of the 6 Tribes created 6 Strings for each type of music. As their name suggests, they were centered around Country music, and held the String of Country. They partied with the other 5 Tribes in one big party until the Pop Trolls stole the Strings. After retrieving their String, the Tribes ran away and parted ways, each going into isolation away from the other Troll Tribes. The Country Trolls settled in the wild deserts.

Trolls World Tour

The Country Trolls heard of Queen Barb's Rock World Tour when she began to seek the Strings, but weren't bothered by the approaching Rock conquest. When Pop Trolls Queen Poppy, Branch and Biggie arrived in Lonesome Flats, Delta felt sympathy towards them because of their bright coloration. They were more bothered by their lack of taste in music, and Delta threw them in jail for "crimes against music". The trio escaped thanks to Hickory's meddling.

They chased them out of town and almost grabbed them, but the group escaped. At some point later, the Country Trolls were invaded by Barb and her Rock Trolls. The event occurred offscreen, but the tough Country Trolls had been no match to the Rock Trolls, who took their string and captured all of them. The entire Tribe was taken to Volcano Rock City, where Barb intended to convert them all into Rock zombies.

They succeeded in converting Delta and her niece Clampers, but the Guitar holding the Strings was smashed. This appeared to destroy all music, turning all the Trolls grey. They quickly realized they no longer needed the Strings to make music, and thus regained their colors. The Country Trolls are now reunited with the other Tribes and no longer isolated.




These Trolls resemble centaurs, having the common Troll body type from the waist upwards, save their choice of attire, with the lower half of their bodies being that of a horse, complete with hooves and tails. They have the same felt-like skin as Funk Trolls and Pop Trolls. They have large front teeth at the front of their upper jaw and either rounded or pointy ears. Their tail is sometimes, but not always, a different color to the hair on their head. This hair is puffy, but does stick up. They tend to have a beigetone coloration. Colors vary per individual and they either wear full-body outfits that cover everything but their head, hooves and tail, though some are seen wearing typical 10 gallon cowboy hats and trucker caps, or just a jacket or shirt around their chest area. Their legs are quite small, and their overall body tends to be the biggest part of their physical build, with a lot of it taken up by their centaur-like part. Their upper area often is comparable to other Trolls despite this, and isn't much different in size at all. Despite the differences, they physically stand about the same height as other Trolls from head to feet, though their overall size is smaller due to how they keep their hair. At first glance, they appear friendly.

Most of the Tribe members seen are randomly generated.

Sexual Dimorphism

Females are identifiable by their eyelashes. It's also possible to tell their gender from what they wear. For example, females tend to have headbands, 10 gallon cowgirl hats, and dresses while males tend to wear trucker caps or 10 gallon cowboy hats. Males can have facial hair and females may plait their hair. Physically, the upper body is overall slimmer and smaller in females compared to males, though females still stand the same height as males. Males have slightly bigger hands and broader shoulders than females. Compared to other Tribes with physical sexual dimorphism, the Country Trolls have less overall differences when compared to the Pop Trolls and Rock Trolls, and without looking at their attire and hair it can be hard to tell the genders apart.


Children tend to have one of either two models. Females resemble Clampers Buttonwillow with braided pigtails while males have a trucker cap and denims. They hatch from eggs that are large and country plaid-patterned. These eggs don't have hair, unlike other Tribes' eggs.



Lonesome Flats

They live in the desert, and their town is based on an old western-like setting. The place they live in is called "Lonesome Flats".[1]

In Trolls: TrollsTopia, the Country Tribe delegates, including Holly and Gust, reside in Country Corral, which was established in the episode "The Buddy System".


In the montage of Born to Die, it is shown that they have a BBQ shop where their animals go in and burgers come out. The Country Trolls appear to be carnivores.

In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "TrollsTopia Part 2", Holly Darlin' was given a jerky-based ice cream. They're shown throughout the series to enjoy hot and spicy foods like chilli, spiced beans and spiced pudding.

They´re also known for baking baked goods like pie for example,as shown in the life of pie.

Tribal Abilities

Tribal Traits

Because of their four legs, they're quite fast at running, have great endurance and are quite strong. Several Country Trolls chased Hickory, who was also hauling Poppy, Branch and Biggie across the desert sands. None of the Country Trolls showed signs of exhaustion during this chase scene, suggesting that they're the physically strongest of the Tribes, further supported by them surviving in a much harsher environment. They can be seen leaping and running at great speeds in Trolls: TrollsTopia.

Male members of the Tribe can also use their facial features as a lasso.

It's unknown if this only applies to Clampers Buttonwillow, but it was shown that she's able to use her teeth like a drill and rotate them. It's clear the bite from these Trolls is not very nice, and Clampers was able to bite through Growley Pete's mustache.


In Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia, they overall tend to display a simplified but sound knowledge of the world, often sticking to the straight and narrow path rather than going for the over complex things. This is even found high up in their leadership: Delta hugely underestimated Queen Barb during her world tour. Trolls like Holly Darlin' or Gust Tumbleweed talk from experience and expertise on subjects they know about, which often impresses other Trolls. One such thing was Holly's knowledge on mining for glitter in "Glitter Rush", as well as Gust's sound expertise in games in "Smidge in the Saddle".


Due to how their time was spent onscreen in Trolls World Tour, much about the Tribe's other abilities is unknown.


The Country hand gesture


The Country Trolls love Country Music, and their life is one big shindig. Although they appear friendly at first, these Trolls can be mistrusting towards strangers, especially towards Trolls of other Tribes, and can show aggression, however, they're sometimes willing to give them a chance. Children might be expected to work from the moment they're born by their parents. The typical Country Troll is simple and laid-back, but can be highly-strung when angered or things go wrong.

In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Buckin' Branch", they note that hard work is the most Country-like thing that Branch can do when he fails. Also seen in the episode is the fact that they won't let any Troll who isn't skilled enough yet in their rodeo due to the safety hazard that it presents, since the rodeo's critters can be dangerous.

In Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia, they use a stereotypical "American cowboy" style of talk, using terms such as "Yeehaw!", and normally speak with a Southern American, Southwestern or Texan accent/drawl.

In "Hair-aldine: The Musical", it was shown that Country Trolls can be resistant to change. When Hair-aldine invented Hairspray, there was resistance from other Country Trolls, including her own father, because it held hair together in an unnatural way. However, she succeeded in getting her Tribe to accept her invention, leading to her becoming an idol for Trolls like Holly Darlin'.

Social Structure

The Country Trolls don't have a royal family, instead being led by a mayor who doubles at times as sheriff. The mayor leads them in song, and is in charge of keeping their people together, as well as enforcing the rules on lawbreakers.

In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "TrollsTopia Part 1", Holly Darlin' says that they're more of an oligarchy instead of a monarchy, implying that their tribe is run by their own government.

Country Trolls can be quite serious and to each other at times, they rely on each other for generally things to run smoothly, to which take that reliablity in turn is also taken seriously. Individuals like Gust speak of traditions that date back generations and rely upon a lot of family pride and honor. They are the only Tribe that tends to put pride, honor and reliability at the centre of their social structure. Thus, Country Trolls friendship is centred around respect between individuals.

Inter-Tribe Relationships

Part of the problem with their reaction to other Tribes are simply that they didn't know much about them until the Trolls World Tour events. They didn't know what to make of the Pop Trolls at first and were mistrusting towards them, but willing to give them a chance. Once that trust was broken, they became insulted, unfriendly and even aggressive. They have since made up with most of the Tribes as a society.


In the cut song shown in the Trolls World Tour storyboards supplied by Chris Heltzel, which was originally intended to fulfill the same role as Born to Die but was replaced by that song, it was shown that the Country Trolls had prepared their entire lives to defend their String. They use cactus traps and put up barricades made of cacti, train hard with their bodies and use whips as weapons. Since this didn't make it into the final movie, it's unknown if any of those traits are applicable to the Country Trolls as they're seen.

Holidays & Events

For a list of Holidays & Events that have occurred on this tribe, see Holidays & Events#Country Trolls.


Country Trolls have a limited culture since they invest little time into the arts.


Away from Lonesome Flats, Country Architecture still looks similar to that of back home

Country architecture makes use of natural colors with patchwork fabrics, using of a lot of wood and natural structures like cactuses being in common use. Colors tend to be beige, with use of sandy colors like yellow, pale orange and brown.


Both Born to Die and I Fall to Pieces are sorrowful songs that intend to evoke empathy to their listeners, being about despair and hardship. These songs are able to bring emotion to other Country Trolls, which shows that they have gone through a lot over the years.

In Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization, the Country Trolls use each others' tails to make strings for instruments.

Dancing Style

Their dancing generally involves a line dance movement, with them kicking their front legs and moving their arms to the music.

Cultural Criticisms

Poppy noted that Country Music tends to be sad, in her noted criticisms towards it, believing herself that music is suppose to make you happy and that the Country Trolls don't seem to know that. Branch meanwhile noted he kind of liked it.


The Country Trolls have rather low technological advancements in comparison to some of the other Tribes. Though Delta Dawn's song Born to Die offers a simple explanation for this: they focus on getting by in their harsh environment, toughing themselves against life's problems rather than trying to improve that life they have. Although, a cinema could be seen in their town, indicating that they still have certain notable advancements.In "Glitter Rush", they had knowledge of TNT and construction of mine shafts.Outside of town is also a mineshaft, which was seen some distance from Lonesome Flats during the chase scene when Poppy and her friends are escaping. Presumably, the mine is in some use by the Country Trolls, although no miners were seen in the scene. It's also unknown what's being mined there, but it does confirm that the Country Trolls dig for resources.

In "Hair-aldine: The Musical", it was mentioned that Hairspray was an invention of the Country Trolls; it was invented by Hair-aldine, and allows the Country Trolls' big hair to hold as well as it did.

Use of Flora

In "Cheery Glo-mato", Holly was shown raising a Cheery Glo-mato so will invest in horticulture pursuits and thus have agricultural knowledge.

In "The Fun Harvest", it was shown that Country Trolls grow and harvest their own pieces for playing games, which are much more fun to use then the Pop Trolls pieces made in Sky Toronto's Fun Factory. However, because of the plants reaction to winter, the Country Trolls have a limited time to harvest their crops before winter kills them all. The only reason they managed to harvest in time this particular year was Sky Toronto's machines were bale to pick the pieces quick enough before the cold killed them.

Use of Fauna

Despite having 4 legs, they apparently ride on fauna, like Saddle Spiders.

Record Keeping

The Country Trolls themselves didn't seem to know what Pop Trolls were when they first met them, and displayed mixed reactions to them, until Queen Poppy, Branch and Biggie started singing. They had heard of Queen Barb and her Rock Trolls, and thus seem to live more to "word of mouth".

In a cut scene from Trolls World Tour, Hickory met Poppy, Branch and Biggie before they arrived at Lonesome Flats. In the cut scene, he noted the Pop Trolls were bipedal, making them odd to him. The Country Trolls in this version of the movie had never seen bipedal Trolls, nor had thought the prospect possible at all, thus furthering how much the Country Trolls hadn't kept records of other Troll kinds at all. However, one of the early drafts of the jail scene with Poppy, Branch and Biggie contradicts this by showing a family of bipedal skeletons.


The Tribe's theme is "Country Music". Country Music is a music genre derived from folk music and blues, originating from the southeastern United States, eventually also coming to refer to "Western" music as well, which rose up to mimic Country Music in the western United States.

Country and Western music originate from areas of poverty or poor wealth, and are associated with countryside, with Country being the music of the "hillbilly" culture. The genres of Country and Western often focus on the vocal viberto, maintaining a "southern twang". It also goes for steady music often romanticizing certain subjects or appealing to the like-minded. While it has a steady band with a variety of traditional instruments, it also makes use of unconventional or improvised ones such as the washboard. Country Music was a huge influence on Rock Music.

Their centaur design is likely a reference to cowboys, who are often depicted horseback in popular media. Their attire is also based on them, as is their wild west-styled town.

The decision to use quilts for their landscape is based on how from an aerial point of view the landscape of farmland looks like a giant quilt. Quilts were common sleeping blankets in the frontier.[2]

Known Members

The following is a list of the known members of this Troll Tribe, divided by the media where they first appeared in.


Trolls: TrollsTopia

  • Annie Applecore, Haystack Wiggins and Slim Stuck 'Em - were featured in the episode "The Ballad of Holly Darlin'". They're masters of the craft of gift-giving, each with a skill related to wrapping gifts. Annie can tie ribbons, Haystack is a tag writer and Slim is excellent at tape.
  • Hair-aldine Groundwater - mentioned in "Hair-aldine: The Musical", she is Holly Darlin's role model and idol. In Holly's musical, she was portrayed by Val Thundershock. What little is known about it is that she has a sister and a father as both were mentioned in the play. Hair-aldine was the inventor of hairspray. Due to the portrayal of the Metroll train and Hair-aldine returning to Lonesome Flats from "the big city", it is suggested that she has already visited TrollsTopia at some point prior to the episode. Despite handling the court case and being against her, her father later gave her his heart and hair in support of her invention as he did a U-Turn on his opinions of it.
  • Charlie, Chester and Chelsea - are the names of 3 Trolls who were named in "The Not-So-Good Sport" that Gust Tumbleweed called "cheaters" after he was exposed for leaving games unfinished when he began to lose. He was exposed for his lies about the Trolls after he claimed he left a game unfinished when "Cheatin' Charlie" cheated, only for the K-Pop Trolls to reveal Chester sent them to ring him back to finish what he started with Chester, not Charlie. He gets the name wrong and calls him "Chelsea" instead, revealing a 3rd Troll he walked out on a game against, with Holly knowing Chelsea herself and that she is not a cheater. In reality, when he started to lose against the 3, he claimed they cheated and walked because he was a sore loser. He has since returned to Lonesome flats to finish all the games he left unfinished.


  • The Country hand gesture means "hang loose".


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