Country trolls, also called Country Western Trolls, are a race of trolls who appear in Trolls World Tour. The leader of this subspecies is Delta Dawn.


These Trolls resemble a more common Troll body type from the waist upwards, save their choice of attire, but are centaur-like from the waist down with hooves and tail. They have large front teeth at the front of their upper jaw and either rounded or pointy ears. Their tail is sometimes, but not always, a different color to the hair on their head. This hair is puffy but does stick up, though many members have their hair platted especially if their female. They tend to have dull or unsaturated colours.

At first glance, they appear friendly.

Most of the Tribe members seen are randomly generated. Females are identifiable by their eyelashes. Colors vary per individual and they either wear full body suits that cover everything but their head, hooves and tail, or just a jacket or shirt around their chest area. They also tend to have various headwear that can vary from hats to headbands.



Named Members



The Country hand gesture

Social Structure

The Country Trolls don't have a royal family, and are instead led by a mayor who doubles at times as sheriff. Their mayor leads them in song and is in charge of keeping their people together, as well as enforce the rules on lawbreakers.


Both Born to Die and I Fall to Pieces are songs which intend to evoke empathy to their listeners, both being sorrowful songs about despair and hardship. These songs are able to bring emotion to other Country Trolls, which shows that they've gone through a lot over the years.

Their dancing generally involves a Line dance movement with them kicking their front legs and moving their arms to the music.

In Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization, the Country Trolls use each others' tails as guitar strings.


Country Trolls love country music and their life is one big Shindig. Although they appear friendly at first, these Trolls can be mistrusting towards strangers, especially towards Trolls of other Tribes, and can show aggression. Children might be expected to work from the moment they're born by their parents.

Record Keeping

The Country Trolls themselves didn't seem to know what Pop Trolls were when they first met them, and displayed mixed reactions to them - until Queen Poppy, Branch and Biggie started singing. They had heard of Queen Barb and her Rock Trolls, and thus seem to live more to "word of mouth".

In a cut scene from the movie Trolls World Tour, Hickory met Poppy, Branch and Biggie before they arrived at Lonesome Flats. In the cut scene he noted the Pop Trolls were bipedal making them odd to him. The Country Trolls in this version of the movie had never seen bipedal Trolls nor had thought the prospect possible at all, thus furthering how much the Country Trolls had not kept records of other Troll kinds at all.


The Country Trolls have rather low technological advancements in comparison to some of the other Tribes. Though Delta Dawn's song Born to Die offers a simple explanation for this. The Country Trolls focus on getting by in their harsh environment and focus on toughing themselves against life's problems rather than trying to improve that life they have.


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Country Troll village

They live in the desert, and their town is based on an old western-like setting. The place they live in is called "Lonesome Flats".[1]


In Born to Die, it is shown that they have a BBQ shop where their animals go in and burgers come out. The Country Trolls appear to be carnivores.

Tribal Abilities

Because of their four legs, they're quite fast at running, have great endurance and are physically quite strong. The group chased Hickory, who was also hauling Poppy, Branch and Biggie across the desert sands. None of the Country Trolls showed signs of exhaustion during this chase scene, suggesting that physically the are the strongest of the Tribes, further supported by them surviving in a much harsher environment.

Male members of the tribe can use their facial features as a lasso.

It is unknown if this only applies to Clampers Buttonwillow, but it was shown that she's able to use her teeth like a drill and rotate them. It is clear the bite from these Trolls is not very nice, and Clampers was able to bite through Growley Pete's moustache.


Pre-Trolls World Tour


A figure representing the "Country" ancestor

At some point in the past, the ancestors of the 6 Tribes created 6 Strings for each type of music. As their name suggests, they were centred around Country music and they held the String of Country song. They partied with the other 5 Tribes in one big party until the Pop Trolls stole the Strings. After retrieving their String the Tribes run away and parted ways with each went going into isolation away from the other Troll Tribes.

The Country Trolls settled in the wild deserts.

Trolls World Tour

The Country Trolls heard of Queen Barb's World Tour when she began to seek the Strings, but weren't bothered by the approaching Rock conquest. When Pop Trolls Queen Poppy, Branch and Biggie arrived in Lonesome Flats, Delta felt sympathy towards them because of their bright coloration. They were more bothered by their lack of taste in music and Delta threw all 3 in jail for 'Crimes against music'. The trio escaped thanks to Hickory's meddling.

They chased them out of town and almost grabbed them during the chase, but the group escaped. At some point after they did, the Country Trolls were invaded by Barb and her Rock trolls. The event was seen off-screen but the tough Country Trolls had been no match it seems for the Rock Trolls, their string was taken and they were all captured. The entire Tribe was taken to Volcano Rock City where Barb intended to convert them all to Rock Troll Zombies.

They succeeded in converting Delta and her niece Clampers, but the Guitar holding the Strings was smashed. This destroyed all music. The Trolls learnt they no longer needed the Strings to make music, and regained their music. The Tribe is now reunited with the other Tribes and no longer isolated.


The Tribes' theme is "country music". Country music is a music genre derived from folk music and blues, originating from the Southern States of America. Eventually also coming to refer to "western" music as well which rose up to mimic country music in the western United States. Country, alongside its cousin Western music, originates from areas of poverty or poor wealth, and is associated with countryside, with Country being the music of the "hillbilly" culture.

The centaur design is likely a reference to "cowboys", who are often depicted horseback in popular media. Their attire based off of them as well as is their wild west-styled town.


  • The country hand gesture means "hang loose".


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