There are 11 families and 52 Trolls in the game Crazy Forest Party. Each Troll has a bio and a talent among DJ, Trampoline, Dance, Skitterboard, Drum, Swimming, Scrapbook, Hair Stunts, Yoga and Painting.


The members of the Treasure family have a gem in place of a belly button.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Ryder Drum Dark blue and dark green Red
Rose Swimming Pink with jeweled hearts Blue Rose is the most romantic Troll in the Forest. She believes that hugs make the world go round! For her, it's hug time all the time. Guess what her favorite time of the year is? That's right, Hug Day!
DJ Suki DJ Orange ponytail with headphones Red DJ Suki will always lay down the beat for an impromptu dance number - and that's a full-time job in the village! Suki spins songs on her all-natural turntable made up of cuddly creatures that she uses to scratch and mix a sound as unique as she is!
Bella Brightly Scrapbook Purple with pink flowers Yellow
North Hair Stunts Pink with a rainbow headband Green
Glimmer DJ Green pigtails with headphones Pink Glimmer is a Gem Troll who feels the happy beats deep down in her groovy soul. She can spin those tunes with the best of them, and is always ready to provide the back beat for ANY party!


The members of the Glitter family have sparkly bodies and usually don't wear any clothes.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Tinsel Drum Red with a pink stripe Pink glitter Tinsel's glittering aspect is a tribute to the snowflakes he loves so much. He doesn't need a snowsuit to dance and play in winter, and only wear his gloves and scarf for style!
Harley Trampoline Pale pink with a lilac stripe and a cat mask Pink glitter The fun never ends with Harley. A Glitter Troll who is a non-stop, 24 hour a day, seven days a week trampoline fanatic. She is also an aspiring party hostess.
Guy Diamond Dance


Silver Silver glitter
Anton Dance Green with orange glasses Green glitter Anton loves the spotlight and turns into a spinning disco ball at every party he attends. Any tune, any time, that's Anton's motto.
Sunny Scrapbook Purplish multicolored with red bows Orange glitter Sunny's personality is as bright and warm as her name suggests, and it comes through bright and bold in her scrapbook projects, which she is happy to share with any Troll in the forest.


The Sporty family shares a passion for sports.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Blossom Skitterboard Dark blue and pink with a visor Purple Blossom is one of the fittest Trolls in the forest, staying active at all times, keeping that blue hair flapping in the wind as she skitterboards day and night. You'll see her coming on her stylish board from a mile away and that's the way she likes it.
Axel Swimming Pink with green goggles Green
Aspen Heitz Skitterboard Green Orange
Rudy Skitterboard Dark blue hat with the number 4 Red
Cookie Trampoline Blue Purple Always a bundle of energy, Cookie never sits still for a second, always working that trampoline to stay fit. Cookie's aerial moves are beloved by Trolls young and old!


The Treehuggers are close to nature.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Karma Swimming Green with fern leaves Orange
Mesa Drum Green with an explorer hat Purple Mesa's untamed, unkempt appearance mirrors his irrepressible personality. He's happiest when he's communing with nature, and pounding large drums to the natural rhythms of the forest.
Ginger Dance Green with yellow star ornaments Orange
Echo Skitterboard Green with leaves and plants Orange Echo is an untamed force of nature with hair almost as wild as his personality. He skitterboards all day every day, even though his bushy hair is filled with a forest full of knickknacks that would slow a lesser Troll down.
North Drum Lilac with a twisted headband Magenta


The Retro family likes retro trends.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Berry DJ Dark blue afro Orange
Clover Skitterboard


Blue with a pink headband Pale purple
Flint Scrapbook Dark purple Gray
Pearl Dance Orange ponytail with a patterned scarf Turquoise You can just feel the love whenever Pearl makes the scene in her retro 60's threads. When she hits the dance floor, the good vibrations can be felt throughout the entire forest.
North Hair Stunts Pink with a rainbow headband Green
Glimmer DJ Green pigtails with headphones Pink Glimmer is a Gem Troll who feels the happy beats deep down in her groovy soul. She can spin those tunes with the best of them, and is always ready to provide the back beat for ANY party!


The Giants are larger in size than other Trolls.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Biggie Swimming


Pale blue Blue
Garland Trampoline Pink in a bun with a small flower Turquoise Garland has a zest for life that can not be contained. Whether she's throwing her weight around on the trampoline or preparing some of the sweetest, tastiest treats in all the forest, Garland is a friend to all!
Bern DJ Yellow with star-shaped glasses Green
Violet Scrapbook Pink updo Purple


The Fuzzlings are made entirely of hair - only their feet are visible.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Fuzzbert Hair Stunts Electric green Orange feet
Izzy Painting Electric blue Green feet
Tibby Trampoline Yellowish orange Pink feet
Tickles Hair Stunts Electric pink Blue feet


The Rainbow family is Poppy's family in the game. Her father is notably absent.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Poppy Scrapbook


Pink ponytail with a flowered headband Pink
Aria Drum Purple pigtails with a beaded headband Dark yellow Aria is a Rainbow Troll whose drumming compositions ring in the spirit of every creature in the forest. She's walking proof that hair and drumming are all about attitude!
Branch Hair Stunts


Dark grey Greyish blue
Moxie Dewdrop Dance Pale pink Dark pink As her name might imply, Moxie is a spunky pink Troll who's got attitude in spades. Moxie's dance moves reign supreme amongst even the most animated Troll dancers.
Fallon Yoga


Pink and orange in two buns Blue


The Guru family is into yoga and meditation.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Creek Swimming Blue Purple
Aura Yoga Purple with a pink double headband Green
Saffron Yoga Blue ponytail Yellow
Cybil Yoga Blue with ear percings Green


The Trollimals are Trolls who have animal bodies.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Cooper Yoga Blue with a green hat Pink fur with four legs Cooper is a rarity is Troll Village: a fuzzy giraffe-like Troll creature, with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face. He's the strangest member of the Snack Pack, but whatever he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in enthusiasm.
Dandy Trampoline Dark blue and pale blue Pale blue fur with four legs
Hooper Trampoline Dark grey Turquoise fur with four legs


The members of the Maker family either have creative occupations or other specific jobs.

Name Talent Hair Body Bio
Dr. Plum Plimsy Yoga


Electric green Deep purple
Opal Painting Rainbow with a red scarf holding paintbrushes Turquoise
Pipette Scrapbook Yellow Pink
Harper Painting Dark blue but partially covered in multicolored paint Turquoise
Uncle Ron Jr. Dance


Dark red with clown makeup Yellow
Maddy Hair Stunts Royal blue in an elaborate updo Turquoise
Noah Painting Dark blue and brown with some paint smudges Blue