Cybil is a deleted character that was originally going to more like Creek but now is sold in Troll's merchandise as a 'Toy Character'.


Cybil was going to be original in the movie but instead got deleted but creek drew from her yoga and zen elements and now is the Creek we know. As Troll Town’s appointed life coach, Cybil shares obviously simple wisdom with anyone who will listen. Her favorite proverbs are “Only a light can brighten the darkness” and “A door is just a barrier to the next room.

Hang around Cybil long enough, and soon you'll be coasting on a gentle wave of harmony!


Cybil is seen with pale green skin tone and turquoise hair. She has mint green cheeks with a pink lavender nose. She is also seen with a purple toga and three hoop earrings and a jewel in the middle of her forehead.


  • So “in the moment” that she can forget conversations from one minute ago.
  • Rides that gentle wave of harmony to float on a cushion of Troll wisdom.
  • Great listener who loves to give advice.
  • When she’s happy, Cybil dances on air —literally.