DJ Suki is a supporting character from the movie Trolls. She is one of the trolls that gets kidnapped by Chef the Bergen. She is voiced by Gwen Stefani in the movie and Fryda Wolff in the animated series.


DJ Suki can always be counted on to lay down some beats for an impromptu musical moment — of which there are many in Troll Village. Her DJ equipment is all natural, consisting of crickets, beetles and other little bugs that she scratches and mixes with to create a totally unique sound. She commonly falls asleep in the daytime.


DJ Suki is an averaged sized Troll, that has bright red skin. Her hair appears to be a bright shade of orange, and it also seems to be quite thick and frizzy looking. Her hair is tied up with a light purple bobble. DJ Suki's nose is bright blue and her eyes appear to be light pink. Some sparkles can be seen on her left and right cheek. DJ Suki wears a yellow, white, purple and blue stripey top, and a pair of matching trousers. She also wears white, blue and pink earphones that are made from yarn and a yellow, white and pink bracelets on both arms. A small, pink gem can be seen on her stomach.


Princess Poppy

DJ Suki and Princess Poppy are close friends in the film Trolls.


In Trolls: The Beat Goes On, DJ Suki and Creek have a picnic on Prank Day and Creek has a grape pie splashed in his face by DJ Suki.

Fun Facts

  • She's the Troll Town resident mash-up expert.
  • DJ Suki wears headphones made of yarn.
  • Drops a needle-scratch noise during awkward moments.
  • Her playlist is always upbeat and up-tempo.
  • DJ Suki never takes her headphones off.


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