Darius is a minor character in Trolls.


Darius is a deep purple-skinned Troll with a deep blue nose and hair, and cyan overalls. He was seen with a broken leg in the escape from Bergen Town.

His model is created via random generation, like many of the minor characters in Trolls.


Darius was seen struggling to keep up with the Trolls as they escaped and had fallen way behind the others. Part of this was due to a broken leg but also because he had a broken spirit. He was only able to carry on because King Peppy was willing to leave no Troll left behind, not even a Troll like him who had given up. Darius didn't even realize that he'd broken his leg despite Peppy pointing it out to him.



Peppy left no one behind, not even the broken Darius

Darius only has a brief appearance in the storyline. After years of repression, the Trolls finally escaped Bergen Town, but during the escape Darius broke his leg. A combination of the lack of will to go on and his broken leg caused him to fall far behind the other Trolls.

King Peppy comes back for him unable to leave a single Troll behind. To keep his spirit up, Peppy carried Darius on his back, and soon Darius is joined by many Trolls as Peppy grabs all the remaining struggling Trolls. As the Bergens snare King Peppy, he throws the Trolls he is carrying forward, they roll in a ball out of the tunnels and into freedom.

Outside, Darius believes King Peppy is doomed, but soon their King appears with his daughter Princess Poppy. Darius went with the other Trolls to get far away from the Bergens.


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