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The following is a list of animal-like creatures encountered throughout the Trolls franchise in alphabetic order. Their size ranges from as small as Trolls to as ñarge as Bergens; different specimens of some species can vary by that size alone.

Trolls use "critters", which refers to small insects and animals, as part of their everyday lives. They generally look after them. That said, some of the larger animals of their world aren't so friendly and will prey on the Trolls.




King Gristle Jr. has a pet alligator named Barnebis. It plays a minor role in Trolls (where it's voiced by Mike Mitchell) and Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.

These are some of the largest predators in the franchise. While not as big as the Greygon, they're several times bigger than Growl Beasts and adult Cuddle Pups.

Angler Buses


Two Angler Buses

Angler Buses are leather-clad large creatures that the Rock Trolls use for transportation. They have the ability to fly and swim, and are all-terrain transport creatures. Queen Barb uses the largest one. Their mouths have teeth shaped like zippers, and they may have a tuft of hair on the top of their head.

They're the Rock equivalent of the Pop Trolls' caterbus.

They based on the real-life Anglerfish; Barb's resembles a female member of the species, while the other ones resemble male members.

Beetle Bikes

Beetle Bikes are Hard Rock-themed insects ridden by the Rock Trolls, appearing alongside the Angler Buses.

In a mid-credits scene of Trolls World Tour, Barb is seen teaching Poppy how to ride one, though judging by her expression, Poppy's flying skills were a bit too much, even for Barb.

They're based on motorcycles, which are commonly associated with Rock music due to certain models having been linked to rebellion and freedom just like Rock is.

Bellow Bug

Screenshot 20191118-182734

The Bellow Bug

The Bellow Bug is a 400-year old insect from Trolls: The Beat Goes On! that is male. It appears only once every 5 years and sleeps for the rest of the time. The Trolls love listening to it when it emerges, as it always comes out singing a song. It is easily spooked and it is the job of the leader of the Village to make it feel comfortable.

The Bellow Bug is seen in the episode Bellow Bug Day. The song it sings in the episode is "Queen of the Night aria."

Another Bellow Bug is briefly seen in Lost in the Woods.

Bizzy Buzzer Bugs


A page from Too Many Cupcakes! showing the Bizzy Buzzer Bugs

Bizzy Buzzer Bugs are seen in the book Too Many Cupcakes!. They're hard-working insects that like doing jobs. Unfortunately, they don't know when to stop, and if left unattended will work as long as they can.

Bobsledge Bugs

Screenshot 20200609-005308

Poppy pushing Satin and Chenille off a cliff, who are in a Bobsledge Bug.

Bobsledge Bugs are insects from Trolls: The Beat Goes On! shaped like bobsleighs. The Trolls like to have fun by riding these. They were first seen in the episode Sibling Quibbling.

They also appear in Snow Day, where Smidge entered the Bobsledge competition to win a 1st-place medal. After Poppy's snowball takes Smidge out, her Bobsledge Bug continued on and won 1st place without her as "Unmanned Bobsledge".

Booster Bugs

Boaster bug

A Booster Bug

Booster Bugs are bugs from Trolls: The Beat Goes On! able to produce a burst of force pushing an item forward. When used in conjunction with Flyer Bugs, this makes them go extremely fast. However, experience at using this burst of speed is important, as it's easy to lose control. Booster Bugs were seen in The Fast and the Friendliest, where Branch briefly considered letting Keith use them, but declined because of Keith's lack of experience. Creek decided to use them on Priscilla's flyer when Keith later starts to win the race; she begins to push the bug more and more to go faster, but it eventually reaches its limits and fails, losing control of her flyer in the process.

Boring Beetles

Screenshot 20191120-234222

A swarm of Boring Beetles

Boring Beetles are a species of beetle attracted to quiet, boring areas that often follow the wake of Whismy Wasps. They infest areas unless there is too much "whimsy" in them. Partying and loud noises, as well as other excitement will make them to leave. They appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Whimsy Wasps. They often cause damage due their large size and heavy body.



A Buffalo grazing

Appearing in Trolls World Tour, these buffalo-like creatures live in the sandy fields of Lonesome Flats. The Country Trolls collect and drink their milk and hunt them for meat. They're loosely based on the real-life American Bason Buffalo.



Trolls entering a Caterbus

A Caterbus is a caterpillar-like bug that's capable of holding Trolls inside of itself. It has seats and a steering wheel inside it, and can be steered to a specific destination. One was featured as the means of travel in Trolls Holiday between Troll Village and Bergen Town. Several merchandise pieces focused on these large bugs.

Cactus Birds

Screenshot 20191122-140305

Cactus Birds

These birds appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode CJ's Wooferbug, where they pop some balloons holding up CJ Suki's new Wooferbug while DJ Suki is trying to deliver it.



A pair of Chorusflies

Chorusflies are seen in Trolls during songs like The Sound of Silence. They like to sing along to songs.

Clapper Bugs

Screenshot 20191120-224137

Clapper Bugs

Clapper Bugs appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Adventures In Dinkles-Sitting. They only appear if they hear a clapping sound, which startles them and makes them light up; otherwise, they're completely invisible. The louder the clapping is, the brighter they'll glow. Biggie, getting excited, clapped as loud as he could, causing an extremely bright light that left him blind for a few days.


Crittercords appear in Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization. They, along with a group of Tunebugs, trap Fuzzbert, Satin and Chenille in the middle of them, forcing the trio to sing until they cannot; the insects had no intention of letting them go. They were defeated when Guy Diamond sung very loudly.

Cuddle Pups

Screenshot 20191123-155904

An adult female Cuddle Pup and her puppies

Cuddle Pups are puppy-like creatures that are friendly when young, but grow up to become monsters. They're smaller than Trolls, and are puppy-like in behavior.

An adult female is overprotective of her pups, and the species is classified as a type of predator that could harm Trolls. They first appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Royal Review. They're much bigger than a Troll, and significantly larger than a Growl Beast.

Their feces are considered great natural fertilizers, and a small group of them leaves a lot of it around.

Nova Swift has an adult Cuddle Pup as pet, which is seen in Vega Swift.

Dream Sucker

Screenshot 20191123-151035

The Dream Sucker

The Dream Sucker is a dangerous, parasitic, octopus-like creature that attaches itself to another creature and administers ideal dreams. To escape, the only way is for the victim to shock themselves awake. If not, the victim risks getting trapped in the dream permanently. The dream is controllable by the user while inside, but the Dream Sucker's dreams are persistent; attempts to keep the victim in the dream will persist as they resist.

It appears in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Branchception, where Branch and Biggie are seen falling pray to this creature. In Branch's dream, he was adored for keeping the village safe via laying traps. Branch broke his dream by destroying Gary. Biggie's dream was filled with Mr. Dinkles all around him; he also managed to escape the dream, but it is unknown what shocked him awake.

Dust Bunnies

Screenshot 20191123-160341

Dust Bunnies

Seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Royal Review, Branch had Poppy clear out a group of Dust Bunnies living in his bunker in the ventilation shafts. At first they look cute, but soon turn hostile on Poppy.

In A Flower for Poppy, Smidge notes to Branch that after hiding under his bed for a few days, he had a serious Dust Bunny problem in his bunker in general.

In real life, a "dust bunny" is a collection of fluff and dust that has gathered into a lump forming under furniture in a home. This is often due to an area being either rarely cleaned or hard to clean up, such as under a bed or sofa.

Eighth Goats


Eighth Goats being herded by a Classical Troll

Seen in Trolls World Tour, Eighth Goats are sheep-like creatures that the Classical Trolls tend to, made up of a cloud for body and eighth notes for legs.

Instead of making a "bee"-like sound, they say "Bach".

Finders-Keepers Critters

Screenshot 20191122-140815

A group of Finders-Keepers Critters

Also known as "Grabby Crabs" and "the selfish shellfish". When these crabs work together, there is no way to stop them. They have a habit of grabbing things that belong to others, dragging the item into the water to keep.

They first appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Dark Side of the Lagoon, wherein they had nabbed everything the Trolls ever dropped into the lagoon. The crabs formed into a larger cluster to create a bigger one in order to get their stolen belongings back. The crabs are relentless, and will try to recover their loot if taken in any possible means.

They're also featured in Queen of the Castle, where it's shown that they can be communicated by using Castanets. Smidge managed to get them to coperate with Poppy in building a giant sandcastle of King Peppy's design, only to find the crabs had decided soon afterwards that they wanted it. The crabs then destroyed the castle by taking it into the water, failing to understand a sandcastle and water won't mix.

Flopper Hoppers

IMG 20191123 144115

Milton Moss' Flopper Hopper

Flopper Hoopers are rabbit/frog hybrid-like creatures appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode To Catch a Critter. Catching it is fine, but if it makes it to water, it's gone for good. Milton Moss has one of these among his critters.

Flyer Bugs

A general term for several species of flying bugs from Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. These bugs are used by the Trolls, and are a plot device in episodes like Eye'll Be Watching You and The Fast and the Friendliest. Children aren't allowed to ride these until trained by an adult, and when they're ready are entered in "The Junior Flyer Grand Prix". The Trolls can be quite careless and reckless while riding these at times.


Seen in Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization, Freezyfluffs are creaturs that don't like others among them, whom they see as trespassers. In the novelization, they attack Poppy, Branch and Cloud Guy by hurling snowballs at them.

Fun Meter

Screenshot 20191122-021132

The Fun Meter shortly before exploding

The Fun Meter is a caterpillar-like creature seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episodes The Party Games and New Anthem.

It reacts to the excitement and joy of the Trolls. It lights up, turning from grey to a rainbow coloration from its tail to head. Upon reaching the maximum amount of "fun" from the Trolls and being completely lit up, it starts to bloat and explodes, producing a swarm of butterflies.



The Funphibian jumping over Poppy while expressing its approval of the Trolls' song

The Funphibian is a large turtle-like creature that appears in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Hitting the Sky Note. It enjoys the Trolls singing in harmony, but one wrong note will make it leave. If it likes what it hears, it will join in by settling off a show of noise and lights.

The Funphibian doesn't really care how good the music is; it just cares that the Trolls sing in harmony. If a struggling Troll like Sky Toronto is incapable of singing well, then the Trolls need to match their notes, not have that Troll match the rest of them.


The Fuzzbumble is a creature that briefly appears in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode What Did I Miss?, laying between Milton Moss and Smidge's feet.

Fuzzy Wuzzbert

Fuzzy Wuzzberts are a species of creatures seen in Pet Problem!. Ginger Jo has one of these as a pet.

Glitter Fish

Glitter Fish are a species of fish seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode The Bunker List. A part of Branch's bunker list involved him having to catch a Glitter Fish. Branch cheats by letting Rufus catch it and then distracting him, stealing his catch.

Glitter Gators

Screenshot 20200727-173018

A Glitter Gator alongside a sign saying the species

Glitter Gators are type of alligators that appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Glitter Loss.

Glitter Worm

IMG 20191123 150448

Milton's sick Glitter Worm, "Mr. Sprinkles"

Glitter Worms are species of worms seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode To Catch a Critter, where Milton Moss was examining the health of one he owned, named "Mr. Sprinkles". In the results, Milton said that it had only 1 of its 5 hearts working; while the first is just fine, the other 4 have stopped beating.


Glowflies are a species of insects based on fireflies that appear throughout the franchise. Their bodies completely glow, though the glow is more prominent in their abdomen. When Trolls sing in 3D animation, the Glowflies normally join in, especially at night, and "dance" to the beat of the music. They also rarely appear in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! with a significantly different appearance. Despite being mostly shown as green, they actually come in a variety of colors.

In Pet Problem!, Ginger Jo has one as a pet.

The Rock Trolls also have their own equivalent of these, named "Rockflies".

Glow Jellies

Screenshot 20200614-043657

Glow Jellies

Glow Jellies are jellyfish from Trolls: The Beat Goes On! that inhabit Troll Lagoon. Appearing in the episode Dark Side of the Lagoon, they glow to the beat of music.


Screenshot 20191118-184405

Fake Greygon (left) and the real one (right)

The Greygon is a scary predator from a tale Bridget told in The Poppy Horror Picture Show. It is one of the largest predators in the franchise. It not only hunts Trolls, but also Bergens based on Bridget's tale, where it attacked two young Bergens. The Greygon is strong, normally aggressive and breathes fire, growing as large as a teenage Bergen.

The Trolls thought it was a fake creature, but it turned out to be real. The creature is quite fearsome and doesn't back down. The only reason it left Poppy and her friends alone after it attacked was because they used a fake version to attract its attention.


Screenshot 20191118-183601

A pack of Grossums

Grossums are pack animals that resemble small raccoons. They have bad eyesight and hunt Swampkins, which blend into their environment to avoid detection. The Grossums are able to spin their tail to create a buzzsaw effect. They like music, but not traditional Troll music, instead preferring experimental noises and sounds.

They first appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Critter Comfort. In Coop, Where's My Guy?, Cooper was showing Poppy and Branch what happened to Guy Diamond, and he led them into a dark place with Grossums living in it. The leader of those Grossums challenged Cooper to a dance battle, which was just a distraction to attack.

Growl Beasts

Screenshot 20191118-181527

3 Growl Beasts

Growl Beasts are predators and hunters of Trolls in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. They're herd animals. Their presence nearby is easily identified by their deep growling, which can travel some distance; the Trolls are able to hear them from inside their village some distance well away from where the Beasts are at the time. They first appeared in Unhealthy Competition, making multiple appearances in following episodes.

They're several times bigger than the Trolls, but significantly smaller than adult Cuddle Pups.

In Troll Playing Game, Poppy says their type of cat when she faces off against Branch's video game character, which breathed ice.



3 Humworms

Humworms are fuzzy worms of different colors, which appear during songs in Trolls and Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, most notably The Sound of Silence.

In Pet Problem!, Ginger Jo has one of these as a pet.

Jazz Birds


Two Jazz Birds about to attack Cooper

Appearing in Trolls World Tour, these weird-looking birds showed up when Cooper set off to find Trolls like him. They have zig-zag-like bodies, black eyebrows and 1-5 teeth with snail-like eyes and orange lips, which have 2 sprout/mushroom-like things. They live in a grassy forest area outside of Vibe City, and can spit rocks. They make a deep bass sound with their mouth, and their legs are similar to those of the Funk Trolls.

They aren't friendly to the Trolls, and hide in bushes before attacking. They appear to be very social and stay in groups.

Kitty Critters

Screenshot 20191122-140720

Kitty Critters digging in the sand, as seen in Queen of the Castle

Kitty Critters are a species of critters in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! that vary drastically in size. The first one of these, which appeared in the episode Smidgician, was larger than a Cuddle Pup adult. It was so playful that it was dangerous to the Trolls.

Kitty Critters are the fastest diggers of sand. However, there is a reason for their speed, as they use sand for relieving themselves in. A group of them appeared Queen of the Castle; these ones were smaller than the Trolls.

Moderation Moles

Screenshot 20191120-234642

Trolls being interrupted by a Moderation Mole

Moderation Moles are large predators attracted to areas of considerable balance between "whimsy" and "boredom". They appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Whimsy Wasps, following in the wake of Whimsy Wasps and Boring Beetles.


Muck-Wallowers are creatures that live in mud and love to be covered in dirt, hence their name. One was seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Glamping; however, it was an exception to its species, enjoying being clean instead of being covered in mud. It took Poppy, Branch, Keith, CJ Suki and Priscilla so it could use their hair as a scrubbing brush to wipe dirt off of it, and was only convinced to let them go when Guy Diamond gave it his Glampervan.


Screenshot 20200602-213441

Troll children being pulled by a Puffalo

Puffalos are creatures from Trolls: The Beat Goes On! resembling a cross between a buffalo and a sheep. They're considered by the Trolls as adorable.

They appear throughout the series, and range in size from smaller to slightly larger than an average Troll.

A female Puffalo can have at least 16 babies at once, as seen in Coop, Where's My Guy?.


The "Rock" version of Glowflies. They look exactly like their "Pop" counterparts, except their bodies are black and only their abdomen glows. They first appeared in Trolls World Tour when King Thrash came out of the toilet, implying that their habits are similar to common house flies, which are often joked to be attracted to bad smells.

Shutter Beetles

Screenshot 20191123-144004

A Shutter Beetle stealing the spotlight from Smidge

Shutter Beetles are a type of beetles seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode To Catch a Critter. Milton Moss has one of these among his critters. They like to pose in front of cameras and can't resist doing so.

Snail Slime

Screenshot 20191122-140918

A revived Snail Slime shocks Biggie and Branch

In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Truth or Dare, Branch dared Biggie to eat a jar of dehydrated Snail Slime. Despite the grossness of the feat, it's confirmed that it isn't "half bad" by Branch, though very dry. However, contact with a lot of water will re-hydrate the Snail Slime and make it alive again.

Snail Spiders


Three Snail Spiders

Appearing in Trolls World Tour, these spider-snail creatures live on the shorelines between Techno Reef and Symphonyville. They're small in size, and live on rocks on the seashore.

They resemble and act like the spiders in Pop Village, except that they don't hang on web and they crawl on the ground.

Their appearance is based on Hermit Crabs.



A Snake about to chase Poppy

Snakes are snake-like creaturs with an orange body, several different-sized teeth, and snail-like eyes and purple lips. One is seen in Trolls chasing Poppy during the song Get Back Up Again.

As seen in Trolls, they don't like to be disturbed.

Snuggle Squid

Screenshot 20191123-142528

Poppy freeze tags the Snuggle Squid

The Snuggle Squid is a large squid appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Season 6 episode Blank Day. It's very friendly and loves to snuggle with up to 8 Trolls. Despite its size, it's scared of Puffalos, and will go on a panic rampage if it sees one until calmed down.

A similar squid was seen in the Season 1 episode Bellow Bug Day in the library, illustrated on a scrapbook in the "Hugs Continued Continued" section. It's unknown if it was another Snuggle Squid.


Screenshot 20191122-140123

A flock of Songbirds

Songbirds appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode CJ's Wooferbug. They distract CJ Suki's new Wooferbug while DJ Suki is trying to deliver it, making the bug fly off after them.




Seen in Trolls, these are the bugs Branch uses to revive Poppy. They produce electricity when rubbed together.


Mentioned in Pet Problem!, Ginger Jo has several of them as pets.


Spider and Branch

A spider saying ''Hello'' to Branch

These small spiders appear in Trolls, Trolls Holiday, Trolls: The Beat Goes On! and Trolls World Tour. They have a green body, 6 legs with green puffs at the end, black eyes and fang-like teeth. They seem to always hang from a web somewhere.

They live in and around Pop Village.

The largest one of these was seen in Trolls Holiday.

Spotted Golden Cricket

A small cricket that is mentioned but not seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Bad Luck Branch.

Stench Bugs

Screenshot 20200604-180147

Cooper standing next to a tunnel full of Stench Bugs

Seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Coop, Where's My Guy?, Stench Bugs smell awful and live in groups in dark tunnels.


Seen in Poppy and the Mane Mania!, Stingerbugs a lot like bees and have a queen. The bugs captured Karma, which made Poppy, Smidge, DJ Suki, Satin and Chenille to go looking for her, only to eventually be also captured by them.

Stripped Dopplings

Screenshot 20191118-183006

2 Stripped Dopplings

Stripped Dopplings are yellow donkey-like creatures with green stripes that appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Critter Comfort. They were identified in Branch's safari tour of Misty Meadows. Satin and Chenille started to take photos of them. One of them began to pose and fulfil the twins' requests for poses, until the two decided that stripes was last season, to which the Stripped Doppling gestured annoyance.

Subtle Sloth

IMG 20191123 150425

Milton's Subtle Sloth making its slow escape

Subtle Sloths are creatures with a black stripe on their back, appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode To Catch a Critter. Milton Moss has one of these critters, which escaped and went missing in the episode until it was found by Guy Diamond.

Sugar Sloth

IMG 20191123 145538

The transformed Sugar Sloth in front of a sprinkle miner Troll

The Sugar Sloth is a creature that resembles Subtle Sloth, appearing in the same episode of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! as it. The difference between them is that the Sugar Sloth doesn't have a black stripe on its back. The Sugar Sloth also transforms in the light of a full moon, but that means the nude buttocks of a Troll. Once transformed, it has an appetite for sugary sweets

Smidge tried to pass off one as a Subtle Sloth by drawing a black line across its back when she couldn't find Milton's missing Subtle Sloth. The plan worked fine, until Guy Diamond found Milton's Subtle Sloth and the light shining off his butt made the Sugar Sloth transform back. It was adopted afterwards by one of the miners of a sprinkle mine the Sugar Sloth raided, who found it cute.

Swag Stags

Screenshot 20191118-175910

Swag Stags with their King

Swag Stags are creatures appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Meet the Peppy. Trolls hunt them for swag by tickling them until they cough it up. Their King is the most majestic of them, but also the meanest. He's not easily tickled, but Branch accidentally found his weakness, which was dropping his shorts and standing only in his underwear. Up until that point, no one knew what the King's weakness was. The King dispenses gold-plated swag instead of the ordinary kind.

Swamp Monsters

Screenshot 20200616-222233

A Swamp Monster

Swamp Monsters are creatures appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Don't Worry Be Peppy. They have furry bodies, green eyes, and red lips.


Screenshot 20191118-183122


Swampkins are cat-like creatures appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Critter Comfort. They have 6 legs and live in mud. They're a predator, but are also prey to Grossums; they blend in with their surroundings to avoid them.

The Swampkins are almost always constantly meowing, with a sad look on their face. They can also be rather clingy, and don't make much effort into walking when taken for walks. The Trolls tried to improve their life after seeing their sad expressions by taking them to Troll Village, but ended up returning them to their habitat since they found them too annoying.

The Trolls also thought they were cute, until they saw one devour a smaller creature.


Sweetbugs were part of the plot of Biggie and the Disastrous Dance. Biggie, Guy Diamond and Cooper were forced to get their sticky sap in order for Herman the Hermit Troll to cooperate. These bugs bite, but every Troll enjoys their sap. They're difficult to find, and only Branch knew where to find them.


Also named "Tarantacapuffacus" in some media, these large spiders first appear in the Trolls movie when Poppy falls through their webs. They also appear in several episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! and other related media.

They're a predatory species that will hunt Trolls. According to Milton Moss, they're very territorial, and go to sleep at sundown, meaning that violence is not necessary when dealing with them. Even though, they're aggressive, going as far as to beat their prey before devouring them.

They have a green tuft of hair on thier had in Trolls, though this tuft is pink in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.

Poppy tries to keep a baby Tarantacapuff in David Lewman's short book Pet Problem!, which she dubs "Sweetpuff". In the Trolls comic "Along Comes a Spider", the Trolls befriend an injured Tarantacapuff they dub "Spidy".

Their name is taken from "tarantula" and "puff", which refers to their hair tufts. At one point, DreamWorks trademarked their name for Toys and games as well as clothing.


Tunebugs are seen in Pet Problem! and Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization. In the latter book, they, along with a group of Critterchords, trap Fuzzbert, Satin and Chenille in the middle of them, forcing the trio to sing until they cannot; the insects had no intention of letting them go. They were defeated when Guy Diamond sung very loudly.

Ginger Jo has one of these as a pet.

Two-Horned Hecklers

IMG 20191123 144057

Milton's Two-Horned Heckler

Two-Horned Hecklers appear in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode To Catch a Critter. As their name "Heckler" suggests, they like to criticize bad jokes. They have two musical horns on their head, which they use to express dissatisfaction. Milton Moss has one of these among his critters.

Western Golden Cricket

The Western Golden Cricket is large cricket seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Bad Luck Branch; it's very big compared to the Trolls. Cybil told Branch it was a good luck charm.

Whimsy Wasps

Screenshot 20191120-233427

Whimsy Wasps

The Whimsy Wasps are migratory insects attracted to "whimsy", first seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Whimsy Wasps. While one or two are tolerable, the Wasps' swarm consists of thousands. They tend to devour all party food, making a pest of themselves. If no partying or other crazy antics are taking place, they'll ignore that area and continue with their migration. They migrate past every 20 years.



The bib with a Wing-Dingle on it

Mentioned in Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe, the Wing-Dingle is based on the creature on the bib from Trolls that Bibbly Bibbington presents to King Gristle Jr.. They're a large, vicious bird that attacks Bergens and Trolls alike. Even though, due to their larger size, Bergens are more likely to be targets if the bird is given the choice, as a Troll's size, speed and agility makes it much easier to escape their talons, though they won't pass up the chance to take a Troll if they can.


Wooferbugs are a type of bugs that the Troll DJs such as DJ Suki and CJ Suki adore. They live in Wooferbug Valley. According to Troll Rangers, it is traditional for a aunt to take her niece to the valley when they complete all their "Junior Troll Ranger" badges.

The Wooferbugs have two turntable-like appendages, and a woofer for a mouth. When beats are made on their appendages, they make noises. They're quite large, and DJ Suki is often seen riding hers. In the intro to the Trolls movie, when charged with enough energy, they will explode into lots of small butterflies.

In CJ's Wooferbug, DJ Suki gets a female Wooferbug delivered for CJ Suki's birthday. Her bug proves to be easily distracted and very stubborn, needing to be tamed but at the time. DJ was not able to tame it in time for her niece's birthday, so had to deliver the untamed bug as it was. Unknown to DJ as well, she wasn't aware they could fly until CJ's flew away at one point.

In The Art of the Trolls, DJ's Wooferbug is referred to as "DJ Stage Bug".



Biggie (left) with his pet worm Mr. Dinkles (right)

Biggie owns a pet worm he calls Mr. Dinkles. The worm is yellow and green with pink stripes; in 3D animation, his eyes are also glittery. In 3D animation, he squeaks most of the time, while in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! he says "meep". Biggie has no issue understanding his worm, considering worm speak "a romantic language" in Queen of the Castle. The worm has many natural enemies like birds, so Biggie has to protect him.

Zip Beetles

Mentioned in Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization, Zip Beetles are bugs that were being used by the Bergens and Trolls to send mail between the two populations due to their fast speed and the distance between Troll Village and Bergen Town. They can pass long distances in a matter of a short timespan, which would take the Trolls at least a journey of several days.

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