Future Trolls are simply Trolls that exist in the future and are a mostly theoretical Troll group. All information on future versions of the Trolls are collected here.


The only ones seen were based on Pop Trolls. They mostly look the same as their ancestors, but have glitter in their hair and are bright neon colours overall. They also have shinier hair.


So far the only Future Trolls to ever appear made their appearance in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode BFFF. The year they live in is 3235 A.B., they live in pods suspended in mid air rather then hanging to a branch like Trolls of the past.

The Future Trolls were the subject of worry for their ancestors, the Pop trolls as they didn't know how their future descendants would react to the contents of a Time Capsule that Poppy had Branch make. Poppy wanted to put something in to make friends with the Trolls of the future, but Branch causes Poppy doubt by saying that the Trolls of the Future might not appreciate this.

Ironically the Time Capsule got buried with nothing inside, leaving Poppy to have to face the fact they may disappoint their descendants. However, Branch states their Trolls - they'll understand. Although Poppy's worst fear came to light as the Trolls were insulted at first by an empty capsule, they came to feel the "gift" their ancestors had left them was the Time Capsule itself, thus proving Branch correct. In turn they put their own item into the capsule for future generations of Trolls to get to know themselves. They put in a scrapbook, which was what Poppy wanted to put in.


  • They are loosely based on a 1960s concept of the "future".
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