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Fuzzbert is a supporting character in Trolls and Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, in which he's considered part of a Troll subspecies named "Fuzzling". He's also a minor character in Trolls Holiday, Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia.

He's a member of The Snack Pack, though he has a minor role in the group, being absent in many of their animated appearances.


Fuzzbert is a Troll lacking a head, torso and arms. He has green hair and orange feet. He stands shorter than most other Trolls.

He has the same appearance as in Trolls.


He mostly has the same appearance as in Trolls and Trolls Holiday.

In some rare occassions, he's shown to have a mouth within his hair.


He has the same appearance as in Trolls and Trolls Holiday with a few model improvements.

At one point, he sticks out a hand with which he high-fives Queen Poppy, though this was done as a joke about Branch being unable to do the same.

His design is the same as in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.

Official Bios


Fuzzbert is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, he is a Troll that’s made entirely of hair — only his two feet are visible beneath a tuft of bright green Troll hair.

  • Fuzzbert is really hard to hear under all of that hair.
  • Hair shakes when Fuzzbert laughs.
  • He is nicknamed “Twinkle Toes” when dancing.
  • Uses his entire body to tickle other Trolls.


Very little is known about Fuzzbert's personality.


Other Trolls

He's part of The Snack Pack, so he's friends with them. But he almost never interacts with any other Troll.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities, as well as the abilities of his Tribe and those of a Fuzzling Troll.


As a Pop Troll, he's into Pop music.

He was shown to play a kazoo.



  • Fuzzbert is the only member of The Snack Pack with no lines of dialogue except noises. He's also barely featured in merchandise, and never had a storyline centered around him anywhere in the franchise.
    • He was left out of most of the books based on the movies, as he plays a minor role at best.
    • Though regarded in Trolls as a member of the Snack Pack, he's generally not always grouped with them in other media, such as the 2D series.
    • The Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Freeze Tag sets itself up to present his story, only to be cut off by an out-of-control freeze tag. This is a joke about how most episodes of the series begin; he plays almost no part in them, progressively being more absent as the series progresses.
  • Like a number of other Snack Pack members, his appearance is intended to be a visual gag on the Troll design.
  • In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode It's Dad-urday, Fuzzbert is seen with a kid that's just a scaled model of himself. Since Fuzzbert's model is used for all generic Fuzzlings, it cannot be certain if the ones of his colors are actually him at times.
  • In terms of his family, the "Fuzzlings", Fuzzbert is its only member in the main 3D movie canon. All other Fuzzlings appear only in other related Trolls media such as the 2D series.

Specific To...

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
  • A couple of episodes misname other Fuzzlings as Fuzzbert in the Netflix subtitles. When a background Fuzzling does noises, the subtitles often say "Fuzzbert makes a noise", despite it not being Fuzzbert speaking.

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