Fuzzbert is a supporting character from the movie, Trolls. He is referred to as a "Fuzzling" Troll in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.


Fuzzbert appears to be a troll that has very long hair of green with orange feet


Very little is known about him.


Other Trolls

He is part of The Snack Pack so is friends with them. But he almost interacts with any other Troll.

Skills & Abilities


He plays the kazoo.

Character Concept

Fuzzbert was going to be purple.[1]


Official Website

Fuzzbert is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, he is a Troll that’s made entirely of hair — only his two feet are visible beneath a tuft of bright green Troll hair.

  • Fuzzbert is really hard to hear under all of that hair.
  • Hair shakes when Fuzzbert laughs.
  • He is nicknamed “Twinkle Toes” when dancing.
  • Uses his entire body to tickle other Trolls.

Crazy Forest Party

He was unlockable in Crazy Forest Party.

In the game he was a "Fuzzling" Troll whose favourite activities were Hair Stunts.


  • Fuzzbert is the only member of The Snack Pack with no lines of dialogue except noises. He also barely features in merchandise and has no storyline centred around him.
    • In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, the episode Freeze Tag, sets itself up to present his story, only to be cut off by a out of control Freeze Tag. This is a joke about how most episodes begin in the series. He plays almost no part in the entire series, being more and more absent as the series progresses.
  • A couple of episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! misname other Fuzzlings as Fuzzbert. This can be seen on Netflix if subtitles are turned on. When the Fuzzlings make a noise the subtitles often say "Fuzzbert makes a noise", despite it not being Fuzzbert talking.
  • In Trolls World Tour he and DJ Suki have been replaced by Legsly and Tiny Diamond in The Snack Pack.


  1. "The Art of the Trolls", ISBN no.;278-1-937359-95-9


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