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Grandma Rosiepuff is a deceased character from Trolls; her name is never said in the movie, instead coming from supporting media and The Art of DreamWorks Trolls. She's Branch's grandmother.

Despite her apparent death, Branch mentions her in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Fluffleberry Quest, and later in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode Cakes on a Train. Like other references to her, neither mention her by name.



Grandma Rosiepuff is a purple-skinned Troll with mint green hair, eyes, nose and lipstick. Her hair is tied in a large updo, and curls towards her face in the front. She wears a pale yellow dress with a scalloped hemline, and a red knit cardigan with pink glittery edges and a heart pattern.

Official Bios


Grandma Rosiepuff keeps young trolls safe so they can learn to let their true colors shine!

  • Grandma Rosiepuff is possibly the most patient troll ever.
  • She's surprisingly strong and fast from chasing after crawling troll babies.
  • Her soothing songs can lull even the fussiest troll into a calming nap.



Grandma Rosiepuff is Branch's grandmother. She loved her grandson as evidenced when she saved him from Chef at the cost of her own life.

Skills & Abilities

She had most normal Troll abilities.

Due to her aging body, she had physical restrictions.

In the Trolls era, she was listed as a Rainbow Troll. Her "True Colors" are unknown.


She was described in media as being good with children and the ideal mother.


In Fluffleberry Quest, it's mentioned by Branch that she made Fluffleberry cake, calling it the "best dessert ever". It later turns out that only Branch likes the cake, tasting foul to his friends.

There was an animatic of a cut scene in Branchception, which shows that originally one of the temptations the Dream versions of The Snack Pack would have used to keep Branch in the dream was that he could eat her cake all day.


  • In the UK release of Trolls, Grandma Rosiepuff is voiced by English presenter Susanna Reid.
  • In certain versions of the movie, she can be heard screaming after Chef catches her. This was cut in other versions.
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