Grandma Rosiepuff is a deceased character from Trolls. She is voiced by GloZell.


Grandma Rosiepuff had purple skin with mint green hair, eyes, nose, and lipstick. Her hair was worn in a large updo and curls towards her face in the front. She wore a pale yellow dress with a scalloped hemline, and a red knit cardigan with a glittery heart pattern, with pink and glittery edges.



Grandma Rosiepuff is Branch's grandmother. She loved her grandson as evidenced when she saved him from Chef at the cost of her own life.


Little is known about her life due to her brief appearance in the film. Though is can be presumed by the fact that Branch is her grandson she had at least a child at some point in her life.


The moment that Branch is saved from Chef by his grandmother

One day while doing she was doing laundry, Branch was singing and forgot himself. When she noticed him, Chef was about to grab him. She rushed and pushed him out of the way, only to be grabbed herself instead.

It is presumed by Branch's words "singing killed my grandma" that she was eaten.

The event took place over 20 years before the main storyline of Trolls.

Character Concept

A large part of Grandma Rosiepuff's design was actually taken from that of the deleted character Miss Guffin.

She was intended to be the ideal grandmother, sweet, patient and kind, a grandmother everyone wanted. Her relationship with Branch was intended to be traumatic and painful to him.[1]


Official Website

Grandma Rosiepuff keeps young trolls safe so they can learn to let their true colors shine!

  • Grandma Rosiepuff is possibly the most patient troll ever.
  • She's surprisingly strong and fast from chasing after crawling troll babies.
  • Her soothing songs can lull even the fussiest troll into a calming nap.


  • In the UK release of Trolls, Grandma Rosiepuff is voiced by English presenter Susanna Reid.
  • In certain versions of the movie, she can be heard screaming after Chef catches her.
  • In Fluffleberry Quest, it is mentioned by Branch she made Fluffleberry cake. He called it the "best desert ever". It later turns out that only Branch likes the cake, tasting foul to the rest of the Trolls.


  1. "The Art of the Trolls", ISBN no.;278-1-937359-95-9

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