Guy Diamond is a supporting character in Trolls and has appeared throughout the series ever since.


Guy Diamond is silver troll and his body is covered in sparkly white glitter. He has long silver hair that sticks up with a metallic shine to it. He has blue eyebrows, blue eyes and a green nose. He wears a green Hug-Time Bracelet that blooms into a green flower when it's hug time. Unlike most other trolls, Guy Diamond doesn't wear clothes.

Guy Diamond's voice has an auto-tuned sound, and is the only character voice so far to be like that.

In Trolls, Guy Diamond's model was used for all Glitter Trolls with only colors being swapped out. Versions of his model used for females had eyelashes.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, he is shown as a child briefly in Bringing Up Birdy. He looked much the same as he does as an adult, but he had star-shaped freckles on his cheeks.



Guy doesn't get many lines in the movie. He is shown to be "in your face". When he is seen hugging other trolls, he ends up hugging himself, indicating he loves himself as much as any Troll.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

In the series, Guy Diamond is shown to be full of himself, often wanting to be the centre of all attention. He struggles at times to be humble and can even be arrogant about his social status of "Life of the Party", needing to be brought down to reality from time to time by others. As he considers himself *the* Glitter Troll, he is one of the vainest of the Glitter Trolls shown in the series.


Queen Poppy

Guy is one of Poppy's closest friends, and therefore a member of The Snack Pack.


He generally finds Branch a downer, like other Trolls in Trolls.

At the same time in Glamping, he states he finds Branch outrageous and different and that he wants to be in on a lot of things Branch has to offer, but isn't aware of how intrusive he is being towards Branch.

Biggie & Mr. Dinkles

Guy is supportive of Biggie, and even encouraging.


Guy and Smidge have a relationship that fluctuates. In Unhealthy Competition, he competed with her over Stoutberry Juice making. In Crushin' It, however, he and Branch both attempted to join in helping teach Smidge how to be more refined. Meanwhile in Hair Ball, he invites her to the Hair Ball as his date. When he finds out she also invited Milton Moss was more insulted she didn't tell him then that she had two dates. Although he was able to use the situation to get pity from others and was still prepared to act as a Discoball for the pairs final dance of the night.

Tiny Diamond

Guy Diamond gives birth to a son in Trolls World Tour called Tiny Diamond. He is seen happy and amazed at his new son.

Gia Grooves

In the episode Doc Doc, Who's There?, Guy Diamond showed honest concern for his fellow Glitter Troll when she got gum in her hair. He stayed with her and held her hand when Poppy was going to cut the gum out of her hair.

Meadow Spriggs

Meadow Spriggs was Guy Diamond's apprentice in The Partier's Apprentice. Guy trained her so well that she went from shy Troll to Life of the Party like him. Unfortunately he soon realized she was better then him at his own job. In the end the two agreed that together they are the Life of the Party and agree to work together to bring parties to their full potential.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities as well as the typical abilities of a Glitter Troll.


Guy Diamond is known as "The Life of the Party". He loves attention, but he also loves giving attention and tries to often lift every event he attends. As much as it seems to overbearing for more quieter Trolls such as Branch, Guy means well he just doesn't know when too much is too far. Since he considers himself the Glitter Troll and thus cannot be seen to do anything less then to make things speculatar. He is also seen having a desire to make others shine as much as himself, as he pitches a invention of his to Sky Toronto as well as making sure Smidge was also the centre of attention alongside him at The Hair Ball.


Guy has several times tried to sell ideas and new brands to other Trolls. Sometimes because he wants in on the glory and other times hoping to better the life of others. His desire to make up others more like Glitter Trolls by glittering them up and propose a new holiday as seen in Blank Day, and attempts to make other Trolls shine just like him are often behind the root of his ideas.


Guy's voice has a auto-tuning effect on it. When he sings or talked his voice can at times sound digital. Since no other Pop Trolls had been seen with this ability it is presumably a talent he developed himself. However in Friend Matching, Sky Toronto managed to capture his "gift" too via a microphone. In some Trolls World Tour media, it was said that the Techno Trolls could do this too, making his "gift" outside of their Tribe a unique oddity.

In Whimsy Wasps, when his Whimsy is exhausted and he becomes very serious, he makes his voice auto-tune by accident and repeats what he had said without it. This implies he has control over the ability and can switch it off if neccessary.

In media outside the films, Guy is also known for his excellent dance moves; thanks to his glittery body his moves are stunning to behold. Very few Trolls can out-do him in dancing, with Cooper being one of them, but this is due to Cooper having 4 legs to dance with. The character bios for Trolls list only Moxie Dewdrop as one of the few who could compete with Guy Diamond though she fails to appear in most Trolls related media.



Trolls Holiday

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

  • Hair in the Air

Season 5

Trolls World Tour

Note: List incomplete



Guy Diamond appears while Princess Poppy is handing out her invitations to her celebration party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Trolls escape from Bergen Town on the last Trollstice. He was among The Snack Pack seen criticising Branch for his paranoia over the Bergens finding them due to the party.

During the party, Guy was one of the first members of the Snack Pack to be taken by Chef when she found the Trolls.

He is taken to Bergen Castle with the other members of The Snack Pack and put inside a cage in preparation for the return of Trollstice. As a demostration of Chef's confidence, Chef gives Creek to eat to the horror of the group. Chef then hands Bridget the caged Trolls to keep safe.

Poppy and Branch show up to rescue them and stop Bridget from recapturing them after they were freed. Poppy managed to convince Bridget for her cooperation.

The Snack Pack then tries to glossy up Bridget and make her shine under the name of "Lady Glittersparkle Seriously". During a date with King Gristle Jr., it is revealed that Creek is still alive. When attempting to rescue Creek, they are recaptured and Creek reveals he has agreed to help Chef find the other Trolls.

All the Trolls in Troll Village are captured and thrown in a pot. During the time, Poppy looses her colors and becomes Grey like Branch, this causes all other Trolls to loose their color. While in the pot, Branch sings to make Poppy happy which brings back her color and in turn reveals his "true colors", the village slowly regains their colors out of joy of witnessing the two gain theirs.

Bridget frees the Trolls, sacrificing herself for their sakes and goes off to present the pot to the other Bergens empty. Poppy makes sure the other Trolls in the village are safe and then the group goes back to save Bridget. They jump on her head and make Bridget look like Lady Glittersparkles again. King Gristle is convinced not to eat trolls, which causes a celebration.

Trolls Holiday

Guy Diamond is part of the team that jumps out and startles Branch in his bunker when Poppy gets him on board in her plan. During the presentation to King Gristle Jr. and Bridget, Guy was on glitter duty.

Trolls World Tour

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Guy and his son Tiny Diamond

In Trolls World Tour, Guy is seen going into labour and produces a small silver egg from which Tiny Diamond emerges. He is present when King Peppy explains the existence of other Troll Tribes and is upset along with his son about them not understanding the concept of "Hammertime". Peppy explains Barb is after the String of Pop which powers their music "Pop".

Later when Poppy, Branch and Biggie left the village on Poppy's mission, Guy and the other Pop Trolls were attacked. Barb destroyed the village and took all Trolls except him, his son, Satin and Chenille and Legsly. All of them managed to hide from the Rock Trolls in time. They reveal themselves to Biggie as he arrives.

The group decide to go rescue Poppy, as Biggie regrets abandoning Poppy during her mission. The twins suggest they use fashion to infiltrate the Rock Trolls. Despite the outfits being incorrect, the group not only fool the Rock Trolls but end up on stage with Barb as her band. They are left helpless and unable to save Poppy and can only watch as Barb turns Branch, who saves Poppy, into a rock zombie, and then Barb proceeding to turn every Troll leader into a Rock Zombie after Branch.

Eventually, the Trolls realize that they no longer need the strings to make music. Guy and Tiny are seen singing along with all other Trolls as the music returns to them.

Character Concept

Guy's model design is a nod to the design of the 1960s Troll dolls, sans clothes.

Guy had a number of color concepts that were rejected before the concept settled on a silver color. He originally had a pink nose, but Dreamworks changed it to light green in the final version of his model.[1]


Official Website


Guy Diamond is our resident “naked glitter Troll,” with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space. He is a glitter party on two feet.

  • Guy Diamond is popular, but not pompous.
  • He shakes off clouds of glitter when he dances.
  • Guy Diamond speaks in an auto-tune voice.
  • He is the living disco ball at any party.

Trolls World Tour

Not only can he fart glitter, proud new father Guy Diamond ups his game when he lays an egg out of his hair...and out hatches Tiny Diamond, a Pop Troll who raps.

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!

Guy was an unlockable in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!. In the game, he was referred to as a "Glitter" Troll whose favorite activities were Dancing and DJing.

Kinder Egg Bio

From his Trolls World Tour Promo;

Blessed with heaps of confidence – but not a stitch of clothing – Guy Diamond knows how to kick off any party. This glitter Troll’s upbeat energy always rubs off on whoever is around him, just like the sparkles covering his entire body!


  • His nakedness is a surprise among the Trolls of the movies and series, but most Vintage Troll dolls lacked clothing.
  • In Bringing Up Birdy, image of Guy as a child is shown. Branch was 10 years old at the time he was attacked by the bird. Guy's body proportions aren't the same as Branch's in that scene and judging by them he is younger then Branch, but not by more then a few years.
  • How Guy Diamond gives birth to Tiny Diamond seems to have been based on a cut scene from Trolls World Tour of Cloud Guy giving birth to his and Janet's kids "Windy", "Stormy" and "Jr." after the two clouds broke up earlier in the movie. Cloud Guy was left raising his three kids by himself.


  1. "The Art of the Trolls", ISBN no.;278-1-937359-95-9

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