Art is one of those things that's hard to define. One person might love what someone else doesn't love. Is a thing called art because it seems really hard to do, like an elaborate sculpture, or not art because it seems really easy to make, like a squiggle on a piece of paper? To me, at least, what's art and what isn't is pretty simple. Art is anything that makes someone feel something. Possibly a good something, possible an uncomfortable something, but always a something.
~ Harper

Harper is a minor character from the animated film, Trolls. She is voiced by Quvenzhane Wallis.

Media Appearances

Follow Your Art

Harper's first appearance is in the Trolls prequel novel Follow Your Art, where she is the main protagonist. It's never said how old she is, but we know that she's of age to open an art gallery, as is the main plot. The problem is, she doesn't know what to pick for the opening exhibit. Truth be told, she's a bit of a worrywart. With the help of Poppy, she looks over a lot of potential Trolls and their exhibits (which include but are not limited to: DJ Suki, Cooper, Satin and Chenille, and Guy Diamond,) and at the end, she decides to use everyone's projects to make the opening gala the best it could be.

Physical Appearance

Harper appears to be an average sized Troll with bright turquoise skin. Many different colored paint splotches cover her body, such as the colors yellow, pink, and dark blue paint. The paint splotches also cover up her long, ultramarine hair. Harper's eyes both appear to be different colors, which suggests that she has heterochromia iridium. Her right eye is red, while her left eye is green. She wears a cream dress, that has a small, round light brown button on it. In the pocket of the dress there seems to be pink and yellow crayons or paint brushes.


  • Harper's talent (and favorite hobby) is art.
  • Harper is an unlockable character in Trolls:Crazy Forest Party. Her special talent is painting.
  • The toy version of Harper come with the following description: "Harper lets her true colors shine by painting with her hair!"
  • In the film and Netflix series Harper is a minor character while in the prequel novel she was the main protagonist.
  • There is an animation error where in the film Harper was portrayed as a child while in toy and Netflix series versions she is an adult.


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