Hip hop Trolls are a subculture of Trolls of which only Tiny Diamond is known to belong with, alongside Prince D, who claims his music is part-Hip hop. With Tiny Diamond being the only known true full member, there is some vagueness with the overall attributes of Hip hop Trolls.


It is somewhat difficult to describe how Hip hop Trolls generally look like, due to the subculture's lack of members. Additionally, there aren't many common traits between the only full Troll, Tiny Diamond, and the part-Troll Prince D.

Known Members




Hip hop Trolls are a recent addition to Troll Kingdom, currently appearing among Pop Trolls and Funk Trolls, with the latter being considered part of the evolving "Funk" genre. When Hip hop is mentioned by Prince D to Queen Poppy, she doesn't know what it is, even though Tiny Diamond had been born within her own village; although, in trailers for Trolls World Tour, she did know what kind of Troll he was.

In Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization, Poppy is told that Cooper may be half-Hip hop instead of half-Pop as he identified himself as, leading her to question just how many Hip hop Trolls actually exist.


Prince D, otherwise known as Prince Darnell, is the oldest known Troll to cover Hip hop, and was born among the Funk Trolls. However, Darnell is merely half-Hip hop and is still primarily a Funk Troll.

Later during the events of Trolls World Tour, Tiny Diamond, a full Hip hop Troll, is born dedicated to the genre, and is therefore the first "Hip hop Troll".

Although trailers have Poppy acknowledging Tiny as a Hip hop Troll, she actually has trouble in the movie itself understanding what "Hip hop" is when Prince D speaks about it. Hip hop is a fairly new genre of Trolls. They're a random variant or mutation on their Tribes' genres, as part of the "in between" category of music. This has led to a new type of Troll coming into existence.


Hip hop is a music genre that uses a rapping style of singing and breakdancing. It was developed by African-Americans in New York City during the 1970s, and is now practiced worldwide.


  • It is implied by Prince D being part Hip hop and Tiny Diamond coming from Guy Diamond (a Pop Troll), that although Hip hop was born from Pop culture, it is close enough to the Funk Trolls' music as well.
  • There is some conflict with Tiny Diamond, who's also identified as a "Rapper Troll" in merchandise.

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