K-Pop Trolls are the subculture of which The K-Pop Gang belong with. The K-Pop Gang are the only known members, leaving some vagueness. It is unknown how they are related to each other or if other K-Pop Trolls existed before them, or currently besides them.


Due to the K-Pop Gang being the only members of the subculture, not much can be given about how K-Pop Trolls generally look like. The main similarities that the gang have with each other is their glossy, chrome color-switch skin. They're colored in bright rainbow colors.


It's difficult to judge the subculture due to the K-Pop Gang being its only members. They tend to be cute but tough, and are excellent dancers. They're sneaky and determined.


The K-Pop Trolls were at some point born from within the existing Tribes as a random variant or mutation on their Tribes genre of music, as part of the "in between" category of music. Their origin Tribe was most likely the Pop Tribe, but this still led to a new type of Troll coming into existence.

The K-Pop Gang first appear in the Trolls World Tour movie when Queen Poppy sends an invite to Queen Barb containing a Glitter Bomb that explodes in her face. In anger, Barb summoned the K-Pop Gang, along with other Bounty Hunters to track down and capture Poppy. The reward is their own domain and to be spared from Barb's conversion to Rock music, though the land she promises is rather tiny.

The K-Pop Gang find Branch instead and capture him, demanding they be lead to Poppy by him. This is interrupted by Tresillo, who wants Branch for himself to save his own music and both sides have a dance off. Out of respect for each others talents, the eight trolls agree to split Branch, until Branch proposes an alternative. They go with him to Barb's victory Rock concert.

When the Strings are destroyed, they too lost their music. But soon the Trolls all regained their music thanks to the Trolls realzing they no longer needed them and the music they love comes now from within.

Concept art

In concept art, K-Pop Trolls looked very different to the K-Pop Gang's final film version. Some of the rejected concepts included both male and female Trolls. In addition, they had a more oriental appearance.[1]


K-Pop is short for "Korean popular music", which is loosely inspired by Western Pop music.


  • The K-Pop Trolls have one of the most obvious subculture origins, being a niche of the Pop Trolls' own Tribe. This is evidenced by the inclusion of "Pop" in the title, but in addition Poppy, Biggie and Branch performed part of "Gangnam Style" to the Country Trolls.
    • Branch, an actual Pop Troll, is amused when the K-Pop Gang tell him they're K-Pop Trolls, as they separate themselves from the general "Pop Troll" tribe; his reaction is "wha-" with a smirk on his face. Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization expanded on this scene with them explaining they're K-Pop Trolls, not Pop Trolls (as he had trouble deciphering how "K-Pop" was different from "Pop").
    • In note of this, Barb and the Rock trolls also had no issues with K-Pop while she was laying out the Bounty Hunter offer, despite their dislike for Pop music.
  • Due to them being introduced in trailers after the Reggaeton Trolls, they were the second Trolls who don't sing in English; they instead have Korean lyrics.



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