Karma is a minor character from the movie, Trolls.


She is an orange troll with green hair covered in twigs and leaves. She wears a yellow skirt with a separated top.


Karma was said to be a nature fanatic. She is scientifically minded and curious.

Character Concept

She was conceptualized in The Art of the Trolls with glasses, being designed to look more like a nature-scientist. Her working name was "Science Troll".


Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!

She was unlockable in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!.

In the game, she was a "Treehugger" Troll whose favorite activities were swimming.


She was released as a Blind Bag toy.


  • She is named on the Trolls DVD extras by Cloud Guy and is one of the characters that was cut from the movie.
  • She is the only movie Troll who does not appear in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. However, her design likely is the inspiration behind Meadow Spriggs. In Trailers for Trolls World Tour, Branch also puts similar pieces of plant in his hair.
  • While she doesn't feature in any actual Dreamworks animation, she is in many of the Books and other media.
  • "Karma" means "to experience good or bad luck depending on one's actions" and is a Hindu and Buddhist belief. Karma is based on past states of life which impact the future, both in the current life and the next.

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