Keith is a minor character in Trolls and a recurring character in Trolls: The Beat Goes On.

In the series, he is revealed to tell mind compelling and interesting stories that end up saving Troll Village.

He is voiced by Anna Kendrick in the film and Declan Churchill Carter in the series.


Keith is a young Troll that appears to be a lot smaller compared to the other Trolls his age. He has light green skin and sticking up, dark blue hair. His eyes appear to be dark blue, and his nose is green like his skin. His cheeks are a brighter shade of green and also have some sparkles on them. Keith is cross eyed.



Poppy is a friend of Keith who likes hugging as much as he does.

In her pod she was reading the other trolls a story.


In Cloudy With a Chance of Hugs, he thought Branch was weird, so he decided to give him a hug.

Also in Trolly Tales 2, Keith told the others a story where a kid had great ideas. Then it was revealed that the Branch look-alike is Icarus's dad.


  • Like Benjamin, Biggie and Creek, he doesn't wear a shirt.
  • In Pillow War and DJ's Got Talent, he is shown to be violent.
  • He might be the brother of Benjamin, Lulu and Layla.
  • He has an Ascended Extra in the series after having a cameo appearance in the beginning of the movie.


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