Thrash is the retired King of the Rock Trolls, and Queen Barb's father. He first appeared in Trolls World Tour.


Thrash is an elderly Rock Troll with muddy blue skin, black hair with grey streaks and red eyes. Years of rocking all night and partying every day have taken a toll on his health, forcing him to use a motorized rock wheelchair—a mobile throne.[1] He's dressed in a gothic rock outfit, including knitted fingerless gloves, a leather vest, and black stripped pants.


King Thrash is a senile old man. He might be absent-minded, but he dotes his daughter a lot.

Despite his apparent senility, after the Strings were destroyed by Queen Poppy, when Queen Essence and King Quincy shared their realization to all Trolls that music really comes from themselves, Thrash encouraged his daughter to let everyone be what they want to be, including her, showing that he truly accepts the other Tribes' music and wishes for her to do the same.


Queen Barb

Barb and her father have a good relationship, and she cares about his well-being.

He was fully supportive of his daughter's conquest of the Strings. However, he's usually terrified of his daughter's outbursts. According to Barb, Thrash is the one who gave her the idea of uniting the Tribes under Rock music, although the context of this is unknown. The two have a good relationship and Barb cares about her senile father's wellfare.

King Peppy

In the ending credits of Trolls World Tour, he's seen with King Peppy in the party doing donuts. They seem to get along with each other quite well.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities, as well as the abilities of his Tribe.

Due to his aging body, he has physical restrictions. He goes around in a motorized wheelchair, which limits his movement. He also has trouble doing the "horns" hand gesture; when Riff aids him in doing the gesture, he struggled with it and cracking noises were heard, indicating that he has a form of arthritis.


Almost nothing is currently known on Thrash as a ruler. The only thing in relation to this is from Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization, where it was mentioned that Barb was expected to live up to expectations of her father. It was also noted that Barb had a lot of pressure on her to be a good Queen. Adding to this is a note from his official Trolls World Tour bio that indicates Thrash had only just retired after a long reign due to his degrading physical and mental condition, making him unfit as a King. Thrash therefore was at least beloved as a King prior to Barb taking over, and had managed to meet all expectations of his station, ruling for a long time.


When he was King of the Rock Trolls, it would have been his sworn duty to protect his music, including the red string of Rock.

He also displays some skill in playing an electric keyboard.


Pre-Trolls World Tour

Not much of his history is currently known, but at some point in his life he came to power as the "King of Hard Rock". During his lifetime, it was his duty to protect his people from threats, as well as guarding the string of Rock, like other leaders of the other Troll Tribes defending their people and string.

At some point just before the events of Trolls World Tour, because of his age and physical conditions caused by a lifetime of hard rocking, his daughter Queen Barb ascended to the throne and became the "Queen of Hard Rock". His retirement came just before the events of Trolls World Tour. According to the movie, Thrash was the one who came up with the idea to take the Strings, to which Barb agreed on.

Trolls World Tour

By the events of Trolls World Tour, Barb begun her quest to conquer Troll Kingdom, departing from Volcano Rock City. King Thrash goes with her along with Riff and a number of other Rock Trolls. It is implied in some written material that King Thrash is a driving force behind Barb's rock tour.

During the tour, Barb received a party invitation from Queen Poppy. Unlike Barb, Thrash seemed to take a liking on the song being played from the card, until Barb woke him back to his senses. Little did he expect that his action was the final straw for his daughter who wanted to destroy music even further.

Near the end of the movie, Thrash told Barb to let others be what they want to be, including herself. In the end credits, he was seen interacting with King Peppy.

Character Concept

From DreamWorks website: For co-director Dave Smith and director Walt Dohrn, meeting an idol face-to-face was a bit surreal. "Ozzy’s such a hero of all ours," Dohrn says. "We grew up with him and every facet of his career. He cuts through the small talk. Man, he was ready to get right to work and got super emotional during the sessions. He’s King Thrash for real."[2]

Thrash looked more like Ozzy Osbourne at one stage, as seen in a cut scene animatic.

Concept Art


Official Website

Trolls World Tour

The retired regent of the Hard Rock Trolls, voiced by real-life rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, King Thrash just passed the crown to his daughter.

And although years of rocking all night and partying every day have taken a toll on the hard-thrashing monarch, he’s still got plenty of fight left. He goes everywhere in his motorized rock wheelchair—a mobile throne covered in black leather, adorned with metallic skulls, and with plenty of pockets to stash his nutritional-supplement shakes and water pills.


  • Being voiced by Ozzy Osbourne is no coincidence; Ozzy earned the nickname "the Prince of Darkness". He's generally also considered the Godfather of Heavy Metal due to his long successful career, being highly influential on the genre of Rock music itself.
    • In Trolls World Tour, Queen Barb performs a cover of Ozzy Osbourne's song Crazy Train.
    • In the Trolls World Tour extras video "Tourist Map", Cloud Guy also calls Barb "the Queen of Darkness" in a nod to Ozzy.
  • His name is a reference to Thrash Metal.
  • Originally in Trolls, King Peppy was to have the senile disposition that Thrash has, which was the reason for Poppy's ascension to the throne. The story was re-written to have Peppy instead as a teacher and adviser with Poppy, instead becoming Queen after earning it.
  • He and Peppy are the only elderly Trolls seen alive in the movies.


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