Maddy is a deleted character from Trolls, and a minor character in Trolls:The Beat Goes On!.


Maddy is a light blue-skinned Troll with darker blue hair and nose. She wears a white dress and a pink belt with a pouch that carries hairstyling tools.

Skills & Abilities

She has most normal Troll abilities.


Maddy is the Troll Village hairstylist. She's an expert at cutting, maintaining and styling the hair of other Trolls.

She did most of the Trolls' hair for the Hair Ball.


Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!

She was unlockable in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!.

In the game, she was a "Maker" Troll whose favorite activities were Hair Stunts.


Maddy has a few figurines based on her.


  • She's named on the Trolls DVD extras by Cloud Guy.

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