Mandy Sparkledust is a minor character from the film, Trolls. She is voiced by Kandee Johnson.


Mandy Sparkledust is the maker troll who designs and repairs all of Troll Town’s treasures – including the Hug Time friendship bracelets.


Mandy Sparkledust is a yellow troll that has long raspberry hair that sticks up. She has pink eyes and a bright green nose. Mandy Sparkledust wears a orange dress that has one pink stripe on it. She also wears a orange bracelet.


Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy is close friends with Mandy Sparkledust.

Fun Facts

  • ​Mandy comes from a long line of troll artisans, learning the trade from her mom, Tandy Stardust, and her grandma, Candy Stardust.
  • Mandy’s special ingredient? The magic Hug Time blooms come from the magical troll hair she uses to weave each and every friendship bracelet.
  • Mandy grooms that magical hair for the Hug Time bracelets from a breed of special troll llamas who are related to Cooper on his mother’s side.


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