Mandy Sparkledust is a minor character from Trolls. She is voiced by Kandee Johnson.


Mandy Sparkledust is a yellow troll that has long raspberry hair that sticks up. She has pink eyes and a bright green nose. Mandy Sparkledust wears a orange dress that has one pink stripe on it. She also wears a orange bracelet.

Mandy's model is created via the random troll model creation, similar to Moxie Dewdrop and Cookie Sugarloaf.


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Mandy Sparkledust is the maker troll who designs and repairs all of Troll Town’s treasures – including the Hug Time friendship bracelets.

  • ​Mandy comes from a long line of troll artisans, learning the trade from her mom, Tandy Stardust, and her grandma, Candy Stardust.
  • Mandy’s special ingredient? The magic Hug Time blooms come from the magical troll hair she uses to weave each and every friendship bracelet.
  • Mandy grooms that magical hair for the Hug Time bracelets from a breed of special troll llamas who are related to Cooper on his mother’s side.


  • Because she is a random generated Troll, her character can appear in multiple locations throughout the film.
  • Her only line in Trolls is in the opening sequence, she says "Thank you King Peppy".
    • Her model appears passing Poppy from Aspen Heitz towards King Peppy.
    • Mandy appears with a child while running from Bergen Town.
    • Mandy then also as one of the Trolls that is lagging behind the others during the escape from Bergen Town, she is seen carrying yet another child Troll when Peppy lifts up a tree root to help her along. In the book Trolls: The Junior Novelization she was listed as a "mother and child" during this scene.

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