Miss Guffin is a deleted character from the film Trolls.


In an earlier version of the film Miss Guffin was Princess Poppy's mentor and an elder Troll. She was kidnapped with Princess Poppy's other friends, by Chef, a bergen. In the earlier version Miss Guffin would have betrayed Princess Poppy and the other Trolls in the film. However, the Miss Guffin character was replaced by Creek.


Miss Guffin appears to have a similar look to Grandma Rosiepuff. She is an old, short, pink Troll. Her hair is bright blue, with some strands sticking out, and is styled at the top to resemble a heart. Unlike many Trolls, Miss Guffin is shown to have pink cheeks in the shape of small hearts. She wears an orange colored dress that has frills, a purple cardigan that also has frills and glasses.


Princess Poppy

In the earlier version of the film, Miss Guffin was Princess Poppy's mentor. However like Creek, she betrayed her and the other Trolls due to Miss Guffin not wanting to be eaten by the Bergens.


Instead of kidnapping Creek, Chef would of kidnapped Miss Guffin along with Princess Poppy's other friends in the earlier version of the film.


  • The reason why Miss Guffin was deleted is due to her being so appealing and funny, that nobody could recover when she turned evil.
  • Although the character was deleted, her design was used for Grandma Rosiepuff.V
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