Moxie Dewdrop is a minor character from the film, Trolls. She is voiced by Meg DeAngelis.


Moxie busts a move at any troll dance and always leaves the crowd chanting: “Moxie rocks!”.


Moxie Dewdrop is an average sized Troll, with magenta skin. Her eyes appears to be a shade of pink, and her nose and lips seem to be pink as well. Like most Trolls, her light pink hair is quite long and sticks up. On her right and left cheek, some glitter can be seen. Moxie Dewdrop's outfit consists of a yellow dress with a orange ombre effect.


Guy Diamond

It is said that Moxie Dewdrops frequently participates in dance-offs with Guy Diamond.

Fun Facts

  • ​Moxie Dewdrop invented the dance craze known as the Razzle Dazzle.
  • She performs interpretive dances to Cybil’s spoken word poetry.


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