In 2016, Origami Owl released a series of lockets based on Trolls, entitled HAIR-RAISING, TROLL-TASTIC LOOKS.

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The custom jewelry company Origami Owl produced these charms under license for the original Trolls movie, and sold them for a limited time. Each charm was inspired by the movie and is custom-made.

These items were intended to be more luxurious items then most of the other merchandise for Trolls so were some of the more pricey Trolls-related merchandise. This was due to the jewellery being hand-painted and custom-made, with use of Swarovski Crystals; metals were either gold or silver. The completed charms ranged from $48 to $101 in price range. Individual Charms were $7 each. Dangle charms ranged from $14 to $34 each. A set of bracelets were produced for $14-$18.[1]


Note: due to the number of charms, only charms meant for the Trolls collection will be shown, however, a number of other charms were produced to go along side the Collection that were non-Troll specific.

Complete Sets

Note: Information the final charm, "Flower Power", is currently missing.

Individual Charms

In addition to these charms the following were produced for the range:


The following Lockets were produced exclusively for the range:


The following were produced exclusively for this range:

Dangle Charms

Also in this range was:


In the range was the following:


In the range was the following set of earrings:


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