Pop Trolls are a Tribe of Trolls who have been the main focus of DreamWorks Trolls franchise. The current leader of this tribe is Queen Poppy. They were formerly led by King Peppy.

Due to the focus of the Trolls franchise on this tribe, much is known about them. In fact, within the franchise before Trolls World Tour, whenever the term "Troll" was mentioned, it generally referred to this tribe of Trolls above all others. There are some conflicting information therefore between the facts for a "Troll" and a "Pop Troll" for this reason. As such, just because the Pop Trolls do something, does not mean it applies to all Trolls. The series use of "Troll" when it referred to "Pop Troll", has lead to some attributes given to Pop Trolls to end up being associated with all Trolls. This is a result of development oversight, but a understandable one due to the circumstances behind how a series progresses.


They usually appear as average sized trolls with bright coat, eye, nose and hair colors. Their hair is fluffy and usually sticks straight up from their head. They wear different clothes and they also wear a hug time bracelet. Some have Glitter all over their bodies. The trolls wear clothes, unless their a Glitter Troll variant. Their ears are usually round tipped, with the exception of Branch. According to The Art of the Trolls, the Pop Trolls were designed to be six inches tall with 3 inches of that being just hair. With exceptions such as Maddy (who styles her hair), their hair points straight up with the tips forming a peak shape. Some of them wear gems in their belly and were referred to in some media as "Treasure Trolls".

Their distinct rainbow coloration is the most notable trait of their Tribe. Upon seeing Pop Trolls for the first time Delta Dawn, the mayor of Lonesome Flats and leader of the Country trolls comments "they look like they were beaten up by a rainbow".

In the trailer for Trolls World Tour, Poppy is seen shaving her legs in a brief scene. It seems these Trolls have naturally hairy legs that they actually shave off.

Most of the Pop Trolls are template-based Random troll designs both in the 2D and 3D animations. These mean most are randomly generated characters that simply swap their body/hair colors and clothes. In both 2D and 3D animation, randomly generated Glitter Troll variants lack clothes. The only Glitter troll that wears clothes is Gia Grooves.

  • In the Trolls movie, generic Pop Trolls don't have much distinction between male and female. The only difference being females have eyelashes.
  • Glitter Trolls variants all share Guy Diamond's model with only their colors switching out, plus females have eye lashes.
  • Males in the 2D animation Trolls: The Beat Goes On! have wider heads like Guy Diamond or Branch, while females have smaller heads like Queen Poppy and Harper.

Until Trolls World Tour, the Pop Trolls had been divided by families of "Gem/Treasure", "Glitter", "Rainbow", "Giant", "Teaspoon", "Guru", "Marker", "Nature", though some conflict of which family each Troll belonged to did occur between media. For example Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! lists Creek as a "Guru" Troll, but the Top Trumps Trolls card game lists him as a "Rainbow". The abandoning of this family typing has not been explained but was most likely due to the confusion it caused and instead Trolls post Trolls World Tour are now identified by their Tribe rather then family.

Even with the retirement of these Troll families, the design of the Pop Trolls varies quite a bit more then other Troll Tribes. This is exampled by Biggie, Smidge, Satin and Chenille, Fuzzbert, Legsly and Skyscraper who are all designed by Dreamworks to be visual gags on the normal design of this tribe.


The Following is a list of the members of this Tribe, divided by when they first appear.

Due to being the main focus of the first Trolls film, various merchandise and media including Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, the Pop Trolls have the most named members of any Tribe currently.


Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Also mentioned are:

  • PJ Suki, TJ Suki and Gertrude - the 3 aunts of DJ Suki, as well as the great-aunts of CJ Suki. They're mentioned in Troll Rangers.
  • Bitsy (great-great-grandmother), Teensy (great-uncle), Weensy (great-aunt), Pinch (distant cousin),Puny (distant cousin), Puny Jr. (distant cousin), Petite (distant cousin), Yea Big (distant cousin) - ancestors and relatives of Smidge mentioned in Smidgician. They're all featured in the episode, but appear in scrapbook form. The only thing known about them is that they were good illusionists.

One note in regards to the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Trolls is that they often have both a first name and a family name ("Gia Grooves", "Mags Gumdrop", "Sky Toronto", etc.), whereas most film Trolls, save a few ("Moxie Dewdrop", "Aspen Heitz", etc.), have just a given name ("Poppy", "Smidge", "Branch", etc.).

Toys Only

These Trolls appear only as "toy" Trolls, and were part of the 2016-2018 marketing. They didn't appear in any media. There are actually far more Trolls than DreamWorks has noted in the toy Troll range, but most don't have their names known. Many also appear in Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!; outside of this app, they mostly appeared in the Hasbro Small Figurines blind bag range.


  • Rhyme Dewdrop - a relative of Moxie Dewdrop. Due to missing information, it's unknown how the two are related. Rhyme Dewdrop was meant to have a bigger role in the series, he has a curently abandoned trademark in his name from DreamWorks for toys, games and playthings and DreamWorks originally seemed to have planned to do more with his character.
  • Herman - appears in Biggie and the Disastrous Dance. A hermit who loves Sweetbug Sticky Sap, he lives in a cave at the edge of Troll Village. He's an old Troll who doesn't like hugs and hides whenever another Troll comes by. He doesn't trust the Bergens even though the Trolls befriended them. He's the only one who knew "The Dancemaster's Song", a song Trolls can sing to make them dance anything, but it only works while being sung. He doesn't get scared easily, but when he does, his memory tends to remember things.
  • Rooty - a child Troll from Guy Diamond and the Rainbow Roundup.
  • Leif - a particularly smart child Troll from Guy Diamond and the Rainbow Roundup who tends to overexplain everything and is far more intelligent than his peers.
  • King Pappy - the grandfather of King Peppy and the great-grandfather of Queen Poppy. He appears in the Trolls Graphic Novels on a painting.
  • Queen Pippi - Peppy's mother and Poppy's grandmother. She's another character who appears in the Trolls Graphic Novels on a painting.
  • King Loppy - also appears on a painting in the Trolls Graphic Novels. He's the great-grandfather of Peppy and great-great grandfather of Poppy, and thus is the oldest known relative of Peppy and Poppy ever featured in the franchise.
  • Poem appeared in DreamWorks Trolls Pop and in the background of Let's Dance. Her description from the app is "Encourages her friends to treat each day like their making new music; that no matter how the beat goes - they make their own music.

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!

See Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!/Characters.

A number of Pop Trolls appear in this app. Some of these made their way into other media due to their images being available for use.



The Pop hand gesture

Social Structure

The Pop Trolls have a King or Queen who is in charge of leading their people. The current King or Queen steps down at some point, and appoints their heir to the throne when they feel that they're ready. The leader has the most power and looks out for the general population, who generally respects them. Aside from this, their leader doesn't really stand out from other Trolls in the population, and others will speak out against their leader whenever they disagree with them.

Individuals who are negative rather than positive can be seen as outcasts, and grey-colored Trolls aren't favored over the more vividly coloration of other Trolls. This was exampled by Branch and Creek in Trolls, although the Pop Trolls' attitude to Branch has changed since the events of the film.


The Pop Trolls' lives are (currently) carefree. They enjoy singing and dancing like any other Troll Tribe. Their music is centred around "Pop Music" and it's where they get their name from. Pop Trolls love music with a hum-able hook, catchy tunes that get into your head and make you want to move your butt. Their music covers EDM, hip hop and rap, and generally focuses on the theme of happiness and fun. According to the story of the Strings, the Pop Trolls like to remix the music of other Troll Tribes.

For these trolls, life is a giant party, and they're almost always singing, dancing or hugging; the sole exception was Branch until the events of Trolls. Pop Troll dancing is quite varied with a lot of energy and different varied moves, and is less distinct than what other Tribes tend to be. They generally form together to do complimenting movements with each other that involve a lot of movement patterns, and use of their entire body.

The Pop Trolls' music wasn't well liked by other Troll Tribes and subcultures, having strong opinions of it. Queen Barb believed it's not real music, the lyrics being repetitive and having no meaning, and that it gets in your head; at her victory concert, she had called it "the worst of all" of the other genres. Delta Dawn, upon hearing Poppy, Branch and Biggie perform refers it as a "crime against music", and states that she has to wash what they call music out of her ears. Chaz calls it pointless and cheesy. King Quincy and Queen Essence didn't wish to have anything to do with the Pop Trolls when offered to combine their music of Funk with Pop against Barb. In their official bios, it's mentioned that Pop tried to make their music bland and autotuned in an attempt to de-funk their music, which led to the Funk Trolls fleeing for fear of their music to the furthest corner of Troll Kingdom.

Unlike his brother Prince D who is half-Hip hop, Cooper is half-Pop, despite his heritage being primarily that of a Funk Troll; the result is that he also covers music related to the Pop genre. He's the only known half-Pop Troll, with his fondness for Pop music originating from him being raised by the Pop Tribe.

Record Keeping

The Pop Trolls love scrapbooking. Their scrapbooks form their main means to gather and record information. Trolls, for example begins with Poppy recapping the events of the escape from Bergen Town using a scrapbook. Scrapbooks also became a common plot focus of many Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episodes, with the Trolly Tales episode series particularly displaying examples of this.

The scrapbooks are made of paper, have things the Pop Trolls cut or gathered stuck to the pages, and often contain elaborate paper-crafted decorations such as pop-up pieces and tabs. They're often wordless, yet the Trolls can read from the pages and re-tell entire stories.

However, in Trolls World Tour, it was pointed out that their method of book keeping has a flaw: the truth can be lost. The scrapbooks only contain pictures and images pasted together by the victors, so such certain aspects of the story can be lost in the process and over time, forgotten. The Pop Trolls' ancestors also painted themselves in a good light to avoid revealing what they've done. This makes their primary means to keep records unreliable in the long run.


In the past, the Pop Trolls had been villains, although they had hidden what they had done. Compared to their ancestors, the modern Pop Trolls are nothing alike.[3]

The Pop Trolls collectively aren't stupid, but often display certain amounts of ignorance and are blissfully unaware of the greater scope of their world. Until Trolls World Tour, they thought of themselves as "Trolls" and weren't aware of there being other Tribes, even that they themselves were "Pop Trolls". While some of this may be contributed to the events with the Bergens and their confinement in Bergen Town, it also extends to things like the Party Crashers.

They're among the friendlier Tribes of Trolls. Their ruler Queen Poppy generally promotes happiness and tries to make effort to see the best in everyone. The Pop Trolls are wary of the other Tribes at first, as exampled by Peppy's words "don't dance like us and don't sing like us" when speaking of them.

It's not that the Tribe doesn't mistrust or are cautious about others, it's that they're willing to try and come to a common ground which separates them as a Tribe. Poppy, their leader, sees harmony embracing difference among her people, and learning to live alongside others. For this reason, the Pop Trolls seem a lot more tolerable towards differences than Tribes like the Rock Trolls did, mostly because of how varied they themselves can be. This is evidence even by simple differences such as Biggie's large size and Legsly's height-changing appearance, and their willingness to befriend other non-Troll creatures different to them, such as the Bergens.

Cooper was accepted by them because while they acknowledge he was a Troll, they didn't know much else about their species as a whole. On the other hand, when dealing with the other Tribes in general, Poppy's adventures in Trolls World Tour don't run smoothly, and the Pop Trolls show quite a bit of naivety towards how other Trolls are.



A series of "pods" hanging from trees, the homes of Pop Trolls

They're forest Trolls, and live among the trees. Their homes, called "pods", hang from trees and resemble tree decorations.

They're made from strands of their own hair, making them eco-friendly and biodegradable. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, it was shown that some pods are made from mushrooms, as is the case of Harper and Meadow Spriggs. Cooper, who lives among them, also lived in a mushroom pod (though this was changed to a normal tree pod in Trolls World Tour). Their current location is not their original home; the Troll Tree has been abandoned due to the events of the last Trollstice. As mentioned by King Peppy, the requirements they make for their home is "fresh air, clean water and sweet acoustics".


The Pop Trolls focus on technology that can be easily recycled, such as why their pods are made of their own hair and therefore biodegradable, with use of creatures at times in place of things like vehicles.

However, throughout the franchise, they're shown to have varying technological advancements, even though they generally don't display things that use too much modern technology. It's clear that the technological level of their Tribe is adjusted to suit the story when needed for each part of the franchise. In the base core of the franchise, it's quite basic, but in some parts it can be more advanced. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, their technology varies greatly when the storyline suits it. For example, there's Sky Toronto's party shop, a factory that contrasts the rest of the technology displayed by the Pop Trolls.

Another example is with Branch's bunker. It's shown to be mostly engineering skills involving a limited technology in Trolls, and the focus of the introductory short "Inside the Bunker" shows no technology beyond the shaft at all. However, in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, it shows places that use more technological advancements, such as the ones seen in Bunker Break-In to power the vault that kept Branch's flag safe.


The Pop Trolls seem to have a sweet tooth, and are seen eating mostly confectionery goods like cupcakes and ice cream. Poppy presumes in Trolls World Tour that Queen Barb will enjoy cotton candy and other sweets as she herself loves them. The bitter-sweet taste of gumdrops caught Hickory off guard when he tried one, and hints this is a taste their Tribe has but other Trolls don't. Biggie is seen alongside Hickory on Hickory's boat preparing a slug-like critter he had warmed up over a open fire. The slug is eaten alive by the Trolls.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, they also eat fruits such as Diced Fruit and berries, and love drinking Stoutberry juice. From time to time, they have been witnessed to eat small insects. Branch and Nova Swift are the only Pop Trolls who were shown to be able to handle wider tastes; both enjoy Fluffleberry (Branch in the form of cake and Nova in the form of a latte), which is seen as disgusting to most other Trolls, including Cooper, a Funk Troll.

Holidays & Events

The Pop Trolls have a holiday for every day of the year, meaning they're constantly having one party or another. For the Pop Trolls, having a Blank Day is horrifying. The presence of a Blank Day, however, is a chance for a new Holiday to be created, as chosen by their leader. The process of Troll holiday selection is simple: a Troll proposes a holiday and if lucky, their leader chooses it over all others. Their leader can also just establish a new holiday willingly without proposals. As mentioned in Funsgiving, King Peppy created a holiday of himself when he started to get old.

In Trolls Holiday, the sheer number of holidays they have is addressed and it becomes apparent that the Trolls celebrate just about anything and everything, much to the annoyance of the Bergens who end up remarking their holidays "sucked" and are very un-Bergen like.

Even if the number of holidays isn't enough, according to Sky Toronto in The Giver, there are 18 parties, 12 soirees and at least 5 shindigs on an average Troll night. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Queen Poppy has hosted many holidays, parties and other events in Troll Village. In fact, its normal for every Troll to host parties, and the only two to avoid it were DJ Suki and Branch. DJ Suki avoided hosting parties because she wasn't good at it as shown in Party Crash Course as they tended to end in disaster. Branch meanwhile had basically been held back socially by his inability to feel happiness for over 20 years causing him to avoid Partying all together. Poppy saw it as an achievement when he finally hosted his own party in Bye Bye Bunker for the very first time, as it meant he was finally a normal Troll.

List of Holidays & Events

Trolls Holiday

  • Toss Your Friend Day: A holiday about throwing a friend in the air and catching them again. In the novelization, it is called "Catch Your Friend Day".
  • Glitterpazoola: A day dedicated to glitter bombs.
  • Tickle Day: A day dedicated to giggles and being tickled, specifically by spiders.
  • Electric Foam parade: A day dedicated to lasers and foam parties.
  • Balloon Squeal Day: 24 hours of gathering the family together and listening to the squeals of balloons.
  • Epic Hug Ball Day: The trolls form a giant ball of hugs. Guy Diamond calls this his favorite holiday.
  • Shock a Friend Day: A holiday about giving electric shocks to friends.
  • The Equinox: A holiday about celebrating socks.
  • Tear Away Pants Day: A day dedicated to Velcro sound rips and taking off pants, leaving the Troll naked from the waist down.
  • Good Luck Troll Day: A holiday about putting a gem on one's belly and letting a friend rub it.
    • Note: This is actually named after the intention of the original Troll Dolls toyline, which was to be a form of good luck charm, and thus were also known as "Good Luck Trolls", with some also having gems on their belly that people rubbed for luck.
  • Express Yourself Day: A day about giving opinions.
  • Keep It To Yourself Day: The opposing holiday to "Express yourself day", where trolls have to keep all opinions to themselves.
  • Mosh-sha-sha-na: A "rockin' holiday" about drama.
  • Fireworks Day: A day dedicated to fireworks.
  • Bleepy Sound Day: A day where trolls only talk in bleep censors.
  • Random Tattoo Day: A day about applying tattoos to oneself.
  • Smacksgiving Day: A day about giving smacks to the face.
  • Fuzzy Onesie Day: A day dedicated to wearing knitted onesies.
  • Fuzzy Leg Warmer Day: Named only, details unknown.
  • Chug a Jug of Milk Day: Named only, details unknown.
  • Forest Fest: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Fall-o-ween: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Jump-a-ton: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Happy Holiday Day: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • St. Slap-Trick's: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Knit Blanket Bonanza: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Disco Ball Day: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Scrapbook Fall: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Crowd Surfing Day: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
  • Bubble Day: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.
    • Note: This is the name for Electric Foam parade in the novelization.
  • New Hair's Eve: A card for this holiday is seen but details are unknown.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

  • Annual Troll Liberation: A celebration on the befriending of the Bergens. It's a party in which the Trolls invite the Bergens to party with them. The Bergens on this day agree to pick up the Trolls to dance with them, do not discuss sensitive subjects with them and so not use decorations that offend or frighten the Trolls. At the same time, the Trolls keep their flashing lights and loud music low, and re-frame from glitter usage to respect the Bergens. (A New Bergen-ing)
    • This is not to be confused with the Bergens' own holiday, Troll-A-Bration Day.
  • Birthdays, quarter-birthdays and half-birthdays: Birthdays are treated by Trolls as a celebration of the subject Troll, and effort is made to make that Troll feel special by their friends. They'll also give gifts to other Trolls at their quarter-birthday and half-birthday. (Two-Party System)
  • Hug Day: The day serves as a reminder that hugging is meant to be special to the Trolls. On this day, each Troll get only one hug with another Troll, instead of the one every hour like normal. Once their hug is used, they're not allowed to hug again, meaning that if someone hugs them first, they lose that hug. This restriction doesn't apply to non-trolls, just Trolls. (Cloudy with a Chance of Hugs)
  • Creek Week: A week-long event named after Creek. It remained even after the events of Trolls. (Creek Week)
  • The Giver: "The Giver" is a mysterious individual who for 10 years annually gave every Troll a gift. The Giver never received a "thank you" in return for this, which frustrated Poppy for years over who the selfless Troll was, who would give so much without asking for even one thanks in return. She eventually finds out Branch was the Giver, but he doesn't want anyone finding out it was him because he didn't want anymore to know he wasn't a sensitive guy. Being the Giver was simply a way to stay connected to the other Trolls when he separated himself from the village 10 years prior. Though Poppy knows who the Giver is now, she reframes from telling anyone out of respect for Branch, and understands that it means a lot to him. The event takes place on the harvest moon. (The Giver)
  • Bellow Bug Day: An event that is celebrated every 5 years. The Bellow Bug is a creature that appears once every 5 years to sing. The Trolls find the Bellow Bug's singing overjoyous, and it is the charge of the leader of Troll Village to make sure it's comfortable coming out. (Bellow Bug Day)
  • Prank Day: This is one of Poppy and Branch's favorite holidays, it is a whole day of Trolls trying to prank each other. (Prank Day)
  • Party Games: An annual event where teams play against each other in party games. The event concludes when a Fun Meter reaches full; the teams don't compete to win, but to give the audience a good time. Poppy usually hosts the event, but Branch co-hosted with her in her host's box the first time he attended the event. (The Party Games)
  • Pillow Harvest Festival: An annual event where Trolls take pillows off of the pillow trees when they're ripe. The Troll doesn't pick the pillow; the pillow is the one that chooses its Troll. Usually one Troll ends up with a pillow of their own, but occasionally multiple Trolls have the same pillow choosing them, which can result in fights. (Pillow War)
  • Picnic Week: A week-long event dedicated to picnics. The highlight of the week is a can't-miss event known as "The Big Picnic", as all Trolls gather for a major picnic. (The Imposter)
  • Swag-hunting: Trolls hunt down Swag Stags to get swag. The Trolls tickle the Stags, until it causes them to cough up swag. King Peppy takes all of Poppy's closet and dearest friends to hunt for swag, with the goal to get to better know her friends and scrutinize their character. (Meet the Peppy)
  • Wildcard Party Weekend: An event that mixed up with a wheel to pick who hosts the weekend's big shindig. (Party Crash Course)
  • Hairmitzvah: Details unknown, only mentioned. (Lost in the Woods)
  • Hairloween: Details unknown, only mentioned. (Lost in the Woods)
  • Taco Tuesday: Details unknown, only mentioned. (Lost in the Woods)
  • Peace and Keyboarding Festival: (The Helper)
  • Talent Week: A week-long event where Trolls teach other Trolls about their talents. This is aimed at the children of the village to teach them about the talents of other Trolls. (DJ's Got Talent)
  • Speed-friending: A social event where Trolls gather to meet other Trolls and get to know them better. Two Trolls sit opposite each other and ask each other questions. When the bell is hit, one Troll switches to a partner on another table. (Sibling Quibbling)
  • Scrapbook Club: Scrapbooking is a favorite pastime of the Trolls, so Poppy hosts a once a week event for Trolls to scrapbook. (Sibling Quibbling)
  • Musical Thrones Tournament: An event where Trolls compete in an over-the-top game of musical chairs. In each round of the game, a player is knocked out until 1 winner is left sitting on a chair. The winners are usually Biggie and Smidge, who take turns because of their friendship deciding who wins each year. (Musical Thrones)
  • Confetti-Fest: A festival dedicated to all things pertaining to confetti. (Ear Worm)
  • Glitter Troll of the Year: An award given out once a year to celebrate a chosen Glitter Troll. The award is a big deal among the Glitter Trolls. (Glitter Loss)
  • Search for the New Troll Anthem: A Troll village-wide song contest is held to find a new troll anthem, as the one in use is an artifact from before the alliance with the Bergens. Guy Diamond hosts this contest, with some Snack Pack members including Poppy and Branch performing songs for the New Troll Anthem. There's also a Fun Meter indicating the cheer for each song; the winner is the Troll whose song receives the loudest cheer. (New Anthem)
  • The Fancy Pants Banquet: A formal diner party. It's the 12th-most anticipated formal event in the year. (Dark Side of the Lagoon)
  • Snow Day: Once a year, snow falls on the forest during its 1-day winter. The Trolls take time to partake in winter activities, enjoying the short season. (Snow Day)
  • Hearts and Crafts Festival: A craft fair that celebrates Troll craftsmanship. (Scrap to the Future)
  • Festival of Spotlights: A festival dedicated to spotlights. (Bringing Up Birdy)
  • Pudding History Month: A month-long event that the Trolls partake in, mentioned by one of Sky's employees. (Blank Day)
  • Third Best Friends Day: Mentioned by Sky Toronto's employees. (Blank Day)
  • On-Fleek-Quinox: An event on the Troll holiday calendar. It's annual, but doesn't have a fixed day. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, it was a week late, and was one of the causes of the Blank Day happening. (Blank Day)
  • St. Scrapbook's Day: Another annual event on the Troll holiday calendar without a fixed. It falling on a Tuesday was also a cause for the Blank Day to occur. (Blank Day)

Queen Poppy at the Blank Day Pitch Party

  • Blank Day Pitch Party: A one free day party where the Trolls and the members of the Snack Pack share and pitch in their holiday ideas that falls on the day before Blank Day occured. Poppy hosts this event as a leader, and she must choose a new holiday for the one free day on the Troll calendar. (Blank Day)
  • Uncontainable Applause Day: Mentioned by Sky Toronto, which happens on the day after Blank Day. (Blank Day)
  • Friendship Permanence Ceremony: A ceremony where Poppy announced Branch and Creek's willingness to have a friendship bow become a permanent thing of theirs, even after just two days of friendship. (Haircuffed)
  • Marshtato Day: The Trolls believe that once a year, when it's foggy on Mashtato's Eve, Marshtatos are grow by the Marshtato fairy. The treats are the Trolls' favourite sweets, and they look forward to the fairy's visit every year. In reality, they grow all year around, and the reason they can't be found any other time is because Marshtato Mary takes them. During the event, Trolls paint faces on the stones, believing that they're the fairy's friends. (Marshtato Fairy)
  • Funphibian Anniversary: Once a year, the Funphibian comes up for air. The Trolls usually celebrate its return by singing. The creature returns the favor by giving the Trolls a show. However, it's very picky, and one bad note will make it leave. (Hitting the Sky Note)
  • Hug Fest: Hug Fest is a yearly hug-related event that is the favorite of many Trolls. The event takes place during the course of the day, and all sorts of hug-related things occur. There are rides, attractions and games; the most thrilling ride is the Big Squeeze. H.U.G.G. took place in this event for a concert. (Hug Fest)
  • Cake Jamboree: A jamboree dedicated to cakes. (Giggleyum)
  • Hair Ball: An annual formal soiree that forms an important social event for Trolls. The Trolls dress up fancy, and like to get their hair done in time for the event. The name isn't that great, but they consider it to be very classy. The attending Trolls often turn up with a date. Queen Poppy usually gets so engrossed in making sure it's perfect that she forgets to dance, which is the social expectation of the night. (Hair Ball)
  • Infestation Fest: (Whimsy Wasps)
  • Junior Flyer Grand Prix: Every child Troll is paired up with an adult Troll, who teaches them how to fly for a race. (The Fast and the Friendliest)
  • Volunteer Draft: A regular event where Trolls who need help put forward requests to get help from another Troll. The Troll that helps is picked from a crowd of eager participants. (Tour Guide of Duty)
Screenshot 20191121-235058

Branch receives his gem from Poppy at Gem Day

  • Gem Day: One of the most important events in a Troll's life is a form of "coming of age" ceremony. When a baby Troll grows their first hair, it is cut, then planted and fertilized by the love the Troll feels over their lifetime. As the Troll grows and when they're finally happy, a flower blooms to signal they're aleadry mature. The leader of the Trolls present the Gem in front of the village to the Troll, and the other Trolls celebrate. Most Trolls' Gems bloom while they're young, though late bloomers are possible; one of the most extreme cases was Branch, who didn't get his Gem for over 20 years. Since this is a major event in a Troll's life, the leader is expected to wear their royal attire. The Troll being celebrated is also adorned with a gown and crown. After receiving their Gem, they then lead a procession of song as all Trolls hold up their Gems. Light and song fill the air as the Gems glow to the voice of their owners. Until the flower blooms, they're usually looked after by Meadow Spriggs. (Gem Day)
  • Bumper Bullseye Ball Championship: (Bad Luck Branch)
  • Pot Luck: A pot luck is a type of party where everyone attending brings something to eat. (Truth or Dare)
  • Funsgiving: Once a year, the Trolls gather to have a feast. It's the only time of the year that playing with food is encouraged. (Funsgiving)
  • Annual Village-Wide Glitterball Game: Is seen in the ASK POPPY short "Win at Glitterball".

Trolls Annual 2019

  • Great Change Day: An annual event Poppy announces. Trolls pull from a hat the name of another Troll and perform their roles for the day. Guy Diamond gets Poppy's job, Biggie gets Satin and Chenille's, the twins then get Maddy's job, King Peppy gets Aspen's, Branch gets DJ Suki's, and Cooper Smidge's.

Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization

  • Super-Scrapbooking Day: A day of scrapbooking.

Party Games

When Pop Trolls play certain party games, they become victim to that game, though details are yet unknown as to why. Though these seem like simple games the Trolls play, they also have the ability to impact creatures, which bring the question on if these are truly games at all. Trolls don't seem to be able to break out of these games at all once they're victims to them.

The following are the games that had such an effect:

  • Freeze Tag: The Troll who is "it" starts the game by simply going up to someone and saying "Freeze". The series has seen 3 examples of the game in use in the episodes. There were 2 in Blank Day, with Keith and Poppy being "it". The third was the plot of Freeze Tag, in which Cooper was "it". The Freeze tag "freeze" impacts creatures for some reason.
  • Cupcakes and Caverns: In Troll Playing Game, when Branch tells Dennis that his character is frozen, he proceeds to act frozen himself. Branch tells him he doesn't have to do that, but Dennis maintains his frozen position. Later when Biggie and Smidge see their characters suspended in mid-air within the game, the pair decide to act like they really are being held up in the air.
  • Jinx: The Troll can't speak until someone says their name. In What Did I Miss?, Keith calls Jinx when Poppy and Branch say "Absolutely" at the same time, causing them both to be unable to speak. They desperately try and get someone to say their name, and when they do so Smidge and Biggie are only able to work it out their reason for not talking because Poppy held up a Poppy flower and Branch held up a tree branch. The 4 celebrate by yelling "We did it!", only for Keith to yet again call Jinx and getting all 4 of them this time.
  • Pinky Promise: A Pinky Promise is when two Trolls lock their smallest fingers, with one Troll making a promise to the other one. The Promise lets out a wave of energy to signal the promise is now in effect. The promise cannot be broken once made. In Trolls World Tour, Queen Poppy makes a promise with Biggie that no harm will come to him, with Biggie saying you can't go back on a Pinky Promise. However, the pinky promise was broken, causing Biggie to get upset and lose his trust to Poppy, leaving her, Branch and Hickory in the process. He later regrets upon finding out that Queen Barb attacked Pop Village.

Tribal Abilities

The Pop Trolls are seen the most adapt at using their hair and use it to swing faster through the Trees then a Bergen can walk. They seem to be the Tribe most reliant on their hair; Branch states in Troll 2 Troll that a Troll's (at the time would have just referred to their Tribe) hair is their best natural defence and they need to move it freely at a moments notice. Trolls like King Peppy are physically strong enough to carry a number of other Trolls.

Pop Trolls' typical tactics when threatened is to run and hide, which has kept them safe for a long time and is the primary solution that both Peppy and Branch rely on. Oddly during Trolls World Tour, this proved to be the only effective method of avoiding capture by the Rock Trolls, as it led to members of The Snack Pack escaping them.


The Pop Trolls' Selfishness

At some point in the past, the ancestors of the 6 Tribes created 6 Strings for each type of music. As their name suggests, they were centered around "Pop music". Together with the other five Tribes, the Pop Tribe partied, and thus life was a big party.


The Pop Trolls with the stolen Strings

The Pop Trolls wanted to only play Pop songs, and didn't want to enjoy the other Tribes music. Over time they became selfish and stole the Harp, forbidding the other Trolls from playing their music. Instead, the Pop Trolls would remix every kind of music there was into their own genre. When the other Tribes finally caught up with the Pop Trolls, they took their strings and a argument broke out. The elders of the six tribes made the call that all Trolls should separate from each other. They took their strings and ran away from each other, leaving the Pop Trolls behind.

At that point, the Pop Trolls became isolated from the other Tribes seen in Trolls World Tour, and for the most part their population came to be unaware of other Troll Tribes. Only individuals like King Peppy would come to beware of their existence, although over time the story of the Strings became vague and the Pop Trolls' involvement was forgotten by their own Tribe. In addition to them possessing their Pop String, the Pop Trolls also had been left the white Harp that once housed the 6 strings.



The Bergens built their homes around the Troll Tree, essentially making the Pop Trolls prisoners in their own home until they escaped.

The Pop Trolls made their home in a green land of woodland trees, within a tree that would be later named the Troll Tree.

The Pop Trolls had a carefree life until one day, when a Bergen ate a member of their Tribe. This made the Bergen feel overwhelming happiness. Soon, an entire town of Bergens sprouted around their tree, and they were trapped at the very center of it all. The Bergens began a tradition known as Trollstice, wherein unhappy Bergens were given a Troll to eat so they could feel happiness.

In the year King Gristle Jr. was set to eat his first Troll, the entire Tribe, led by King Peppy, escaped via a tunnel and ran deep into Troll Forest, which was the premise of Trolls. There, they rebuilt their civilization far from Bergen Town.

The Bergens Return

20 years later, Princess Poppy decided to throw the biggest, loudest, craziest party there was. Despite warnings from Branch, the only one of their Tribe still wary of being found by the Bergens, Poppy threw the party anyway. Chef, the previous keeper of the Troll tree who had been held accountable for the Trolls' escape by King Gristle Sr., attacked and took various members of The Snack Pack.

Events that took place lead to the entire village being captured and thrown into a cooking pot to be eaten by the Bergens. With help from Bridget, a Bergen Poppy helped during the film's events, the Trolls were freed, at the cost of her life. Poppy went back to save Bridget, which led to the Bergens finding happiness without eating Trolls. She was crowned Queen of the Trolls, succeeding her father King Peppy.

The Rock World Tour

Sometime after being freed of the Bergens, they re-learnt that other Troll Tribes existed when the Rock Trolls invaded the lands of the Troll Tribes to steal their Strings. The Rock Trolls captured all Trolls of all Tribes, the Pop Trolls' leader went on a mission with Branch and Biggie (the latter tagged along by accident) to unite the Trolls against Queen Barb, but had failed to get other Trolls to unite. The Pop Trolls all ended up in Volcano Rock City one way or another, with their Tribe member Branch being converted to a Rock Zombie by Barb when he protected their Queen Poppy. Poppy is the only leader spared from complete conversion to a Rock Zombie, and stops Barb by destroying the Strings.

The Pop Trolls, along with all other Tribes lost their music temporarily, since they quickly discovered discovered that they could now draw music from themselves instead of the Strings. The Pop Trolls sung with the other Tribes and music was restored, with the Trolls now becoming an united nation again.


The Pop Trolls, more than any other Tribe, are a reference to the 1980s Troll toyline "Troll Dolls", also known as "Good Luck Trolls". The toyline was popular toy, and sold millions of dolls. The dolls were mostly identical save their hair, and were sold originally as good luck charms for kids. The principle of these toys is that, rubbing the hair of the Troll for luck in times of bad. Therefore, carrying the Troll around would result in the luck remaining with the child throughout the day, and if something went wrong, they could rub the hair for more luck.

The main difference between the Pop Trolls and the 1980s dolls is their skin; the Pop Trolls' varies in many colors, whereas all the dolls basically had the same tone: a tan brown color. The dolls also were all basically the same mould, while the Pop Trolls have much more facial diversity. In addition, two of the Trolls-era familes, the Rainbow Trolls and the Treasure Trolls, are named after classic Russ toylines. This is also why a number of Trolls like DJ Suki have gems in their belly buttons, as these are "Good Luck Troll" charms. In the original Good Luck Gem Troll Dolls toyline, children were supposed to rub the gem for luck instead of the hair. A few Pop Trolls, such as Guy Diamond, are based on the older 1960s Troll Dolls.

The book "The Art of the Trolls" details about the Troll Dolls and how they influenced the Trolls film development.[4]

"Pop" is short for "Popular music", and referred to currently trending music at the time in the 1960s; it separated itself from the current music genres over the time. As such, it actually was a broader term in the past than it is today, and originally included numerous genres such as "Rock". It is renowned for its catchy lyrics and use of repetition. The Tribe's use of bright colors and preference for Pop songs such as "True Colors" are all nods to their genre. Even with Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, a lot of the music genres are likely more pop-styled, with touches of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) added in.

Pop Trolls are also likely based on elves due to them living in a forest environment, and a few other traits related to elves, such as Poppy's royal attire being plant-themed. However, the term "Elf" is seen by the Pop Trolls themselves as a racial slur; in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Marshtato Fairy, Marshtato Mary addressed the Trolls as "elves", to which Branch responded that it's deeply offensive to them. In Trolls World Tour, they were confirmed to be considered like Forest Sprites.[5]

The idea of the Pop Trolls being a secondary villain in Trolls World Tour had been taken from the idea that people didn't know The Beatles and Elvis Presley had taken ideas from other singers before them. Despite Poppy describing the Rock Trolls as using their power for evil, the Rock Trolls aren't considered evil, unlike the Pop Trolls' ancestors, who were written to be bad guys. This was confirmed in an interview by Rolling Stone with screenwriter Jonathan Aibel.[3]


  • It was revealed in Trolls World Tour that the Pop trolls are the Tribe of trolls who appeared in the first film.
    • Poppy's name itself is a play on the name "Pop".
    • The only non-Pop Troll to appear in Trolls was Cooper, who has a Funk Troll heritage.
  • Guy Diamond giving birth to Tiny Diamond in Trolls World Tour indicates the Pop Trolls are Oviparous like all Trolls likely are. In the case of any other Troll seen hatching, they came from their mother's hair.
  • The Pop Trolls use a hand gesture that means "good luck". However, this gesture can be offensive in certain countries.
  • Pop Trolls in particular find a Troll's True Colors very attractive and gray colors unattractive. Branch's True Colors in various media that have mentioned them are said to be simply beautiful to other Trolls. Stories like Satin & Chenille and the Fashion Show Disaster mention the twins' desire to bring out their friend's True Colors by making him happy using fashion. They're distraught when they make Branch mad instead and this was the reason they choose him as a model in the first place.


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