Yet here I am. My belly empty... and my heart full.
~ Prince Gristle

King Gristle Jr. is the son of King Gristle Sr., the prince later king of the Bergens, the love interest and later boyfriend of Bridget and the secondary tritagonist from the Trolls movie. He is voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse.


Prince Gristle is the surly twenty-something King of the Bergen Monsters. He inherited the crown at a young age when his father was dethroned by his angry subjects. (His royal screw up: allowing everyone’s favorite delicacy — Trolls — to escape Bergen town.) Mortified by his father’s blunder and desperate to make his subjects love him, Prince Gristle vows to put Trolls back on the menu, and bring happiness back to Bergen Town.


Prince Gristle is a small and fat green bergen that has green hair. He has red eyes and he also has dirty looking teeth that are sharp.

As a child, Prince Gristle wore a diaper or underpants with a royal cape with white fur on it and a crown.

As an adult, Prince Gristle continues to wear his crown and cape, but now wears a red and white stripey top that is too small for him and Shown Hid Belly, blue trousers which are also too small for him, yellow sandals and white socks.

During his workout sessions he wears a set headphones connected to a tape player, an orange sweatband, a light blue leotard, a black belt with a silver buckle, black pants, an orange wristband on right wrist, an orange sports watch on left wrist, orange leg warmers, white toe socks and yellow sandals.


King Gristle Sr.

King Gristle Sr. is Prince Gristle's father and was the king of the Bergens. The King and Prince had a good father-son relationship.


Bridget appears to be in love with Prince Gristle, however she seems to afraid and nervous to tell him as she doesn't think he feels the same way and that he wouldn't want to date a scullery maid.

Fun Facts

  • Prince Gristle is ​actually pretty good at busting rhymes.
  • Roller-skating is his secret talent.
  • His idea of a fancy date is going to Bergentown’s premier all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.
  • He will never sit down to a meal without a freshly-pressed bib.
  • Gristle is easy to fool with Chef.


  • He has a pet crocodile named Barnebis.
  • He owns a stuffed wingdingle on his bed that is the same color as the one on his troll bib.


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