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Happiness isn't something you put inside, it's already in there. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.

Queen Poppy, is the current Queen of the Pop Trolls, Peppy's daughter, and the female protagonist of the Trolls franchise. She was initially introduced as Princess Poppy in Trolls, but in merchandise was just referred to as Poppy, thus avoiding her title altogether.


Poppy has a light pink skin complexion with rosy cheeks and glitter freckles. Her hair color is a darker pink, and sticks up in the air naturally. Her nose is the same color, and so are her eyes and eyebrows. Her ears curve up slightly, and like the other Trolls, she has four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. Her main outfit is a blue dress held together by a white stitch on the shoulder, with a light blue wavy spade design. She has green headband blue flowers, and she wears a purple and blue Hug Time bracelet that opens up into a pink flower when it's hug time.

As a baby, Poppy has shorter hair. She's seen wearing a green headband with a blue flower, quite similar to the one she wears when she gets older.

In the beginning of the film, Poppy's hair is loose, but during the 20 Year Celebration and the rest of the movie, it's put up into a straight ponytail held together by a blue hair tie.

At the end of the film, Poppy is crowned Queen of the Trolls, and wears a crown made of green leaves of different sizes and shades. She was meant to have been crowned Queen earlier in the film, but due to the scene changing from her ceremony of ascension to the throne being changed to the anniversary party, she wouldn't be crowned until later. In the original scene, she was be seen not only wearing the crown, but her entire royal attire, which includes a cape.

Poppy's model has a unique head, and her hairstyle isn't shared by any other Troll. It's rounder and much less wider than the standard Troll's. Her dress and headband are also uniquely designed.

Poppy starts the movie wearing her Trolls outfit. She later changes to a blue winter-themed dress and headband.

At one point, Poppy also appears wearing a "Holiday" costume, consisting of a rainbow-shaped suit with the word "HOLLA", and a headband with a cloud and two bulbs, one of which is shaped like a sun. This costume is used in combination with Branch's.

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Poppy's dress is mostly blue with white border patterns. Like in the beginning of Trolls, her hair is loose. Starting from Season 6, her dress has its colors reversed, and is buttoned with a pink heart.

Poppy also appears with several other outfits throughout the series.

In trailers of Trolls World Tour, she wears the same dress as Trolls for scenes like The Sound of Silence.

In the movie itself, she has a similar but updated outfit to Trolls. Her headband, while still green, had a major change with a large dark blue flower with blue petals, two smaller yellow flowers with petals of the same color, and 4 additional yellow flowers with lighter green petals.

At one point in Lonesome Flats, she appears with a pink and yellow swirl-pattern dress, purple stockings, and yellow heart-shaped glasses with pink lenses. Her headband is also recolored to purple, pink and yellow.

Upon getting hit by the Ultimate Power Chord, she's featured in an outfit commonly known as "Rock Poppy". She has black streaks in her hair (which appears to have grown significantly and become messier) and a black spiked headband. She has 2 silver hoop earrings in her right ear, and one in her left. She wears a black shirt, a patchwork denim dress, fishnet stockings and a spiked anklet on her left ankle. When in "Rock Zombie" mode, her eyes glow red.

During the performance of Just Sing, she wears a rainbow jumpsuit with a yellow heart, a yellow, teal and orange cape, and a black headband with multi-colored pom-poms and hearts. At the near end of the song, the top of her hair becomes rainbow-like.


In Trolls, Poppy was the happy-go-lucky future leader of Troll Village. Though Poppy was born in the Troll Tree like Branch, her earliest experiences were that of liberation and freedom: the Trolls escaping from the Troll Tree. Poppy grew up in a carefree environment, watching the rebuilding of Troll society, with almost all the Trolls around her being happy and living to enjoy life. As a result, she ended up being relentlessly positive and Happy, seeing fun rather than danger at many times and is adored by all of her Tribe, especially her friends the Snack Pack. Poppy is very energetic, but is normally relaxed in dangerous situations, and has an easy time going with the flow while still having things work out just like she wanted them to.

Poppy is determined and is strong in her beliefs and values. When she sets her sight on something she tends to achieve it, even if at first she fails. She doesn't doubt herself and if she does catch it happening she quickly gets her confidence back. She cares about the well-being of all Trolls, and often has big parties to keep everyone happy. Her ability to make friends even with her enemies led to her befriending Bridget because of her sympathy towards her and later Branch through their adventure. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Poppy spends much of the series learning about being a leader of the Trolls by helping all her friends and learning from her mistakes along the way, as well as helping Branch be "normal" again.

Despite all things, Poppy has still a lot to learn. In Trolls World Tour, Poppy is exuberant and eager to be a good queen to her people, and positively surprised to learn of the other Troll Tribes, as it becomes her goal to unite the Tribes in the name of harmony. Poppy's quick to jump to positive assumptions without having all of the facts and refuse to accept the other Tribes were not to be trusted. However, throughout the venture, Poppy quickly develops a misguided and naive arrogance, ignoring the words and advice from her father, Branch, Biggie, and even King Quincy, Queen Essence, and Prince D.She thought Hickory was a friend and an open-minded Country Troll because a lot of what he said lined up with her own beliefs, only to find out he was really a Yodelling Troll and not a Country Troll at all, working with his brother Dickory as bounty hunters to capture her.

Her biggest weakness that proved to be her constant undoing is her inability to see the world from the point of others, instead trying to make others see her point of view. This causes her to value her own judgements over the opinion of others. The only problem is that her beliefs prove to be an extremity at times, with her relentless dedication having consequences, and also making her oddly similar to Queen Barb. In Trolls, instead of escaping with the friends she managed to save, she chooses to believe against all evidence that Creek was still alive, due to her seeing only positive things and refusing to accept he had been eaten. The result was that although Creek was actually alive, her entire Tribe nearly ended up getting eaten. In Trolls Holiday, she believes the Bergens' responses to the holiday suggestions and Branch's advice to "go home or go bigger" meant she needed to try harder and with more flair, nearly costing her friendship with Bridget.

In Trolls World Tour, this was still a constant problem, and it was when things reached a climax. She thought the Country Trolls were sad after hearing Delta Dawn sing Born to Die, believing that they didn't know about music that makes them happy; she performed a bunch of different songs, hoping to cheer them up, only to unintentionally offend them and get arrested for it. She upsets Biggie after failing to protect them despite making a Pinkie Promise no harm will come to him. She fails to reason with The Funky Family on how everyone is the same because they pointed out that's not true, despite how friendly they were towards her. This also causes another consequence, as her constant persistence on her own values even gets to Branch, whom because of what the Funky Family had said about differences comes to the conclusion that Poppy and he are too different to get along, just like the other Trolls, upsetting Poppy a lot.

Poppy loves glitter, and as a result fails to understand that not everything is better with it and not everyone likes it. There's a running gag in which she sprays glitter in the face of characters who simply don't like it while she fails to understand this. This included King Gristle Jr. (Bergens dislike glitter) in Trolls Holiday, Branch twice in Trolls, and she hits Queen Barb in Trolls World Tour with a glitter bomb that was in her card for Barb.


King Peppy

Their relationship is generally one of great respect; Peppy is glad to have her as a daughter and Poppy looks to him for sage advice. Poppy admires her father and wants to be a good leader to the Trolls like he was, but sometimes just lacks the experience and Peppy is known to chip in advice from time to time.


Dreamworks Trolls - Princess Poppy hugging Branch

Lovable pink Troll meets grumpy grey one

The first ever established banter between the two comes from Troll 2 Troll, a series of shorts that features Branch and Poppy debating various topics. Poppy tends to see the brighter side of the debates, and thus ends up being undecided about which is better, much to the annoyance of Branch. In most cases, the interactions of the two lead to no answer actually being given on the topic.

Branch and Poppy are seen throughout Trolls as opposites. Branch generally doesn't like other Trolls and sees Poppy as a nightmare, but Poppy is still the only one to give Branch a chance and had been constantly inviting her to all her parties. While Poppy is happy and carefree, Branch is grumpy and always so serious. She finds him confusing and wondered why he didn't sing, presuming that he just couldn't sing until he later explains why. The two slowly begin to better understand each other.

Although they're opposites, they are often right about different things. For example, Poppy's belief that her friends were still alive were matched by Branch's warning that having a loud party would attract attention of the Bergens in the first place.

Ultimately, when Poppy finally realizes she really didn't know what it was like to know sadness, as her actions led to all the Trolls being captured to be eaten by the Bergens, Branch was the one to cheer her up and give her back happiness.

Poppy's relationship with Branch in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! generally consists of her trying to help him being normal by putting effort into him. Such as creating a "Bunker List" of things to do to help him become a better Troll. Poppy is Branch's best friend, and while Poppy herself has many "best friends", Branch is the only one who struggles just with being a Troll. Branch requires a lot more work than all her other friends to achieve the basics, and sometimes that also includes bringing him back to reality.

The relationship of the pair isn't always good with Poppy generally being skeptical of everything he does as it comes with a overreaction of paranoia that can borderline crazy. In many episodes, she is seen reeling him in such as Eye'll Be Watching You..

10E27 SQ3150 S6 PUB F167 2K FINALR-min

Poppy and Branch as a couple at the end of Trolls World Tour

In Trolls World Tour, Poppy and Branch have different approaches to interacting with the other Tribes, with her disagreeing Branch's preference of playing safe. They argue ton along the way as per usual when these trolls are around each other.


Poppy generally seemed to have cared most about him out of all her friends in Trolls. He often boops her nose to cheer her up. Creek is seen to be on good terms with Poppy and she even has him at the centre of her frame set.

She remains hopeful that he's still alive after Chef insists King Gristle Jr. to eat him, even though Branch pointed out the unlikelihood of his survival.

His later betrayal comes as a shock to her, and even tries to strangle him when he confesses that he's not only selling her out, but the entire Troll Village.

In the prequel book Follow Your Art, he was shown to be very supportive of Poppy, having a very close relationship to her.

Poppy forgives Creek when he returns in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, though they remain distant from each other. Aside from dealing with his and Branch's rivalry, she has very little interaction with him.


Poppy meeting Bridget in Trolls Holiday

Poppy meeting Bridget in Trolls Holiday

Bridget is a Bergen whom Poppy befriends to help her save Creek in Trolls. Poppy helps her due to how unhappy she is, and the two become good friends. This is also seen in Trolls Holiday, where she tries to help the Bergens, though it leads to a fight between her and Bridget. The two realize their misunderstandings and forgive each other in the end.

The Snack Pack

The members of the Snack Pack are among her closest and dearest friends, and she would offer anything for them. In Trolls, this means rescuing them from the Bergens, and in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! helping them with their everyday lives and problems.

Other Pop Trolls

Poppy is adored by all other Pop Trolls, and strives to be a good leader in return. She's aware of the way Pop Trolls behave as well, and has their best interests at heart, citing that they would panic had they found out that there was an imposter in The Imposter. Likewise, if there's something wrong with her, they'll panic as stated in Switcher-Ruby; Poppy simply sneezing caused her to be stuck in bed for a week because the village overreacted to the possibility of her being ill.

Queen Barb

When first knowing that Barb is going to destroy all music except Rock, Poppy decides to stop the former, although she still wants to befriend Barb. In an attempt to achieve the latter, she sends a glitter card and dresses up Debbie, unwittingly angering Barb.

When Barb kidnaps her, Poppy still hopes to stop Barb, despite conflicting whether she should still be friends with Barb. But desperate to save all music, she smashes Barb's guitar and destroys the strings, only to sadden Barb even more and make her blame Poppy for repeating her ancestors' fault.

After all the Tribes reunited, Barb finally appreciates Poppy and becomes friends with her.

Skills & Abilities

She has most normal Troll abilities.

In Trolls, she was listed as a "Rainbow Troll". Her "True Colors" as a Rainbow Troll were only shown in Styling Hair doll known as "True Colors Styling Poppy Head" although it is not considered canon. She later shows similar coloration in Trolls World Tour but this was not referred to as her True Colors. Both designs reference her as having hidden colors as yellow, purple and light blue.


Poppy is the leader of the Pop Trolls, a skill she's still learning from. Her main duty as leader is to keep every Troll happy and calm, protect them from danger and help if they do get in trouble.

Her leadership skills are mostly built on optimism, trying to please everyone and hard work (which she views as fun and easy). So when she fails, it's usually because she tried too hard, was trying to leave no Troll unhappy or simply didn't see any disaster coming. One example of her failing as a leader is in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Blank Day. Instead of deciding which new holiday should fill the blank date on the calendar, she chose all holidays, leading to everyone's interests interfering with each other and creating disaster because she didn't want to upset anyone. At night, she makes a speech to the Trolls who have created disaster in all holidays. Afterwards, she starts to choose a new holiday.

Poppy had a habit of listening to only herself and not to others, resulting in bad decisions in Trolls and Trolls Holiday, and costly ones in Trolls World Tour. Since the latter film, Poppy is listening to others a lot more and taking their advice on board.


Poppy is the leader of the Trolls and every Troll in Troll Village expects to be her friend. She's required to give love and affection regularly. In Switcher-Ruby, it was shown that the rest of the village tends to expect this of her, and they can overreact whenever she appears to not be herself.

Her optimism means that if she wants to make friends with someone, her persistence usually results in them being friends in the end. She has managed to make friends with some of the unlikeliest people, such as village grouch Branch, the Bergen Bridget and the Party Crashers scout Archer.


Poppy is a good singer, singing if she's happy or to relax. Poppy sings a lot, as this is supposed to be a basic thing Trolls do. She tried in Trolls to get Branch to sing and when she couldn't she just presumed he wasn't a good singer. In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Hitting the Sky Note, she likewise encouraged Sky Toronto to also sing, only with a very different result.

In Big Poppy, she's also good in rapping, and participated in a compliment rap battle.

Her favorite instrument is a cowbell. She was also seen playing a ukulele during The Sound of Silence in Trolls and this is regarded as her main instrument of choice.

As queen of the Pop Trolls, it was her sworn duty to protect her music, including the pink string of Pop, until she destroyed the strings and the Trolls reunification as a species. Poppy was temporarily attuned to Rock instead of Pop when Barb converted her into a Rock Zombie, but due to Poppy blocking out the sound of the strings via gumdrops, she never lost who she was. While she was attuned to Rock, she was shown to play an electric guitar.

Paper Craft

Princess poppy3

Poppy is a skilled scrapbook-er

She is skilled at paper craft, able to make elaborate scrapbooks and invitations complete with pop-up effects and glitter sprays.


A duty of her role as leader is to teach young Trolls about their culture and educate them in how to be a Troll. Due to him being a late bloomer, she also includes Branch on a one-to-one level, and occasionally she has to teach the odd lesson to her other friends as well, meaning that her teaching role doesn't end in the classroom at all.


Just as Branch is obsessed with safety and paranoid about danger, Poppy is obsessed with over-the-top schemes. She doesn't always see how things can go wrong, and can fail to think things through at times. Despite his warnings and questioning on the success chances of many of her ventures, she ignores Branch's advices much to his annoyance, and as consequence he's then dragged into the scheme because she can't do it alone.

When the two Trolls clash, Poppy has been shown to really go over-the-top to prove that she's better than Branch; she doesn't just beat him, but also proves him completely wrong. In Prank Day, she goes into a deep prank just because Branch called himself the "Prank Master", a title she herself had claimed. Later in Bunker Break-In, she repeated her success over Branch again with an elaborate scheme to capture his flag inside his bunker. In both cases, what separated her from Branch was that while he was on his own and working solo, she was able to get her friends to cooperate. This was seen again in Mr. Glittercakes, when Poppy got the whole village to beg for Branch to help them carry out excuses to get out of things they found boring. This made Branch say that they should just tell their friends the truth, to which Poppy pulls out a banner with "Branch learned something!" written on it, and says that it was a scheme to make him realize he should have told his friends that he wanted alone time rather than making up excuses.

Branch wasn't the only one to receive the same treatment. In Snow Day, Poppy tried excessively hard to hit her father with a snowball. Archer Pastry was also subject to days of attempts from her to befriend him before he finally caved in. A lot of the time, these schemes come as result of her positive, never-give-up, determined outlook on life.

Character Concept

When the film was originally not going to be a musical, a female character was created to act as a lead, alongside a male character called 'Masklin'. While the name of the female character is unknown, it would be the oldest concept related to the main female lead role Poppy would fulfill in the films.

Poppy's design was intended to have pink hair from the start, and remained this color in all concepts. The design itself varied from an older, 1980s/1990s-like appearance to the final look in Trolls. Poppy's overall look had many different styles before the concept designers settled on an overall style for the film. They chose pink to give her a striking bright color. This was in part to contrast Branch, who was a dull grey color. They gave her a ponytail haristyle to make her hair look like a constantly exploding volcano. Early on, she was also given a good luck "wishstone" in her belly button, but this disappeared in later versions.

Poppy's look was designed to match the character traits the developer's of the film had come up for her. They wanted her to match her lively and energetic character traits.[2]

Concept Art


  1. Trolls, Poppy is seen at the start of the film as a baby
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