Satin and Chenille are supporting characters from the film, Trolls. They are voiced by the group, Icona Pop (Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt). And they are voiced by Fryda Wolff in the animated series.


Satin and Chenille, or “The Fashion Twins,” are the most fashion-forward members of the Snack Pack, and their fashion knowledge is extensive, covering everything from haute couture runways to the latest street fashions. They’re also conjoined twins—connected in a loop by their brightly colored hair!

Satin and Chenille are instrumental in putting together all of Poppy’s various dresses and outfits.


They are both average sized and joined by their long, turquoise, purple and pink hair.

Satin has light pink skin. She appears to have blue eyes and a blue nose and lips. Satin's outfit consists of a sparkly white and purple leotard . She also wears two silver ear studs in her left ear and three silver studs on her right ear.

Chenille has blue colored skin. She has purple eyes, a purple nose and also purple lips. Her outfit consists of a sparkly, light purple and white dress. She also wears a silver, flower earring in each ear.


Princess Poppy

Satin and Chenille and Princess Poppy are all very close friends. Princess Poppy gets very anxious when Chef, the nasty bergen, takes Satin and Chenille and some of her other friends away. Although she is very worried, she also is hopeful that Satin and Chenille and the other trolls will be okay until she gets there.

Fun Facts

  • Satin is the pink one; Chenille’s the blue one.
  • They’re total BFFFs — Best Fashion Friends Forever.
  • Four hands means quick costume changes during big Troll Town events.
  • These conjoined twins are all about independence: They never, ever wear the same outfit at the same time.
  • When they were Bridget's wig their hair was apart.


  • Originally in the film there was to be a running gag that every time the Twins appeared in a scene they would be wearing a different outfit, for example they would be wearing orange jumpsuits in the cage when first captured. However, this would have been very expensive and the project was scrapped.
  • In a deleted scene, the Twins show Princess Poppy her coronation dress along with several other dresses they made for her to wear during the night, exciting her. This scene was deleted for two reasons; one being that the party was changed from coronation to an anniversary party. Two being, the directors thought that at the end of the scene, when Poppy would yell saying she loved all the dresses, that it made Poppy look spoiled, and that wasn't the characteristic they wanted Poppy to have.


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