Oh my Guh!
~ Smidge on Trolls and Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

Smidge is a supporting character in Trolls and its sequel, Trolls World Tour.


Smidge is a Troll that appears to be very small compared to the average height of a Troll. Her skin color is bright yellow and the color of her nose is pink. Smidge's eyes are seen to be a shade of blue. Her hair, like most Trolls, stick up however Smidge's bright teal hair seems to be quite a bit longer than most Trolls. In her hair she wears a giant, pink bow which seems to be made from a felt material. Smidge also wears a bright pink dress with a small, light sky blue pom-pom on it.

Despite being small, she has a masculine, gruff-like voice.


Smidge's character was mostly not fleshed out in the Trolls movie and most things about her therefore come from Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. The movie however gives her the catch phrase "Oh my Guh!" which she says a lot.

Smidge is a tough Troll often resorting to the most violent methods first as exampled by the The Giver. She actually prefers to be adorable at times as evidence by her Holiday suggestion in Blank Day "Be Adorable Day", although struggles not to be aggressive as shown in Crushin' It.


Queen Poppy

Smidge and Poppy are close friends. Poppy is very sad and worried when Chef takes Smidge and her other friends away, but she stays hopeful as well.

Milton Moss

In Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, she has a crush on Milton Moss, the gentlest Troll in Troll village. The first time this is shown was in Crushin' It.

Skills & Abilities

She has most normal Troll abilities.

Physical Strength

Smidge is best known for being one of the strongest Trolls alive, and is the physically strongest member of the Pop trolls. She is the only one capable of squeezing Stoutberry into juice as seen in Unhealthy Competition. In Smidgician, she notes her tendency to go from physical strength is a result of her parents, as they were "the physical strength type".

It is mentioned in some media that Smidge also has the strongest hair among the Pop Trolls.


Smidge can be considered to have a bass or baritone singing voice.


Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

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Smidge was seen joining in with Poppy in the introduction, wherein Poppy's confidence in her gave her strength and she grew her hair to lift up a pair of dumbbells.

She later attends Poppy's party with the entirety of Troll Village, save Branch. Despite earlier warnings from Branch, Poppy choose to ignore them and threw the biggest, the loudest and craziest party ever. The result was Smidge, along with the rest of Poppy's friends were captured by Chef who found the village thanks to the party.

She was taken to Bergen Castle where she was thrown in a cage with the others, at pre-Trollstice preparations, the group witnesses Creek being eaten. When the group is left with Bridget, they are rescued by Poppy and Branch. Bridget discovers their attempt to escape. Under the panic, Poppy stops the commotion. An agreement to help Bridget get a date with King Gristle Jr. was made in exchange for rescuing Creek, who Poppy refused to believe had been eaten. When Poppy cannot get Branch to sing, Branch explains why he refuses to sing, leading Cooper to comment "I had a uncle that broke his neck tap dancing once". The group proceeds with the plan with Branch tagging along but not singing, Cooper helps the others create a wig for Bridget to hide who she was and make her stand out.

The date goes successfully and the King reveals he is saving Creek for consumption later. With news their friend is alive the group attempts to rescue him. In a turn of events, the group is re-captured this time both Branch and Poppy also being victims. Creek reveals he is selling the entire Troll Village out to save himself.

The entirety of Troll village is thrown into a pot, to be served for Trollstice. During this time, Poppy goes grey, Cooper like the other trolls becomes sad as well and also turns in grey color. Branch starts to sing, which brings back the colors in Poppy and also himself for the first time in over 20 years. The trolls are released by Bridget as a thanks for helping her get a date with the King. Though the village is lead to safety, Poppy is unable to abandon Bridget to the other Bergens, and The Snack Pack goes back to save her by showing the King she was his date.

Gristle realizes that he is happy and Bridget is the cause. The Trolls and Bergens then celebrate.

Trolls Holiday

Smidge is part of the team that jumps out and startles Branch in his bunker when Poppy gets him on board her plan. Smidge, Biggie and Fuzzbert were not given specific roles during the presentation to the Bergens of the Troll Holidays.

Trolls World Tour

Smidge is present when Queen Barb sends her propaganda note telling the other Tribes to bring their Strings to her. She panics along with everyone else when King Peppy explains that the other Tribes don't even understand the concept of "Hammertime". She goes with Poppy when Peppy breaks things down into a smaller group and listens to Peppy explain in greater depth the other Tribes.

Sometime after Poppy left Pop Village along with Branch and Biggie, the Rock trolls attacked the village. Though they took everyone else Smidge, Legsly, Guy Diamond, Tiny Diamond, Satin and Chenille managed to avoid capture. Biggie returns to the village and feels guilty as he had abandoned Poppy on her mission because he got scared. The group dresses up and tries to infiltrate the Volcano Rock City to rescue Poppy. Though almost get caught because Legsly didn't remove her anklet.

The group manages to convince a couple of dimwitted Rock Trolls they too are hard rockers, but the entire group ends up on stage with Barb, unable to do anything to help at all.

she witnessed Barb Turning Branch into a Rock Zombie and then the Troll Tribe leaders of the Funk trolls, Country trolls, Techno trolls and Classical trolls also being transformed. When Barb turns her guitar on Poppy, however, she manages to resist the effects of the Rock String by putting gumdrops in her ears.

Poppy smashes the Guitar to stop Barb but destroys all music in the process. The Trolls turn grey as they lose their music. This does not last long as the Trolls realize they can make music without the Strings now.

Character Concept

Smidge was made to be a cameo for Walt Dohrn, along with Cloud Guy.

Smidge is one of the characters who didn't undergo much of a concept development. Her biggest concept had more to do with color than design in general.


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Facebooks "Troll of the Month" spotlight on Smidge[1]

Smidge is a teeny-tiny Troll with a shockingly deep baritone voice. Her hobbies include: weightlifting, listening to heavy metal, and crocheting.

  • Although she has a little body she has a loud, deep voice.
  • She's incredibly disciplined when it comes to fitness and nutrition.
  • Smidge likes to fit in a quick workout during any dance number.
  • She jumps rope with her own long hair.

Trolls World Tour

One of the smallest Pop trolls, Smidge sounds like the biggest. At first resistant to be a big sister to Tiny, Smidge rallies the Snack Pack to infiltrate the Rock Trolls' kingdom.


  • "Smidge" means "small amount".
    • All of Smidge's ancestors were also named after words that refer to small sizes.
  • Smidge has the most known ancestors, while DJ Suki has the most known living relatives.
  • Smidge and Biggie have contrasting designs and somewhat visual jokes; Biggie is a large troll with short hair and Smidge is a short Troll with long hair. Their designs are a play on the normal proportions of the Troll design, which stands 6 inches tall with their height being equal length in both body and hair at 3 inches.
    • Smidge's deep voice is also a subversion joke.


  1. Facebook link

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