Smidge is a supporting character from the film Trolls". She is voiced by Walt Dohrn, but in Trolls: the beat goes on, she is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. She is gruff, loud, tough, funny, hyperactive and silly.


Smidge is a teeny-tiny Troll with a shockingly deep baritone voice. Her hobbies include: weightlifting, listening to heavy metal, and crocheting.


Smidge is a Troll that appears to be very small compared to the average height of a Troll. Her skin color is bright yellow and the color of her nose is pink. Smidge's eyes are seen to be a shade of blue. Her hair, like most Trolls, stick up however Smidge's bright teal hair seems to be quite a bit longer than most Trolls. In her hair she wears a giant, pink bow which seems to be made from a felt material. Smidge also wears a bright pink dress with a small, light sky blue pom-pom on it.


Princess Poppy

Smidge and Princess Poppy are close friends. Princess Poppy is very sad and worried when Chef takes Smidge and her other friends away but Princess Poppy stays hopeful as well.

Fun Facts:

  • Although she has a little body she has a loud, deep voice.
  • She's incredibly disciplined when it comes to fitness and nutrition.
  • Smidge likes to fit in a quick workout during any dance number.
  • She jumps rope with her own long hair.


  • Smidge was made to be a cameo for Walt Dohrn, along with Cloud Guy.


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