Smooth Jazz Trolls are the subculture of which Chaz belongs with. Chaz is the only Smooth Jazz Troll shown thus far making it impossible to judge the subculture. It is unknown if other Smooth Jazz Trolls existed before him, or currently besides him.


Due to Chaz being the only known member of his tribe at the time of the movie, not much can be said about how Smooth Jazz Trolls generally look like. Even though, Chaz has some distinct traits from other bipedal Trolls that are unique to him. This includes his flowing hair, puffy cheeks and heart-shaped chest hair.


Smooth Jazz music has the ability to mellow out all who are capable of hearing it and allows the Troll who likes it to also float in the air. But it won't work on a troll that hates it and can only effect someone who actually can hear it.


The Smooth Jazz Trolls were at some point born from within the existing Tribes as a random variant or mutation on their Tribes genre of music, as part of the "in between" category of music. Their origin Tribe is currently unknown, but this led to a new type of Troll coming into existence.

The only known Smooth Jazz Troll, Chaz, was summoned by Queen Barb to hunt down Queen Poppy after she glittered bombed the Rock Queen. Barb promised whomever brought her Poppy would be given their own land to rule over and would be spared the Rock conversion.

After playing his music to hallucinate Poppy, Chaz tries to capture her, along with her friends Branch and Biggie. However, Hickory intervenes and kicks him into the water.

Chaz is next seen after the Trolls get their music back, where he plays his music towards Sid Fret. Carol then throws a spray cheese can into his saxophone, causing his mustache to get splattered in cheese.


Smooth Jazz is a commercialized form of the Jazz genre that emerged in the 1980s, intended to be an easy-listening style of Jazz music that could be played in the background of commercials and TV shows. It is a low-risk style of music that goes for pleasing results over experimental ones and can appear bland, but is considered a relaxed, chill-out style of Jazz.

Troll Concept

Chaz, alongside all Trolls of the other subcultures, were in the original plot of Trolls World Tour. Queen Barb wanted to destroy all music because she was jealous of the popularity of Pop. In her journey to rid the world of all music but Rock, Barb came across a diner in the middle of nowhere, where Trolls whose music lost popularity ended up. Barb offered an opening slot in her world tour to whomever brought her Queen Poppy. Chaz, or "Jax" as he was originally named, was among those Trolls, indicating Smooth Jazz had become unpopular and Chaz was among the few, if not only Smooth Jazz Trolls left.


  • Hickory's comment "Its enough to put you off of Jazz altogether." suggests that other Jazz Troll variants have existed or do exist.

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