The Strings were a set of six string-like objects that appear in Trolls World Tour. Each string represented six different genres of music, and was in the possession of one of the six troll tribes until they were all destroyed near the end of the film.


They appeared to be a different color that glowed faintly when struck. They were originally held on a white harp, which is currently in the possession of the Pop Trolls.

The Strings

The Strings are as follows (in order left to right of the harp):

  • Blue - the "Techno" string. It was under the protection of Trollex.
  • Purple - the "Funk" string. It was under the protection of Quincy and Essence.
  • Yellow - the "Classical" string. It was under the protection of Trollzart.
  • Orange - the "Country" string. It was under the protection of Delta Dawn.
  • Red - the "Rock" string. It was under the protection of Barb.
  • Pink - the "Pop" String. It was under the protection of Poppy.


Each one produced a note of the type of music they represented when plucked. For example, the Pop String played a pop note. Together the Strings originally created harmony among the Trolls and when played together as individual genres allowed them all to enjoy each others' music.

It was possible to use a string to overwrite the natural tune of the other strings, and if all 6 were gathered, all music types could be removed except the one of the player's choice. This forms the basis of Queen Barb's quest in Trolls World Tour, as she seeks out the other 5 Strings to destroy all music but Rock. As seen when she places the Techno string, its blue color changes to red to match the Rock string; the music it represented then disappears.

When used together, the Strings have the power to transform music into one kind. When the ancestors of the Pop Trolls had it, they used the Strings to remix any genre into Pop music, thus forcing only Pop to be heard. The Strings also have the power to forcibly transform Trolls into a different kind under the sway of the one who transformed them, just like when Barb transformed Branch, King Quincy & Queen Essence, King Trollex, Trollzart, and Delta Dawn (as well as Clampers Buttonwillow in this case) into Rock zombies. The transformation didn't change their physical build, but gave them a "Hard Rock" look. The Trolls were reduced to mindlessly obeying the person who transformed them, and overwrote all other behaviors.

Even though, if someone is unable to hear the Strings being used upon them in this manner (as Poppy used gumdrops as earplugs), they'll only change their appearance on the outside, and remain who they really are on the inside.

The destruction of the Strings undo this forced transformation, reverting the converted Trolls to their original selves. However, this seemingly rids the Trolls of their music and their colors. This proved to be wrong after they quickly realized that they no longer needed the Strings, since music had always come from within themselves.


In the beginning, the Trolls had no music and life was boring. One day a sound caught their attention and in an attempt to capture that sound the ancestors of the Trolls the Strings came to be.

How the Strings came to be varies per source;

  • In Trailers, the Trolls created 6 strings to represent a different type of music: Pop, Funk, Techno, Classical, Country, and Rock.
  • In King Peppy's explanation from the Trolls World Tour movie itself he says says that each tribe "took 6 strings".
    • The imaginary backing both King Peppy accounts implied the Six Strings came from the hair of a troll from each tribe, as the ancestral trolls shown in the flashback had hair colors that matched their tribal strings' colors.
  • The Funk Trolls meanwhile claim the Trolls found the strings instead.

Each String belonged to a different Tribe of the same name and was as different to each other as the Tribes were to each other. The six strings governed each kind of music, as well as everything in between the Tribes' music.

The Troll Tribes had a party, and life was good until the the Pop Troll ancestor decided to steal the strings. They remixed the genres of the other Tribes into Pop music and refused to let the others play their sounds. In order to get their music back, the leaders of the 5 other Tribes each took their Tribe's String and run from the Pop Trolls to the corners of Troll Kingdom. The Troll tribes thereafter lived apart, isolated from each other.

The Pop Trolls themselves remained with the harp and having only their String left. They would go on to claim in their Scrapbooks the reason for their split was that the Trolls had a fight and the Elders called for separation, but this was confirmed false.


The Pop Trolls and their ancestor with the stolen Stings

Things remained that way until the events of Queen Barb's Rock World Tour. According to her, it was King Thrash who suggested the idea of taking the strings. She took each string with the intention to unite the Tribes under one music, Rock, with everyone being turned into a Rock Zombie using the Ultimate Power Chord. The only Trolls spared was whoever brought her Queen Poppy, after Poppy (unintentionally) annoyed Barb. Barb succeeded in obtaining all the String and converted Branch into a rock zombie after he shielded Poppy from the Chord, then doing the same to all the other Tribe leaders. A severe miscalculation on her part in regards to the Pop Tribe's leader Queen Poppy spared her from being converted fully into a Rock Zombie, as she used gumdrops as earplugs to keep herself from being brainwashed. She then destroyed the Strings.

With the Strings gone, the music the Trolls had was drained. But they quickly realized that they could make music without them, as the music now came from within, thus ending the need for the Strings.


  • When told the truth of the Pop Trolls having stolen the Strings previously, and the Rock Trolls having now gone on a conquest to find the Strings, Poppy pointed out to Quincy this won't stop with the Rock Trolls. She notes the cycle will continue after the Rock Trolls and that it was only a matter of time before one of the other Tribes eventually goes after them. With the Strings now destroyed, however, this is no longer a threat.
  • The color of their related Strings is present on all the leaders' designs. Queen Barb's hair is red, Poppy's completely pink, Delta's skin orange, Trollex's skin blue, Trollzart's skin yellow, King Quincy's skin purple, etc.
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