The Snack Pack is a group of Trolls seen throughout the Trolls franchise. Their leader is Poppy, who was the Princess of the Pop Trolls in Trolls, and Queen by the movie's end.


The group originally consisted of Princess Poppy, Cooper, CreekDJ SukiFuzzbertGuy DiamondSatin and ChenilleBiggie and Smidge , all of them became friends with Poppy at some point during their time with her, becoming her entourage and her closet friends. The group spends most of their time attending parties alongside her and generally supported Poppy. Because of this, the group originally teased Branch about his grumpy loner lifestyle as it was so contrasting to the rest of the village and was very different to their own. Branch himself also ridiculed the group for their recklessness, thus returned the feelings and even criticized the way Poppy handled things, which caused the group to defend her in response and led to even more ridicule, with Creek being the worst offender.

The group mostly ceased their teasing after they learnt his reason for being the way he is. After the events of Trolls, Branch took the place of Creek among the group and eventually also becomes best friends with Poppy, with the two of them becoming more than friends in Trolls World Tour. Between the events of Trolls Holiday and Trolls World Tour, Legsly had joined the group. The groups' membership in Trolls World Tour consists of Poppy (who's now Queen), Branch, Cooper, Biggie, Fuzzbert, Smidge, Satin and Chenille, Legsly, Guy and Tiny Diamond.

Most of the members' origins are largely unexplored, save for Branch, Poppy, Cooper and Tiny Diamond. The group are mostly Pop Trolls with particular notes that Guy Diamond is a Glitter Troll and Fuzzbert a Fuzzling. Only Tiny Diamond and Cooper aren't Pop Trolls, with Tiny having been born a Hip hop Troll and Cooper being a Funk Troll. Tiny's membership in the group is mostly by association with his father Guy Diamond.

It was stated in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Meet the Peppy that each of them also went on a Swag Stag hunt with King Peppy after becoming friends with Poppy.




These are Trolls that have left the group or just been dropped by DreamWorks.


Early concepts show that originally there was to be 14 members of the Snack Pack. The members were designed with a line of squares and blocks to see what worked. The term "The Snack Pack" refers to the plot of Trolls, hinting the purpose of the captured group of friends.[1]

Snack packcropped

An initial design test showing 14 members were originally intended, image from "The Art of the Trolls"


Which Troll Character Are YOU? TROLLS

Which Troll Character Are YOU? TROLLS

Which Troll are you?

  • The majority of the members are young adults. The ages of the group are largely unknown except a few vague hints:
    • Poppy was a baby when the Trolls escaped Bergen Town, 20 years before the Trolls main storyline begun.
    • Branch was a child before the escape, making him older than Poppy by several years. He's likely the oldest member of the group. He's considered "young" in The Art of the Trolls still.
    • Guy Diamond has Tiny Diamond in Trolls World Tour, so he recently reached parental age. Bringing up Birdy's portrayal of him suggests that he's younger than Branch, but not by much more than a few years. The Party Games refers Archer Pastry as a "young upstart", noting Guy is older than Archer's character.
    • Tiny Diamond is the youngest member of the group because he's still a baby.
    • Cooper arrived at the village sometime after the surviving Pop Trolls settled down in Troll Forest, having escaped from Bergen Town. This makes him younger than Poppy and Branch. He's confirmed in Trolls World Tour concept art to be older than a teenager.
  • They're never called this in Trolls or Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. The name is found only in reference to The Art of the Trolls and merchandise, despite it being the groups' official name.
  • Most of the members' designs are jokes on the "normal" Troll design. For example, Biggie is large with short hair and Smidge is small with long hair, a play on the normal height proportions (6 inches with equal length of 3 in both body and hair) of the Troll design.


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