Tiny Diamond is a supporting character in Trolls World Tour, and a major character in the short Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School. He's the son of Guy Diamond.


Tiny is a miniature version of his father Guy Diamond. Thus like his father he was born a Glitter Troll. He is a silver-coloured glitter troll that as his name suggests means his is covered in metallic glitter, he has metallic hair in addition.

Despite being a baby, his vocal is deep for his age, being a bass/baritone vocal inside of the expected pitch and tone for a baby Troll. He likes to wear large yellow-tinted glasses with a black frame, as well as a diamond earring in each ear. Some people can see a glint of sparkle in his hair.

Tiny's model and appearance is different from all other "baby" designs/models thus far in the series. This is apparent when comparing it to baby Poppy's/Keith's model.


Tiny acts like a mixture of a baby and adult. He is flashy like his father Guy Diamond, but he still has the needs of a baby such as parental affection and attention. Often he needs to be rocked by his dad Guy Diamond.

Skills & Abilities

He has most normal Troll abilities as well as the typical abilities of a Glitter Troll.

He is still just a baby.


For some yet to be explained reason, Tiny didn't inherit his father's affiliation for Pop Music and instead was born attuned to Hip-hop music. Thus far it also seems he doesn't have his father's ability to make his vocal sound auto-tuned. This means Tiny is a subculture Troll, a spin off of existing Troll Tribes like Tresillo and Chaz. He appears to be the first full Hiphop Troll, making him the founder of a brand new family of Trolls and the start of a brand new Tribe.


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Guy and his son Tiny Diamond

Tiny is born during Trolls World Tour and is the first on-screen Troll birth. It soon becomes apparent that Tiny is different from his father, as he was a Hip-hop Troll instead of a Pop Troll. He is born during their Tribes morning song Medley Trolls Wanna Have Good Times, Poppy suggested the name 'Tiny Diamond' as a name for him, the song turns into a celebration of his birth afterwards.

Sometime after Poppy, Branch and Biggie left, Pop Village was hit by Queen Barb and her Rock trolls. The village was destroyed, but Guy and Tiny, along with Legsly, Smidge, Satin and Chenille managed to escape being captured.

After returning to Troll Village, Biggie realizes that the village has been destroyed and regrets for leaving Poppy and Branch behind. To make up for his mistake, he and the rest of his surviving friends dress up as rockers to infiltrate into Volcano Rock City. He and the other Trolls lose their colors because Poppy smashed the strings, but later regain them as they join in the singing of the unification of the Tribes.


Official Website

Gruff and in charge, newborn Tiny Diamond’s glasses are almost as big as he is. Small but fierce, the rapper’s “whole body’s made of glitter, and he’ll throw it in ya face!”

Trolls World Tour

Gruff and in-charge, newborn Tiny Diamond's glasses are almost as big as he is. Small but fierce, the rapper's "whole body's made of glitter, and he'll throw it in ya place!"


  • Tiny Diamond is so far the only Glitter Troll in the franchise who isn't a Pop Troll.
  • His black shades with orange/yellow tint lenses are likely a reference to the fictional hip hop character Ali G, who's known for wearing glasses like these.
  • Although Tiny was introduced in trailers as a Hip hop Troll, Poppy doesn't know what that is until she meets Prince Darnell, a Funk Troll prince who is half-funk and half-hip hop. Later official bios state that Tiny is a "Rapper Troll", but it's unknown if this is a retcon.
  • Tiny Diamond has been trademarked by Dreamworks for Books and Magazines, Clothing and Toys, games and playthings.
  • Tiny's birth seems to have been based on a cut scene only known by its animatic, where Cloud Guy gave birth to his children "Windy", "Stormy" and "Jr.". Like Guy Diamond, Cloud Guy popped the kids out of his head.

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