Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School is a short film based upon Trolls World Tour. It was included in the "Dance Party Edition" of Trolls World Tour on BluRay and DVD, and has a length of 3 minutes & 46 seconds.[1] 


Journey back to school with Tiny Diamond as he tries to figure out how to be the cool kid and "fit in". Tiny tries to find a "perfect outfit" that would make him look cool.


  • The title is based on the Penguin Young Readers book Tiny Goes Back To School.[2]
  • It is the first short film dedicated to Trolls World Tour.
  • Since the school is located in Pop Village, the students are mostly Pop Trolls, but a Funk Troll and Coral Blush are also shown attending the school. Coral is in his original blue design rather than his final green one, though.
  • The school teacher resembles Miss Guffin, a cut character from the first Trolls movie who was meant to be Poppy's aunt and mentor when the original plot was about how the Trolls gained their colorful hair. She was cut from the film, and her character was split between Creek and Grandma Rosiepuff.
  • This is one of the few media where Poppy doesn't appear in as a character. The only two previous animations she didn't appear in were the Trolls Holiday Short "Together" and the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Extreme Sleepover Club.


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